Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Keturah Hamilton Dumps Jim Iyke.

The new trend in the Nigerian entertainment industry is reality shows. First it was Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde with Omotola, The Real Me; and now, “Nollywood bad boy,” Jim Iyke, with Jim Iyke Unscripted.
Unscripted, which is jointly produced by Africa Magic and Oh Africa TV, premiered on Wednesday, April 17 on DSTV. The first episode, in a stunning climax, featured Jim’s fiancée, Keturah Hamilton, dressing him down for his wandering eye.

However, in a strange real-life twist that no one saw coming, Keturah issued a statement via her publicist in which she announced not only the dissolution of her engagement with the actor but also that her behaviour on the show was just Hollywood-level acting.

"Keturah Hamilton had acted out an edgy script of jealousy and rage towards Jim Iyke, that was delivered as well as any actress in Hollywood. Keturah was so good that even her fans were astonished to see how well she acted and was able to challenge Jim on his bad behavior. Boldly, Jim gave Keturah the opportunity to exit the reality show based on the controversial episode. Even though a pre-recorded version of “Kiss and Make-up” was on stand-by to be aired, Keturah already had made her decision,” the statement read.

Before Keturah’s announcement rumours already had it that Jim Iyke was stepping out with Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buhari. Rumours, which both actors have denied. As for Keturah, according to her publicist, she has since moved on “to bigger and better things.”

“I wish Jim well on his show and hope that he matures into the man I always wanted him to be!” Keturah said in the statement.

The reality “actress” will now star in a new reality show, Diamonds in the Rough.

N4.5 Billion Yacht Hotel Disappears.

The controversial N4.5 billion Sunborn Yacht Hotel brought from England and moored on the Lagos waters for over four years, has finally disappeared from the state after the controversies surrounding its ownership continued to mount unabated. It will be recalled that the custom built yacht with 102 elegant suites, arrived the Lagos waters in November, 2008, and instantly became a cynosure of all eyes.

The yacht, expected to serve as a four star hotel, was, however, bedeviled by controversies since its arrival which led to it abandonment and subsequent rusting away on the water ways. When Vanguard visited the quay by the Army Officers’ Mess at Marina, Lagos Island local government area, there was no sign that such expensive and eye catching structure ever berthed there. Enquiries from the state government and even residents of the state yielded no result as no one could say specifically what happened to the multi-purpose built yacht that moored on the state water for over four years. Commissioner for Tourism, Mr. Oladisun Holloway, when asked to comment on the development, denied the state government’s knowledge of the where about of the supposed ‘first African luxury hotel on water’.

According to Holloway; “As citizens of the state can’t find it, so is the state government also. The government can’t say precisely where the Yacht is berthed at present.” The Commissioner reiterated that the state government doesn’t have any commitment in the Yacht. And I don’t know why the residents of the state should be interested in the whereabouts of the Sunborn Yacht. The four-star hotel, originally owned by the City of London, was conceptualised as a leisure and business centre to service the higher echelon of Lagos society. Mr. John Smart, a boat operator, said he could not say accurately the whereabouts of the four storey multi-purpose built yacht, since its removal last month.

According to Smart; “I cannot say the date when it was removed but all we saw on one fateful day was a large number of people who crowded the Sunborn Yacht and towed it away with another ship. They didn’t inform anyone where they will be taking the yacht to and since then, we are yet to see it.”

Where is the Sunborn Yacht Hotel and who is behind the deal???

Lagos Magic!!!.

Man Claims To Have World's Largest Penis, Releases 'It's Too Big,' Song on iTunes.

 Jonah Falcon claims he has the biggest penis in the world. To be exact, 13.5 inches.

Falcon released “It’s Too Big” on iTunes and CDbaby.com and already the song is winning the love of pop fans, the Huffington Post is reporting.

The lyrics to the catchy tune describe how Falcon’s penis affects other areas of his life, like his romantic side.

“I heard it from all the guys and every single freakin' girl/They wanna try and take a ride on the biggest in the world," Falcon sings before the chorus, "Too damn big/It's just too damn big/Your penis too damn big yeah/It's too damn big."

Still, when asked by reporters if the song is based on his, ugh package, Falcon kept mum and his former porn-star publicist Gina Rodriguez told the press “there will be no interview.”


Globacom Nigeria To Expand Phone Network With $1.25 Billion.

Nigeria’s second- biggest mobile phone provider, Globacom Ltd., said it’s investing $1.25 billion to upgrade and expand its network infrastructure to improve voice and data services.

The Lagos-based company signed a $750 million pact with China’s Huawei Technologies Co. and another $500 million accord with ZTE Corp. (000063), also of China, according to an e-mailed statement today from Bode Opeseyitan, a spokesman.

“With the planned expansion, Globacom’s network capacity will increase in many folds, thus enabling it to carry high level of data in addition to other improvements in voice services,” Chief Operating Officer Mohammed Jameel said in the statement.

Nigerian mobile phone operators are investing in their networks to overcome frequent power cuts and the sabotage of facilities in the country’s mainly Muslim north, where Islamist militants target telecommunications companies for helping the authorities to track them. MTN Nigerian Communication Ltd., a unit of Johannesburg-based MTN Group Ltd. (MTN) and the country’s biggest mobile phone provider, said last week it got a $3 billion loan from a group of 24 local and foreign lenders to upgrade infrastructure.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation with more than 160 million people, had about 117 million active mobile and fixed phone lines as of February, according to the industry regulator, the Nigeria Communications Commission. Globacom is the second- biggest network with 24 million subscribers as of the end of last year, according to data on the NCC’s website...

Friday, 26 April 2013

Like Most Married Men, I Have Cheated On My Wife - Femi Fani-Kayode.

"I am not an angel. Like most married men I have made mistakes in the past and I have let down my wife on a number of occasions. Yet despite that I never stopped loving her.

I never considered the possibility of leaving my wife though on many occasions she almost left me.

A lot of men think it’s a sign of virility for them to have many extra-marital affairs but I see it as failure.

It is shameful and nothing to be proud of. It wounds the soul and brings so much pain that it is just not worth it.

Most men have the ability to guard their hearts and they believe that the more women you sleep with the stronger and better you are. I don't believe that. I am a romantic and people like me often get hurt and wounded when they make the wrong choices."

Former minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is currently married to his 3rd wife, Regina after his 2 previous marriages to Saratu Atta and Yemisi Adeniji crashed...

Touching right? Have you ever cheated on your spouse???

Indian Creates First Ever Smartphone For The Blind.

For the first time ever, a team of researchers in India have created a Smartphone prototype for the visually impaired people. It took about three years for the innovators to create this masterpiece which converts all the texts into the Braille patterns. This new invention would enable and help the blind people to read SMSes and even emails on the phone, reports Times Of India.

Sumit Dagar, innovator of this first of its kind Smartphone was very pleased with its success has told, “We have created the world’s first Braille smartphone, this product is based on an innovative ‘touch screen’ which is capable of elevating and depressing the contents it receives to transform them into ‘touchable’ patterns.” He also added, “The response during the test has been immense. It comes out as a companion more than a phone to the user. We plan to do more advanced versions of the phone in the future.”

