Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Shades Of Lipsticks.

Beauty is all about been comfortable in your own skin...that or a kick ass red-lipstick.. Never forget a woman's first job is to choose the right shade of  lipstick.
Never forget a woman's first job is to choose the right shade of  lipstick
 Ladies,what you need to know before applying lipsticks
Its very common to find ladies who wears the wrong shade of lipstick and end up looking like clowns. Wearing the wrong lipstick can ruin  your makeup and your entire look..
 Here's How To Get It Right;
1. Find a shade of lipstick that is one or two shades darker than your natural lips 2.Experiment with shades of pink. Pink looks good on all skin tones. For those with dark lips,try using deep pink lipstick. Pink lipsticks works with most outfits and hairstyles
3. Keep it simple during the day,the idea is to look as natural as possible unless of course you are attending an event
4. Enhance not distort,lipsticks like all other makeup is meant to enhance your looks not change it totally
Now, i will be talking about 3major shades of lipstick although we have other shades,which are Pink,Red and nude lipstick.

Not everyone can pull off wearing all shades of pink lipstick, most of us can take clues from our natural lip colors to determine what shade of pink lipstick that will look good on us. Pink lipstick can be worn at any time of the day but it is better to wear lighter shade for casuals...

Nude lipsticks is the easiest to pull off and doesn't look too weird. It gives you a softer look but hardly suit all kinda lips. Nude lipsticks can be worn at any time and isn't choosy about the occasion
For those with dark lips and will like to wear the nude lipstick, follow these steps
1. Apply a little of your foundation on your lips.... YES! Your foundation
2. Smooth in the foundation to blend with your lips
3. Apply lipgloss or your nude lipstick on your foundation based lips.


By Armynah.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Should In-laws Stay With Their Children?

Hi dear friend, I hope you are having a good time?

A guy has his family living with him for a long time, before he got married.

The guy married the love of his life and of course the wife moved in with him and his family. After a year, the wife wants her in-laws out of the house.

She was sincere that the in-laws aren't giving her any problem. In fact, they are nice and peaceful but she just wants them out of the house so she and her husband can really live as a married couple and enjoy the early stage of their marriage. And she doesn't want it to get to a stage where they would start to misbehave or something like that.

Is her decision right?

Dear reader, What do you think about in-laws staying with their children?

Monday, 22 July 2013

How To Rock Ripped Jeans.

Lets talk about the new thing...oops! Its actually not that new but its back  in fashion.... I'm talking about ripped jeans which is also known as distressed jeans.... Back then it was called crazy jeans.

 Ripped jeans as its been called now is back and we r going 2 be discussing different ways you can rock yours without feeling left out....... You can create your own ripped jeans by trying these.

Get 1 of your nice fitted jeans.
Get a not too new blade and a needle.
Make a cut with the blade where you'll like the rip to appear.
Use your needle to pull out the white threads till you are satisfied.

 How To Rock Your Ripped Jeans.

Try matching your ripped jeans with a nice body top and a nice flat for your every day look.

For your trendy look,try matching your ripped jeans with a tank top and a nice biker jacket and for those without biker jacket try your normal blazers jacket.

You can combine ripped jeans with all kinds of tops,tops like;
          Loose T-shirt
          Fitted body top

Your footwear also determines how serious you want to look with your ripped jeans,if you are going for casual,try matching your ripped jeans with a loafers or sandals. For your official look,try matching your ripped jeans with high heel sandals(don't forget your jacket if you are wearing just top),for your party look,dish d  jacket,try a more friendly top and a killer heels......yop!.  You are good to rock the party.

Try bum-short ripped jeans with a nice body top or tank-top for the beach or to d club.

For those who will rather wear ripped skirt,here it is, try a mid-length ripped skirt with a nice colorful body-top,tank-top and jacket or without depending on where you are going.

Always know this, ripped jeans is crazy enough on its own so the best way to rock it is by wearing a nice top that is not showing too much flesh.

Thanks..... See yah next time... We will b talking about 'shades of lipsticks'...