The innovative Smartphone would use Shape Memory Alloy Technology; it is based on the concept that metal should retain its original shape after its expansion and contraction. The grid has a Braille display making the phone’s screen with grid pins which represents a character or letter. So when the user receives an incoming text the little pins elevates or depress and gets auto translated in Braille, thereby enabling the visually impaired people to understand the text message.

Earlier, there was no actual Braille interface available on Smartphones. There were a couple of cool apps which did impressive things like reading the text loud, determine the denomination of currency and others which in turn made Braille unnecessary for some tasks.

However, it is not clear on what operating system the phone would run on, which the inventors should decide on. The company is currently being incubated at the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, located in IIM Ahmedabad campus.

The team led by Sumit Dagar, expects to launch this new innovative Smartphone by end of 2013 and may put a price tag around 10,000 or as per Indian market conditions...


JAMB Holds UTME In 370 Towns, Six Foreign Countries Today.

Good luck to all the candidates for this year's edition of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), conducted by the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Do You Seek Smooth Baby Soft Skin?

I bet you won't mind your skin talking before you even open your mouth to talk...

She has a black soap (ose dudu) recipe which was passed on to her by her mum (of blessed memory)...
She has put the mix in a tub for people so they too can get that smooth clear complexion that has evaded many for years!!

She is asking for a token for the soap just because She has  to purchase the ingredients needed for the mix.

3 different sized tubs!!! 8,16 and 30pounds respectively...a lil ose dudu goes a long way...No more expensive soaps or creams as this soap on its own does wonders....

She is not saying you shouldn't buy your creams, She is just saying you won't have to do so as this soap mix does wonders....

Ping her for more details (BB pin:2984D1F2) - Abike Olosedudu....

Examination Hall Collapses In Taraba.

Three college students were killed and more than 200 others were injured after an examination hall, where they were taking the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam, collapsed, a senior government official said Friday.

The incident occurred at about 6:38 p.m., local time on Thursday at a private secondary school at Mararaba, Donga Local Government in the northeast Taraba State, Chairman of Donga Local Government, Douglas Ndatse told Xinhua.

Douglas said the storey building housing the examination hall carved in as the college students numbering over 500 were about to commence Biology Science exam.

A police source told Xinhua that the students had barely been served their question papers for the day examination when the building suddenly collapsed.

A total of 560 candidates were writing WAEC in the school.

Some of the students were said to have complained of the building's cracks even before the commencement of their examinations.

Some of the injured persons who could not assess medical service at the community have been taken to the CRCN Hospital at Takum, a nearby town.

Hospital sources said 30 of the 200 injured students brought to the hospital were in critical condition, adding that some of them may be flown to Abuja and other Nigerian cities for better medical attention...

Kelly Rowland Poses Without Makeup For People Most Beautiful List.

Gwynnie may have received the title of "Most Beautiful Woman" of 2013, but after seeing this pic of Kelly in People magazine's new "Most Beautiful" issue, we're having our doubts about the true winner.

The gorgeous singer posed without makeup whilst showing off some sexy cleavage in a bra and strategically-buttoned sweater. She needs to try this look out more often!

Unfortunately, she wasn't always confident with her beautiful looks. In the issue, Kelly says:

"I went through a period where I didn't … embrace just being a chocolate, lovely brown-skinned girl."
But, after getting a proper pep talk from both her mom and Beyoncé's momma Tina Knowles, she says a "a light went off," and she has since learned to "embrace everything that you are as a woman, even your flaws, too."

Good advice, especially from such an important role model to young women everywhere. Although, being absolutely perfect like Kelly helps too!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Amber Rose Gets Tattoo Of Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose wanted to show her hubby Wiz Khalifa just how much she meant to him with a tattoo of his face on her arm. The detailed black and white photo of the hip hop hippy looking high and happy was seen and talked about all over twitter, instagram and the World Wide Web! Being married and having a huge rock wasn’t enough so she went that extra mile, also with the recent arrival of their baby ‘The Bash’ emotions and hormones might still be running high to make her do such a giving thing. It is such as well drawn and detailed picture that you can’t fault it in any way but that wasn’t her only heartfelt tattoo she got. She also got pictures of her dogs Pauly and Franky and a portrait of her mother Dottie when she was a younger.

I guess hanging up pictures around your house and photo frames on the side draw are a thing of the past! Everyone doubted this beautiful couple at first but they seem to be a made match. According to Wiz they still haven’t taken their new born out of the house yet and won’t be anytime soon. I can’t wait till they drop a picture of the baby I really want to see what he looks like!!! And i think i should get a tattoo of my fiance, what d'yu think?

Man Wins In A Battle With A Crocodile.

A man has diced with death after fighting off a crocodile in Northern Australia.

Frenchman Yoann Galeran, 29, had swum out to retrieve a dinghy which was floating away when a saltwater crocodile attacked at 8pm on Sunday off Nhulunbuy, in the Northern Territory.

The crocodile grabbed Yoann by the head and tried to put him into a death roll as he swum out to the dinghy in the Gove harbour but Yoann fought back, repeatedly punching the crocdile until he was able to get free.

Talking to the Northern Terrority News, he said: "It felt like a big stone or something coming on my head.

"I just thought for sure that is a croc and I started to think the only thing to do was to move my body as much as I can."

He said his head was in the crocodile's mouth for less than a second, but he had two puncture wounds from teeth on the back of his neck and another three or four puncture wounds on the sides of his head.

"I didn't think about dying. I only thought about fighting to stay alive," he said.

Yoann was again able to fight off the 2m beast before finally scrambling to safety in the dinghy. His boss, Lisa Heathcote, said Yoann was in a state of shock when he returned to their boat.

"He came back into the boat and said he had been attacked by a crocodile," she said.

But she said he could now look forward to a life of fame.

"In Arnhem Land the crocodile is part of the Yolngu people's totem. I think they are going to think he's pretty damn special because he's wrestled it and got away.

"He might get a few marriage proposals out of it."

Have you ever had to fight off an animal on your travels? .....

Mobile Number Portability Launched Across Nigeria’s GSM Networks.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), on Monday launched Mobile Number Portability (MNP) across Nigeria’s GSM networks, enabling customers change their subscription to other mobile networks while retaining their mobile digits.

The MNP system makes it easy for telecom subscribers to migrate across networks in search of quality service without the fear of losing their mobile number, thereby driving competition, improved services and reduced tariff.

NCC in its released guidelines for MNP, made migration free of charge for subscribers but insisted that subscribers could only change networks once every 90 days.

An MTN subscriber who pleaded anonymity, said: “The limit imposed on the frequency of migration defeats the purpose of the MNP.”

She explained that a subscriber that moves to a poorer network has no option of migrating back to the previous network for a long time, meaning the poorer network(s) also gets to keep customers for a long time.

According to report, all four GSM operators in Nigeria said they were prepared for the portability launch.

The NCC has said it would extend the portability service to Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), operators in the country, which include Visafone and Capcom, a merger of Starcomms, Multi-Links and MTS Wireless.