By Armynah.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Is This An Obsession Or True Love?

Whats up darling? How's the weather?

Is it possible for someone to love 2 persons at the same time?.

Tunde has 2 girlfriends - Tosin and Folake. Funny thing is that they both know they are dating the same guy. Folake is very possessive, she calls Tunde every now and then, she always wants to know where he is, what he is doing, she can just show up at his house without calling and all that. Folake had met Tosin with Tunde different times at his place, Folake will fight Tunde, shout and all but Tunde always leaves the house with Tosin, ignoring Folake.

Anytime Folake and Tunde had their fight like that, Tunde will tell Tosin he had broken up with Folake but she won't just leave him alone. Tunde has even said it in Folake's face once, but 2 or 3 days after, Tosin would realize Folake and Tunde are on good terms again.

The other part is Tunde's family know Folake and some know Tosin.

Every time Tosin tries to walk away from the relationship, Tunde would beg with everything in the world, he would cry, he would call his friends to help him beg her and all that, these always leaves Tosin worried.

Whenever Tosin asks what exactly he wants, he would tell her that they should run away because even his parents don't want to hear about another girl.

Tosin had better run away without him, she should walk out of the relationship.

Dear Reader, what's your opinion? Because I also think Tunde isn't ready to leave Folake and he is just obsessed with Tosin.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

He Cheated: Do You Take Him Back Or Dump Him?

What he did was totally heinous and unacceptable, but maybe it left you wondering, "Is there ever a time when it's OK to take back a cheater?” While your knee-jerk reaction is probably to send him packing, experts say there are some situations in which he just might deserve a second chance. Read on to find out when to forgive and forget, and when you should just forget him.

Take Him Back...

Right Before A Major Transition.
Moving in together or getting engaged are relationship landmarks that are supposed to cement your bond. But the reality is, many guys react to these big steps by taking a step back and straying. “When a man feels his sense of freedom slipping away, he may cheat,” explains Scott Kudia.. “It’s very common for a normally faithful guy to panic and do something stupid before some sort of commitment.” Strangely enough, his actions often signify that he’s serious about his future with you. “The reason he cheated to begin with is that he believes you two are going to be together for a long time,” says Kudia. “He views it as his one last hurrah.”  This isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card, though. Make him apologize and grovel. Then move on, knowing that this type of cheater usually doesn’t slip up more than once.

He Fesses Up ASAP.
Of all the ways a woman can discover a philanderer, one of the least common is hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Guys almost always keep these sorts of things a secret. The fact that he’s confessing is a huge sign. And a very good sign. View it as a cry for help. He doesn’t want to do it again, and his way of ensuring that is by getting you to lay down the law. So, play police officer, girl. Set some guidelines and—this is important—enforce them. If he’s distraught enough over the hookup to spill, the guy probably values you and the relationship enough to make it work.

It’s A Total Aberration.
I'm going to put this bluntly, so put on your big-girl pants: The guy who’s perfect for you might cheat on you. Yes, even the most amazing, flower-sending, call-returning, make-your-friends-jealous boyfriends have been known to stray. “Slipups happen, but the good news is that when they truly are slipups, they’re survivable,” says William July. In order to salvage your twosome, it’s important to resist the urge to get revenge, make him angry, or feel anxious every time he doesn’t call, according to July. If you’re capable of forgiving him and moving on, do just that. After all, it was a mistake, not his relationship MO. Bottom line: give the boy a second chance. As long as he doesn’t do it again (ever, ever, ever) and he goes back to being that practically perfect boyfriend, don’t you think he’s worth it?.

He’s Going Through A Tough Time.
You know how when you feel stressed, you deal by watching  TV? Or surrounding yourself with 17 of your closest friends? Well, some men handle it by straying. Guys are more likely to cheat when under great stress, because they have fewer tools in their emotional tool belt. Their self-expression is often limited to anger and sex. It sounds a bit counterintuitive, but if things are going well between you two, he is more likely to hook up with another woman when things get rough in other parts of his life. The reason? He may not want to burden you with his problems. Ensure that it’s a one-time occurrence by letting him know two things: 1. You won’t judge him or think less of him if he gets fired or screws up at work or does anything else that threatens his ego. And 2. If he does it again, it’s O-V-E-R.