In 2001, the launch of GSM operators in the Nigerian market saw tariff per minute rise as high as 60 naira (38 cents). Overtime, with improved competition and 4 GSM operators – MTN, Globacom, Etisalat and Airtel – tariffs per minute have plunged as low as 15 naira (10 cents).

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Okorocha’s Convoy Involved in Auto Crash.

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State was slightly injured yesterday afternoon following his convoy’s involvement in an accident along the Orlu/Owerri Road.

The governor’s official car was involved in a head-on collision with a Mercedes Benz car, when the yet-to-be identified driver was said to have rammed his car into the convoy after losing control of his car.

Briefing journalists at the Government House Owerri, Okorocha confirmed the incident and added that he ended up with a minor cut on his head.

Okorocha, with bandage drapped around his head said that he was stable and strong, but would seek further medical attention due to the level of impact of the accident on him.

Earlier, the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Katsina also confirmed the accident, noting that the accident was a minor one and that the governor was in a stable condition.

He said that he had dispatched the police investigation team to ascertain the cause of the accident and would give further information on the matter as soon as the investigation was concluded.

Speaking also, the governor’s personal Physician, Dr. Sylvester Igwe said Okorocha had a minor laceration on his scalp, and was very stable, adding that what he needs now was further medical examination.

Okorocha who was on a project tour before the accident happened, was rushed back to the Government Lodge, Owerri.
The Special Assistant (Media) to the governor, Ebere Uzuokwa added that nobody died in the incident.

When our reporter visited the scene of the accident, the vehicles had been removed, while few sympathizers were seen discussing the accident.

It would be recalled that the governor had been out of the state for some days for official engagement and only returned yesterday, before embarking on the project tour.

Lauryn Hill Sued For Eviction.

Things are going from bad to worse for R&B songstress LAURYN HILL.

Days away from receiving a prison sentence for tax evasion, HILL is being sued for eviction.

The Grammy award winning singer stopped paying rent on the New Jersey mansion that she’s been renting since 2009.

Her landlord has since filed a court request for HILL to pay her back rent or get out.

HILL has yet to pay anything on back rent owed, and has now being deemed a squatter, a person living in the house illegally....

Everyone Is Making A SmartWatch.

News has come to light recently that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch  If you’re keeping tabs, that’s Apple, Samsung, Google, and now Microsoft… all working on a smartwatch  or we at least have strong indicators that they are. This would make sense if the smartwatch had a proven history of success… but they don’t.

Not only do they not have a strong lineage, they don’t even have a device to tout as a benchmark. Smartwatches have historically fallen flat on their face, never achieving any kind of commercial success. Even those, like the Motorola MOTOACTV (which was pretty good), were dismissed by consumers. If we’re not keen on wearing a smartwatch, why is everyone trying to make one?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Three Men Deported From Saudi Arabia For Being 'Too Irresistible To Women'.

Three men were forcibly ejected from a cultural festival in Saudi Arabia amid concerns they were 'too handsome' for women to resist.

Religious police in the conservative Islamic kingdom removed the trio, all from the United Arab Emirates, from the Jenadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh on Sunday.
The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices in Saudi - where there are strict rules governing interaction between men and women who aren't related - had the men deported back to Abu Dhabi in case women should 'fall for them'.

It cited a report in Arabic newspaper Elaph which said: 'A festival official said the three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds they are too handsome and that the Commission [for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices] members feared female visitors could fall for them.'

The UAE released an official statement indicating that the religious police were concerned about over the unexpected presence of an unnamed female artist in the pavillion....


FG Launches Online Services Portal.

Officials explained that Services of Government of Nigeria, www.services.gov.ng is conceived and implemented by the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology as a platform developed to provide a one-stop shop for all who wish to interact and engage with the Federal Government on any service provided through its Ministries and Agencies.

The Minister, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, said the objective was to get Government on line and use ICT to drive transparency in governance and improve the quality of public service delivery.

She calls it The Government Service Portal...

HP Launches Authentication Technology To Combat Piracy In Nigeria.

World leading technology company, Hewlett-Packard Development Company (HP) is taking bold steps to combat illicit vendors counterfeiting its products by introducing an authentication technology that will allow customers determine if the ink and toner printer cartridges purchased are genuine.

According to the company, one of the ways to identify fake HP Laser Jet Print cartridges is to check for an HP security label over the tear strip of the outer packaging. Security labels are found on most HP inkjet products in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Middle East and Africa.

The new labels feature sophisticated holographic properties as well as Quick Response (QR) code which customers can easily validate using a web-enabled Smartphone or online via a new HP web page. Customers can also download and install free software from the website to detect anything unusual.

In the last four years, HP said it had conducted more than 1,000 investigations resulting in over 800 enforcement actions in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Nearly nine million units of counterfeit products and components have been seized.

HP invests four billion dollars annually to carry out research and development to combat counterfeiting of its products. As part of its Anti-counterfeit Programme, the company trains customs and other law enforcement authorities to be able to spot suspicious printing supplies.

HP supply’s country manager for English West Africa, Rita Amuchienwa, at an anti-counterfeit live demo event in Accra expressed concern on the damaging impact of counterfeit products on businesses around the country.

According to her, counterfeiters harm manufactures and customers by consistently undermining business standards and practices as well as undermine the reputation of global brands.

Amuchienwa however said HP is leading the way in combating the illicit activities through its awareness campaigns and innovations.

PPS marketing manager for HP in West Africa, Tolulope Lawani also buttressed the need for taking action against the production of illicit product.

He said Hp has been protecting customers against counterfeiters through awareness creation, product packaging and enforcement actions.....

Monday, 15 April 2013

Google Launches Tool To Help Users Plan For Digital Afterlife.

Google began letting people plan out what is to be done with their digital photos, documents and other virtual belongings after they die or become incapacitated.

An "Inactive Account Manager" can be used to direct Google to pass on data from online venues such as Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, or social network Google+ to particular people or be deleted after being dormant for too long.

"What should happen to your photos, emails and documents when you stop using your account?" Google said in a message at an account settings page.

"You might want your data to be shared with a trusted friend or family member, or, you might want your account to be deleted entirely," the message continued.

"Whatever the reason, we give you the option of deciding what happens to your data."

Google lets people specify how long to wait before taking action, and the California-based Internet giant will send account holders email or text message reminders before "timeout" periods are ended.

The feature was added as people increasingly trust their data and memories online social networks, data storage facilities, and other services hosted in the Internet "cloud."

Facebook, for example, allows members to have accounts "memorialized" after they die.

Laws in the United States and elsewhere are vague on the fate of digital rights to online accounts after death, leading to complications and legal wrangling for survivors who want access to the online services of the deceased.

In one case that drew considerable attention, the family of a US Marine killed in Iraq went to court in 2005 after being blocked from getting access to his Yahoo email account, with the company arguing that it could not release "private" information and that the account was "non-transferable" under terms of service.

Some say a separate document or executor for digital assets could be useful, with one way to preserve access being to register accounts in the name of a trust, control of which could be transferred on death....

Drake Releases James Fauntleroy-Assisted, "Girls Love Beyonce".

Hours after DJ Khaled releases "No New Friends," featuring Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne, the Toronto rapper turns around and debuts a song of his own titled, "Girls Love Beyonce."

Drake rap-sings of his dating troubles and his search for a leading lady "who will help me think of someone besides myself" and "someone I leave the front door with cause we don't want to hide no more."

Singer-songwriter, James Fauntleroy, comes in with the hook from Destiny's Child's "Say My Name."

LISTEN:  Girls Love Beyonce.

Roman Abramovich And Dasha Zukova Welcome Baby Girl - Billion-Dollar Baby.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is a father for the seventh time — and his new daughter, born in New York, will be an American citizen. Abramovich docked his Eclipse, the world’s largest yacht, on the West Side while he and girlfriend Dasha Zukova, 31, prepped for the birth of baby Leah Lou.

She arrived at Roosevelt Hospital last week in a luxe birthing unit that’s reportedly played home to moms Natalie Portman and Alicia Keys. News of the baby was kept close to the family.

 The couple has a 3-year-old son, Aaron, who was born in LA. Abramovich has five kids with his ex-wife....

Did Posh And Becks Change Their Accents To Sound Less 'Working Class'?

Posh by name, posh by nature? According to a study by a team of university students in the UK, David Beckham and wife Victoria have been altering their accents over the years to distance themselves from their working class roots. What gives?

Four students of linguistics at the University of Manchester have been analysing the audio of clips of the famous couple from between 1997 and 2012. Yes, really.

"In 1997, [Victoria Beckham's] speech resembled what we associate with the classic 'Essex girl'," the report says. "But by 2012, her speech no longer so strongly represented her Essex roots."

When it comes to David, the study found, "It's clear that Becks, once a broader Cockney, nowadays speaks with more of a standard English accent. In fact, he's even hypercorrecting himself because he puts 'Hs' into words when it's not really required.

"In America, they use the 'H' sound more, which explains how he acquired it — but my guess is that his dropping of those Cockney sounding vowels was linked to his ambassadorial role for the Olympics and his subsequent high social status."

The Beckhams have been living stateside since 2007, where they would've been exposed to a different, stronger, harder-sounding accent daily. While the study claims it's difficult for adults to change their accent, it's not a universal truth.

Have the Beckhams really changed their accents on purpose? Or has their American lifestyle simply tweaked their voices?.....

Dangote to Build $8 Billion Refinery, Donates $500,000 To UNICEF.

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has announced plans to construct an $8 billion refinery in Nigeria later this year, according to a report by Nigeria’s Leadership newspaper.

Dangote made the announcement last week in Lagos during a breakfast meeting with some senior editors of various Nigerian media organizations to commemorate his 57th birthday. While Dangote did not disclose the planned location of the facility or its capacity, he said his Dangote Group, will start work on the refinery as soon as the company secures final approval from the federal government and other related agencies.

In 2011, the Nigerian government granted approvals to 19 multinational corporations to set up private refineries in the country. To date, none of the companies has set one up. At the moment, the government subsidizes the downstream sector of the petroleum industry and dictates the price of fuel products, a move which Dangote says has impeded growth in the sector.

“We are all aware that the federal government had issued 19 licenses to the private sector to establish refineries in the country, but how many of them have come on stream? There is uncertainty in the sector and only a mad businessman will put up a refinery now, but we are set to do that,” he apparently told reporters.

Aliko Dangote also sent out a passionate plea urging the government to allow the private sector to thrive by allowing market forces to determine the price of petroleum products.

In what is likely a related development, Aliko Dangote’s charity organization, the Dangote Foundation has donated $500,000 through the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) to support the Nigerian government’s response to managing a recent outbreak of measles that has affected many states in Nigeria.

Aliko Dangote announced the donation this past weekend when he was visited by a UNICEF delegation led by Jean Gough, the UNICEF representative in Nigeria. While thanking Dangote for the donation, Gough promised that the money will be used to procure 1.7 million doses of measles vaccine and will go a long way in supporting the measles campaign which the Nigerian government is championing through its Ministry of Health and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA).

“The grant is a major contribution to government’s fight against measles, which is among the leading causes of child deaths in Nigeria, especially in areas where immunization coverage is low. As we are aware, the trend of measles follows a seasonal pattern with periods of high transmission (January to June with peaks in March) and low transmission (July to December),” Gough was reported to have said at the time.

Between January and now, over 16,000 cases of measles have been reported across Nigeria. International health organizations, governments, donors and philanthropic organizations like the Dangote Foundation have made contributions towards managing the outbreak. Last year, the Dangote Foundation gave over $100 million to causes ranging from education, healthcare, flood relief and poverty alleviation.....

Suspects: We Dropped Jonathan's Name To Kidnap Okonjo-Iweala's Mother.

Gunmen who kidnapped the mother of the Minister of Finance, Dr (Mrs) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, have confessed that they dropped the name of President Goodluck Jonathan in the operation.

The gang had lied to the kidnapped mother of the minister, a queen, that the president was inviting her in connection with a huge amount of money misappropriated by her daughter.

Eight more members of the syndicate have been arrested by the police in Lagos State.

The gang was also said to have been responsible for the kidnap and death of an old woman, Mrs Regina Obi Dainty, who was killed after it collected N2 million ransom.

The arrested suspects were, on Monday afternoon, paraded before newsmen by the state Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, who threatened to make the state inhabitable for criminals.

Manko gave the names of the suspects as Jideofor Ogbue, Michael Ojeabulu, Endurance Oke, Ibrahim Abubakar, Buhari Hamadora, Hassan Oseni, Chiejine Onochie and Chukwuma Okoh.

The leader of the gang, Ogbue, while speaking with the Nigerian Tribune, said the gang used the name of President Jonathan to draw the queen out of the palace.

He also confessed that a former messenger at the palace, Victor Onochie, assisted them with basic information that helped the gang in the operation.

“Yes, we used Jonathan’s name. We told her that the the president want to see her in connection with some money that her daughter embezzled,” he said.

Jideofor also revealed that the gang collected N13 million before the minister’s mother was actually released, adding that he collected N2 million as his own share.

Onochie also confessed to have connived with the gang to kidnap the minister’s mother, but blamed it on his desire to improve his status.

Manko, while briefing newsmen, shortly before the parade of the suspects, said they were arrested by men of the state Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), led by Abba Kyari.

In a similar dvelopment , four members of a robbery gang terrorising residents of Ajah and Lekki have also been arrested by the police.

The suspects, Kazeem Adebola , Yunusa Lateef, Ibraheem Akanbi and Oluwale Kosoko, were said to be responsible for the killing of four policemen in Elemoro area of the state.

Recovered from them were five AK-47 rifle, 31 AK-47 magazine loaded with 30 rounds of live ammunition and a Honda Civic car.....

Friday, 12 April 2013

This iPhone 6 Sends iPhone 5 Back To The Stone Ages!.

If you have been following the patents of Apple then you may have come across an interesting one by way of a curved iPhone. Now that  patent been designed into a phone by way of a render and it shows an ‘iPhone 6′ with a display that is flexible.

The creator behind the concept is Nickolay Lamm. The recent patent of Apple referred to an AMOLED display that is wraparound and futuristic. While it could be adopted one day, I think it looks too futuristic to be applied to an iPhone 6 in 2013.

the iPhone 6 concept is minus the home and volume buttons and as in the patent described by Apple, the handset offers an “illusion of depth perception that imitates a 3D experience”.

The concept does looks more like something we could see from the iPhone 7 or beyond. Additionally as Samsung, who are known for their flexible tech innovation, have stayed away from this type of format for the Samsung Galaxy S4, hints that it is not a feasible idea just yet....

This is Cute!

Researchers Present New Human Ancestor Candidate.

A part-human and part-ape-like creature that existed 2 million years ago in South Africa, had a pigeon-toed gait, human-like front teeth, and was an able climber, new research has found.

Researchers at Wits University in South Africa, including Peter Schmid from the University of Zurich, have described the anatomy of a single early hominin in six new studies.

The fossils discovered four years ago in Malapa near Johannesburg show a mixture of primitive features of australopiths and advanced features of later human species.

The researchers led by Prof. Lee Berger believe the new species is currently the best candidate for a direct ancestor of our own genus Homo.

“They show a narrow upper ribcage, as the large apes have such as orang-utans, chimpanzees and gorillas,” said Mr. Schmid.

Along with the largely complete remnants of the pectoral girdle, it has a conical ribcage with a raised shoulder joint, which looks like a permanent shrug.

The less well-preserved elements of the lower thorax on the other hand indicate a slim waist, similar to that of a human being.

Au sediba, like all the other representatives of the Australopithecus genus, had arms that were suitable for climbing as well as possibly for brachiation.

Its conical shape makes it difficult, however, to swing their arms when walking upright or running, plus they were a similar length to an ape’s.

“They probably couldn’t run over longer distances, especially as they were unable to swing their arms, which saves energy,” Mr. Schmid said in a statement.

An examination of the lower extremities shows a heel, metatarsus, knee, hips and back, which are unique and unprecedented. This inward turn distinguishes it from other australopiths.

Sediba was an experienced climber, which is shown by the remains of the upper arm, radius, ulna, scapula, clavicle and fragment of sternum found in Malapa.

These clearly belong to a single individual, which is unique in the entire previously known fossil record of the earliest hominins.

Based on the dental crowns the researchers assume that sediba does not belong phylogenetically to the eastern African australopiths but is closer to Auafricanus and thus forms a southern African sister group.

In the relevant differences the parts of the lower jaw appear most to resemble those representatives of early Homo.

An analysis of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral region of the spinal column shows that Au sediba had the same number of lumbar vertebrae as modern man.

“The numerous similarities with Homo erectus suggest that Au sediba represents the most appropriate early form of the genus Homo,” said Mr. Schmid....

Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard Pay For Paul Gascogine's Rehabilitation.

Paul Gascoigne has revealed that Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard paid for his recent spell in rehabilitation. The football legend makes a tearful appearance on Alan Carr's Chatty Man tonight (April 12, 2013), in which he reveals the extent of his drinking binges. "It's been three months since I had a drink. I do miss a pint...I'll never say never. I might drink again in the future," he told Alan.

Gascoigne revealed that Manchester United striker Rooney, 27, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, 32, Arsenal star Jack Wilshire, 21, Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker, 52, DJ Chris Evans, 47, and Alan Sugar all helped him with the cost of rehab - a £7,500 a week facility in Arizona.

Following his last drinking binge, Gascoigne said he "woke up with two empty litres of gin, six bottles of wine and about eight cans," explaining, "I don't plan to, I've got to keep my eye on the ball and do the right things. But I've got an addictive personality.For me it's just that I fancy a pint. I think I'll be alright for one and I get too excited. It's all right getting there but once I'm drunk I'm a nightmare."

According to the Daily Star, Chatty Man bosses removed all traces of alcohol from the set before Gazza arrived. A key part of the comedian's show sees him offers guests various garish alcoholic drinks. Alan's drinks cabinet was filled with fruit juice on this occasion.

Twitter To Launch Music App.

Twitter has introduced trends to 160 new locations and is today set to launch a music app.

Trends are one of the most important weapons in Twitter’s arsenal. They help push engagement, especially when event organisers are trying to get people excited and, when they’re promoted, they’re a money-spinner for the social network.

Having trends for as many locations as possible therefore makes sense, especially from an economic point of view. Among the countries getting trends for the first time are Belgium, Greece, Kenya, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Ukraine. More than 130 cities in countries that already have trends are also getting them.
It’s unclear whether people living in these areas will be moved straight over to local, tailored trends but if you’re interested in an untailored global view, we’d advise you make sure you reflect that in your settings.
It’s all about the music

Twitter is apparently also set to launch a standalone music service today. According to AllThingsD, the service will launch this weekend at top US music festival Coachella.

The app reportedly suggests artists and tracks to users based on a number of
signals including who they follow on Twitter. People will be able to listen to songs from within the service using iTunes and Soundcloud and watch videos from Vevo, the music video service owned by Universal Music and Sony.

Late last year, Twitter bought music recommendation service........

Mother Who Hates Children.

For many women, having a child is a joyous, albeit life-changing, occasion. But for 57-year-old Isabella Dutton of Britain, it was her biggest mistake.

Dutton, a typist, wrote a first-hand account for the UK’s Daily Mail in which she details her regrets about having her two children, Stuart and Jo.

“My son Stuart was five days old when the realisation hit me like a physical blow: having a child had been the biggest mistake of my life,” she wrote. “I felt completely detached from this alien being who had encroached upon my settled married life and changed it, irrevocably, for the worse.”

Dutton said that despite her indifference, she invested all of her time and energy into caring for her children. But she soon came to resent their neediness and the time spent doting on them that could have been used to “reflect, read and enjoy her own company.”

She described her own family life as “happy” and “conventional” as one of five siblings.

“I know there are millions who will consider me heinously cold-blooded and unnatural, but I believe there will also be those who secretly feel the same,” Dutton wrote.

Universally, it’s more common to hear of women who regret the decision not to have children, and according to a recent UK survey, it’s the same for most men.

The small study, conducted at Keele University, found that men are as likely as women to regret not having children. More than half the men surveyed said they felt jealous of people with kids, compared to under half of the women.

But Dutton is not most women. She never got over the peace and simplicity that she loved about her life before her kids came along.

“It’s just that I have been honest – some may contend brutally so – and admitted to my true feelings,” she wrote. “In doing so I have broken a supposedly inviolable law of nature. What kind of mother, after all, wishes she hadn’t had children?”

What do you think about Dutton’s point of view about her children?.....

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Africa's First Traditional Gay Wedding.

If this isn't the first same-sex traditional wedding on the African continent -- which is what many are calling it -- it's certainly novel enough to be attracting a lot of attention.

The Huffington Post reports that Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithol, both 27, were married in the town of KwaDukuza in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, in a ceremony that merged Zulu and Tswana traditions.

"The great step that we took in our relationship as a gay couple was introducing each other to our families," Modisane told Mamba Online. "We are so blessed to have supportive families who care about us. Even though we are gay, they still love us."

First, second or 100th, it seems when it comes to relationships that test tradition, some experiences are universal...


Watch The Video Below:

Justin Bieber Joins Scarlett Johansson To End The War On Drugs.

2013 hasn’t been the best year for teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber. His girlfriend of 2 years, Selena Gomez, left him. He’s gotten in several run-ins with the law, and his good role model image has been marred by reports of hard partying, violence against paparazzi, and drug use. It seems his team is finally trying to wrangle him in, thankfully, and part of his re-invention is his recent decision to join several other celebrities to urge President Obama to revise American drug laws.

Russell Simmons has posted an open letter to the President urging him to “revamp the policies of the last 30 years that have seen the prison population skyrocket.”

"The greatest victims of the prison industrial complex are our nation's children. Hundreds of thousands of children have lost a parent to long prison sentences for non-violent drug offenses, leaving these children to fend for themselves," Simmons continues.

Simmons encourages the government to implement “more alternatives to incarceration” and to support “the Youth Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support, and Education (Youth Promise) Act.”

Simmons’ letter has been co-signed with many public influencers including Scarlett Johansson, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, Jon Hamm, Russell Brand, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Demi Moore, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Longoria, Woody Harrelson, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and Kerry Washington.

Bieber took to his Twitter account to re-tweet Simmons’ open letter, adding “I’m going to always keep encouraging people to move in the right direction".....

Jason Segel Wrote a Series of Young Adult Novels.

Just when you thought he couldn't get any dreamier -- this guy is just the bees' knees, right? -- Jason Segel went and proved you wrong by announcing that he authored a series of young adult novels. That's almost impossibly cute, isn't it?

The books (there are three in the series) are based on a script he wrote when he was 21. Pretty much no one knows anything about the plot, as this is all Jason has to say about it right now:

"It’s about kids facing their biggest fears, that’s about all I can tell you."

Well, he also said that we should be looking out for these books later this year. So that's, what, eight more months, at most, to get ready for this? And to make absolutely sure you understand, getting ready for this means prepping your heart so that it doesn't explode out of overwhelming joy and happiness and lust.

Get to it, friends!......

Monday, 8 April 2013

Largest Private Yacht In The World.

A new yacht launched Friday by Lürssen, the German luxury boat builder  is now the largest motor yacht in the world. It's name is Azzam, and at 590 feet long, it has officially bumped Roman Abramovich's yacht – the 536-foot Eclipse – from its number one ranking.

Lürssen won't comment on the ownership. But industry sources say the owner is likely the royal family of Abu Dhabi.

Lürssen will say that the boat was "without the a doubt the most challenging yacht that has ever been built." Aside from its sheer size, Azzam had to be super-fast and able to ply shallow waters "while providing luxurious and sophisticated accommodation to its guests." 

For speed, the boat is powered by jets rather than propellers. It's got 94,000 horsepower under the hood. And it hit a top speed of 30 knots, which is about 30 percent faster than most mega-yachts. "It's like a 590-foot jet ski," said one executive involved in the project.

There are no immediate descriptions available of the interior, though we know it's in the hands of French interior designer Christophe Leoni, who's using a "turn of the century Empire style." Nor do we have critical details on the number of Jacuzzis, rotating beds or helicopter pads. But the main salon, at 95 feet long by 60 feet wide has no pillars dividing the space....

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sowl Radio Wishes Bisoye Otuyelu A Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday with lots of cheer.....

May you have an awesome year.....

May you get what you wish for.....

On this day, lots of wishes, luck and much more!!!......

New Music On Sowlradio.com.

Always Love You By Burna Boy, Kiss You By Mario And Money Murderer By Honey Cocaine......

All On Exclusive On SOWLRADIO ......


Mercy Johnson Returns.

Nollywood most sought-after actress, and mother of one, Mercy Johnson who is currently missing on screen, following her continues sojourn in the United States after giving birth to her first child, Purity, is set to reconnect with her fans again through the release of last movie, " Baby Oku in America."

Mercy starred in the movie alongside, Chets Aniekwe and fast rising star Ani Amatosero before embarking on sabbatical leave few months ago.

The movie produced by Gabriel Moses, the CEO of Amaco Films and I-Com International Company is a comedy that tells the story of a newly married Nigerian couple that relocated to the United State of America, a move that brought out the ignorance and unpleasant character of the woman in the marriage as she strive to live and preach the gospel of gender equality in their marriage in the wrong way.

According to Gabriel Moses, the executive producer of the movie, the cast and crew had to work in Nigeria and the United States to show the beauty of both countries while taking full advantage of the cordial bilateral relationship that exist between the United States of America and Nigeria.

Meanwhile the ace movie producer who has produced films like One Dollar, Abandoned, Old School among others, has promised that Baby Oku in America will not be his last movie in the business.

Macklemore Adnd Ryan Lewis Make Billboard History.

The Hip-Hop duo, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, popularly known for their chart-topping single "Thrift Shop" have remained at the top as the continuously break records with their single.

"Thrift Shop" has spent its 12th week at the to of Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart making it the "longest-running #1 rap song in the Billboard's chat history."

The rapper and producer duo are scheduled to take the stage who will take the stage at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 14....

Friday, 5 April 2013

Review: G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

"On the Big Screen" movie review

Directed by: Jon M. Chu

Rated: PG-13

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

The first quarter of the year is never a good time for movies. It's the dumping ground for lots of films that either aren't exciting enough to be summer blockbusters or aren't intelligent enough to be end-of-the-year Oscar contenders.

This seasonal flood of mediocre movies probably isn't the best time for a new film critic to start being published in a newspaper. He might seem too critical or overly negative to his new audience, which is the position I find myself in right now. I honestly love going to the movies. But when I'm forced to choose between watching another Stephanie Meyer adaptation or a sequel in a franchise based on children's toys, you can't expect great things.

There is a type of trance that bad action movies can put you in. There’s a zone out mode induced by fight scenes that are so random, chaotic and so seemingly without purpose or direction. Your eyes glaze over, your brain shuts off and you just let the overwhelming chaos wash over you.

“G.I. Joe: Retaliation” puts audiences into this dull trance many times over. Looking back, the movie is a half-remembered blur of confusing characters and purposeless fighting, leading up to an ending that actually does stick out in your mind, but only because of how ridiculous it is.

“G.I. Joe: Retaliation” picks up right where 2009’s “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” left off. The big bad guys, led by Cobra Commander, are imprisoned in stasis hundreds of feet below the Earth’s surface. The Joes, meanwhile, are hard at work in the army, doing missions or something. (Don’t ask me, I was already zoned out at this point.) Anyway, some of Cobra Commander’s evil minions are still at large and after they free Cobra and set up a surprise attack on the Joes. The Joes have to fight an uphill battle to stop Cobra and his team before they make another over-the-top attempt at world domination.

When G.I. Joe was an action figure for young boys, there was nothing wrong with kids pretending to be the fictional soldiers. Courage and honor and heroism are noble things we should try to teach kids. They are the traits we commend our own country’s soldiers for having. So it's surprising that none of these traits exist in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”.

 The soldiers in this film don’t care much about duty or honor. Instead they're motivated by less admirable things, like revenge. At one point, a Joe played by Dwayne Johnson vows to kill Cobra Commander out of pure vengeance, then later tries to assassinate Cobra in the street in cold blood. In another scene this same soldier laughingly detonates a bomb in a defenseless enemy’s hand. What a hero!!!....

Not fair! 'We Don't Deserve To Be 15 Points Behind United' Insists City Boss Mancini.

Roberto Mancini has claimed Manchester City do not deserve to be 15 points behind in the title race.

Manchester United hold the commanding lead over City, who travel to Old Trafford for the derby showdown.

But ahead of the eagerly-awaited clash between first and second in the Premier League, the Italian said the 15-point gap was not a true reflection of the gulf between the two Manchester clubs.

"We don't deserve to be 15 points behind," said Mancini.

"United have played very well and won a lot of games.

"They are unbeaten in their last 18 games in the Premier League. Their last defeat was at Norwich.

"So they deserve to stay at the top. But not by 15 points. It's not a true table.

"Now we have eight games left. If we play well and win a lot of those games, maybe we can reduce the gap. This should be our target at the moment."

City have no injury concerns going into the derby, with only Micah Richards and Maicon missing.

Mancini welcomed Yaya Toure's decision to sign a new four-year deal and commit himself to City for the remaining peak years of his career....

Ondo Court Remands Killer Policeman in Prison.

It was a crash of fortune for a police constable, Alonge Abdul, who has not only lost his job, but also his freedom, for now. His crime was that he shot at a commercial vehicle, whose driver allegedly failed to oblige his demand for money.  The fired bullet tore through the front seat of the car and hit the  pregnant woman sitting on the front seat.  The woman died on the spot before any help could come her way.

For allegedly killing the pregnant woman, Abdul was yesterday arraigned at a Magistrates’ Court 5, Akure, Ondo State, which ordered that he be remanded in prison.

The constable was alleged to have shot and killed Mrs Segi Olajiga on Tuesday, with the rifle assigned to him in the course of his duty.

The remand of the accused came as the Federation of Women Lawyers asked the police authority to be diligent in the prosecution of the accused person, who was brought to the court by a detachment of policemen.

The police prosecutor, Mr. Ayodele Atandeyi,  in the charge preferred against the dismissed policeman said: “That you Alonge Abdul, 32, m, on the 2nd day of April, 2013 at about 6.30pm at Plaza Hotel  Junction,  in the Akure magisterial district did unlawfully kill one Madam Segi Olajiga ‘f’ with one AK 47 rifle issued to you and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 316 and punishable under section 319 of the criminal code cap 37 Vol 1 laws of Ondo State of Nigeria.”

Atandeyi also sought an amendment to the charge to include attempted murder of the driver of the vehicle in which the deceased was killed.

After the charge was read to the accused, Atandeyi said the court lacked the jurisdiction to try a murder case and that he would need a date for the case file to be duplicated and sent to the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) in the state Ministry of Justice for legal advice.

The lawyer to the accused person, Mr. Fele Aso, did not object to the request.
The Magistrate, Mrs Charity Adeyanju, fixed the hearing of the case for June 18 for hearing.

Meanwhile, women lawyers in a letter to the police, urged the police to diligently prosecute the case, saying that Abdul’s action had denied Olajiga her right to life as enshrined in Section 33(1) of the 1999 Constitution and he should be punished.

The letter signed by the Secretary of the association, Mrs. Bunmi Niyi-Arajuwa, said: “The police officer who points a loaded gun at an innocent civilian on the street is assumed to intend killing such a civilian.  We are making a strong case for a proper prosecution of this officer.

“Our petition to your office is the first civil way we can register our disdain and protest for this wicked, inhuman and unwarranted killing.  Law enforcement is not aimed at killing innocent members of the community. It should be a relationship of trust and support from the public to the law enforcement agents.

“A situation where the mere sight of a police officer will send shivers down the spine of law-abiding members of the public will not augur well for the general public.”

It’s Not True AC Milan Want QPR Goalkeeper Julio Cesar Says Vice-President Adriano Galliani.

AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has stamped on transfer chatter suggesting that the Italian giants want to sign Julio Cesar from QPR.

Brazilian goalkeeper Cesar has been the bright spot in QPR’s troubled season in the English Premier League, and he has been linked with leaving Loftus Road.

Zuckerberg's 2013 Resolution, To Meet Someone New Every Day, Highlights Problem With Facebook.

Every year, not satisfied being the hyper-successful, 28-year-old CEO of the company of the decade, Mark Zuckerberg tries to improve himself by setting an annual challenge. In 2009, he wore a tie daily. In 2010, he studied Chinese. In 2011, he only ate meat that he himself killed. (I know ...)

So what was his New Year's resolution for 2013? Fortune magazine's Jessi Hempel, in a wide-ranging interview with Zuckerberg pegged to the launch of Facebook "Home," squeezed the answer out of Facebook's CEO:

"I'm meeting one new person outside of Facebook every day. Who doesn't work at Facebook," Zuckerberg said. "It's going well—I've done a bunch of things in the community and just tried to get broader exposure".

We already know one way Zuckerberg's achieved broader exposure: politics. But at first glance, 2013's resolution seems significantly tamer than previous years' (especially the meat one). Trying to meet new people is a normal thing that people do.

But here we have the creator of the largest online network implicitly acknowledging that Facebook isn't everything he needs to maintain a healthy social life. Or at least to meet new people.

Facebook had already acknowledged this deficiency at its last big announcement, for Graph Search in January. It pitched its new search tool as a way to meet new people, rather than just stay connected with ones you already know. "In the past, Facebook has really been primarily about mapping out and staying in touch with and communicating with the people you already know in the real world," Lars Rasmussen, engineering director for Graph Search, said in a promotional video. "But now, we're building a product that can also be used to find people you maybe should know.".......

British Scientists Build 3-D Printer To Create Tissue-Like Material.

British scientists have built a new 3-D printer that would allow them to create a tissue-like material with which to carry out several medical procedures. This new machine, which seems to have almost magical properties, in fact works on what sounds like a rather simple concept: It creates a network of minuscule water drops which are surrounded in lipids. The substance has a double layer, one of which allows body cells to combine with it.

Fake Tissue Into Action:

Because it is created with biological materials only, the substance is perfect for medical use. The possibilities range from acting as nerve pathways when combined with protein channels to behaving like a muscle when triggered into contracting. Even though the actual incorporation of the new substance into a particular medical use is still slightly remote, the tissue-like properties could potentially be used to replace parts of organs or even as a base or support on which more cells could be grown.

 However remote, the process has seen considerable simplification after the 3-D printer was invented by researchers in the University of Oxford. Gabriel Villar, one of the inventors of the new machine, explained that doing the process by hand was too complicated and strenuous for this to become a viable method, but that, after the printer was invented and the results obtained, they began to consider the fake tissue under a new light: the combination of tiny drops, when printed en masse, behaved just like a cohesive material which was easier to shape and work with....

What will they create after this???

Compare And Contrast: Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs HTC One Hands On.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes loaded with a ton of software features, these include scrolling a Web page via your head movement, measuring the temperature around you via its S Health app and pausing a video when you look away. Sure, you may not use all of them, but they are there when you need to use them.

Conversely, the HTC One dials back on a lot of its the clutter the previous Sense UI had, and BlinkFeed is a simple way of getting your news stories (though the S4 does come with its own customised Flipboard app).

Both smartphones have interesting software tweaks for the cameras, but Samsung's cinemagraph feature trumps HTC Zoe. It's easy and simple to use (somewhat like the version found on the Nokia Lumia range), and the smartphone also features dual-camera recording like on the Optimus G Pro.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may not have deviated far from the design of the S3, but it does feel like a much better device. Both the S4 and the One are pretty good smartphones to get, and having tried out the S4, it's likely hard to choose one over the other.

If you prefer something that feels and performs good in your hands--the HTC One is the smartphone of choice. But if you want a smartphone that packs everything but the kitchen sink, you may want to go with the S4 instead.

Snoop Lion Set To Light Up Durban.

THE king of hip hop and rap, Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg), will be in Durban next month when he headlines the MTV Africa All Stars Tour, which salutes the star quality and widespread appeal of contemporary African musicians.

The Cube in uMhlanga Rocks recently saw the launch of this Pan African music and youth empowerment campaign, which was joined by some of South Africa’s top muscians and representatives of MTV Base.
According to a statement, the initiative will provide exposure to the continent’s hottest musical innovators and pacesetters and will be activated via a series of blockbuster live music events, multimedia exposure on MTV and its digital platforms, and an innovative music industry workshop.

This is sure to put KwaZulu-Natal and Durban on the map as a one-of-a-kind MTV Africa All Stars Tour will take place, showcasing the best of Africa.

In his official PR statement, Snoop Lion said: “I am honoured to bring this important message of peace and love to South Africa. This is the motherland and a place of so much history and strife. I hope that this concert reminds us it is also a place of joy, love, cele- bration and peace – which is very much in line with where I am as an artist right now.”

Some of the most popular contemporary artists from across the African continent united at the launch at The Cube. Included on the line-up were the hip hop artist Professor, the South African hip hop trio Teargas, DJ Tira, Zakes Bantwini, Big Nuz and DJ C’ndo, to name a few.

The excitement and energy regarding the much-talked about MTV Africa All Stars Tour was in overdrive. The performers gave it their all on stage, giving the audience a taste of what’s to come over the next few months and demonstrating the power and influence of South African music.

Speaking at the launch, MTV’s senior-vice president of Viacom International Media Networks Africa, Alex Okasi, said: “This exciting partnership with KwaZulu-Natal will enable us to put a global spotlight on the province and the continent, more importantly.”......

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Kid Cudi Exits Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music.

On tuesday, April 2, on L.A's Power 106, Hip-Hop Arstiste, Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi a.k.a. Kid Cudi, declared that he is no longer a member of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label.

While on the radio show, Cudi insisted that there is no beef with anyone on the label and the deicsion is basically a business decision.

"Man, everything is cool. Everything is peace with everybody on the label. There's never been any issues, but I am announcing that I'm no longer on G.O.O.D. Music and this is something that no one knows, really. I'm no longer on G.O.O.D. Music."

While explaining his intentions and his relationship with Kanye, Cudi added that he sought advice from Jay-Z about his departure from the label.  "I never wanted to offend him, and I didn't know how he would take it and I was like, 'Man, I do not want to make my brother mad. I really went out my way to make sure what I was feeling was justified, and that it was OK for me to bring it to the table, and Hov reassured me. He was like, 'Yo, man, I hear it in your tone that its genuine and everything that you're saying to me, how you're saying it. I know Kanye. I know he'll be receptive to that. I know he'll honour it."

Even though Cudi is now signed to his own label "Wicked Awesome", he did not personally reveal his intentions to any one else on G.O.O.D. Music. "But its not a bad thing. That don't mean I'm not gon' be making music with them." Cudi added.

Cudi is currently promoting his third studio album, "Indicud" which is scheduled for release on April 23. The tracklist was recently released and it features appearances from Kendrick Lamar and Michael Bolton. The question on everyone's lips now is, Why Isn't Any Of His Former Label Mates On The Album?...

By Juke @iamnotjuke.

How Chris Brown Joined The Mile High Club.

Since he’s happy to open up about his assault onRihanna in 2009, Chris Brown also wants the world to know that he’s a member of the Mile High club.

The 23-year-old popstar, who is on a promotions drive for his latest album Fine China, revealed that he once had sex in First Class while flying over Europe.

Brown shared this and other private details about his life on an episode of BET’s 106 & Park with host and fellow musician Bow Wow.

“I’m not trying to be nasty,” he said. “I was on a commercial flight in First Class.

“It was like one of them European First Classes where you’ve got the big front, so you can put the cover up so don’t nobody see nothing,” he said.

Brown had initiated the subject, asking Bow Wow to reveal the craziest place he had had sex, only for the tables to be turned on him. Bow Wow, in return, was a lot more coy in his response.

“I got to answer that? Man this is a family show, I can’t answer nothing like that man,” he said, and the female members in the audience, many standing up to hear the rapper’s answer, screamed in delight.

“Er, back seat of a jeep?”

Brown scoffed at the rapper’s answer and played to the crowd.

“Alright, alright, ladies ladies ladies. Can Bow Wow do his thing in a back seat of a jeep with y’all? Y’all want it somewhere more extravagant, right?” he asked as the audience cheered.

The day before, Brown also opened up about his love life during a radio interview, squashing rumours that he and Rihanna had split up. Earlier this week, some gossip sites claimed that the pair were no longer together, and that Rihanna was in love with rapper ASAP Rocky....

Woman Cheated In Jazz Fest Scam.

Police are investigating a conman who allegedly scammed a woman into buying entry wristbands for the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

A Fish Hoek woman, who wasn’t named, reportedly called the police after she bought two wristbands, which turned out to be fake, from someone named “Shaun” for R1 000.

But EspAfrika, the events company in charge of the jazz festival, said the wristbands weren’t available before the event, which takes place in the city over the weekend, and were only issued at the door when visitors displayed their tickets.

The Fish Hoek woman met Shaun through classifieds site Gumtree, where she had placed an advert stating she was looking for entry to the sold-out event.

Shaun phoned her and sold her the unusable wristbands for R1 000.

Police said EspAfrika had opened a case to investigate the issue.

The events company’s marketing manager, Carenza van Willingh, said when it was alerted to the wristbands being sold before the event, it asked the Fish Hoek woman to bring them in.

A quick inspection revealed that the wristbands were copies.

“You can’t get them outside the venue,” she warned people who were looking for tickets.

She said once the festival was sold out, people would do anything to get into it.

“Every year we have the problem of people selling fake tickets or printing their own.

“But they are all scanned at the door and these tickets won’t get past the scanners.”

In the past, security teams at the entrance had been forced to turn back many people.

Van Willingh warned those who were looking for tickets to be cautious because of the large amount of fake tickets and wristbands being sold.