He Was Drunk And It Wasn’t Emotional.
Ah yes, the “It Doesn’t Count if I Was in a Different Country/Zip Code/Bar” excuse. He takes a few too many shots, temporarily forgets he is attached, and makes out with whatever girl is at arm’s length in the bar. Not cool. But also, not the worst thing that can happen. “This type of guy is immature, but he’s not necessarily an innate cheater,” explains Kudia. And luckily for you, most boys grow out of immaturity (whereas a natural-born cheater will seldom change his ways.) “Many young, college-age men don’t understand the importance of a relationship,” says Kudia. They take their girlfriends for granted until something catastrophic happens. When catastrophe strikes, be hard on him and tell him you won’t stick around if he doesn’t shape up and grow up. Most of the time, a healthy dose of reality is enough to straighten out an “immature cheater.”

Break It Off!

Five reasons to kick a cheater to the curb.

He Got It On With An Ex.
Going back for seconds with an old girlfriend could mean he wants to get back together with her.

It Was A Full-Fledged Affair.
Text messages. Secret e-mail account. "Business" trips. This is not a slip-up. It's a double life.

He Didn't Apologize.
I'm not suggesting flowers and crying will get him off the hook. But a total lack of remorse means he just doesn't care.

You Two Just Started Dating.
The beginning of a relationship is when people show their best selves. If this is his best, you deserve better.

He's A Repeat Offender.
A serial strayer is unlikely to change his ways. Don't waste your time trying.....

Thursday, 11 July 2013

How To Rock Camouflage.

Hi friends... M kinda new @ this article thing so let's see how I can keep u interested....
 Guess what we'll b discussing today... YOP "Discussing" because I want everyone of you to participate by dropping your comments..
The latest in thing now is camouflage prints also known as CAMO... I'll b sharing wit you pictures and different ways 2 rock your Camo print this season..

 Try wearing a Camo pants wit any plain color top in any shade... YOP any shade..

Try a camo top with a plain black jeans and any plain color ballerina flat and you are good 2to go.
For a girly girl try leggings on a loose shirt in bright colors like yellow, green and cream wit heels.*winks**.
.Camo pant wit a plain body top(preferably white) and a colorful blazers jacket will also give u a girly look.
For d beach, try a camo short  with a tank top and nice colorful flat sandals.

To the club, try a camo leather skirts on a camo corset wit a nice leather heels.
For your Tom-boy look,try a camo jacket wit a black tank-top and a ripped jeans with loafers(my fav).

Try a camo skirt with a nice plain shirt,tank top or body top for your every day look.

The weather is a bit chilly! Try a black pant with a white tee-shirt and a camo sweater.

Those with just loafers and ballerina shoes should try wearing on a nice fitted plain tee-shirts/ body tops/tank-tops with a nice black,nude,green jeans....

 If you have just the caps, try a plain colored jeans and a nice top with your camo snap back ball cap. The top will b nice if its army green or yellow wit a multicolored flats with colors like army green,yellow or lemon...

"That's all" 4 now ...Drop your comments and let me know what you think... Next time we'll be talking about 10shades of Ripped jeans...

By Armynah,
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013


It was very cool yesterday evening and i decided to take a stroll... I was having fun while strolling, listening to one of my favorite artist - Boyz II Men (Color Of Love)... I was nodding my head, singing along, feeling myself.

Then, a building caught my attention, it wasn't the structure of the building, it was the color - Buttercolor and chocolate brown, hmmmmmm, sooooo beautiful. I felt like kissing it - Perfect color combination... Not like the babe I saw earlier who put on a yellow top and a lemon pant - eeewwww.. Thats even far from color blocking if anyone wants to use that as an excuse, its so awkward...

People really need to learn how to dress, what colors to combine, whats in vogue, what and what not to wear.

So, Armynah has decided to bring fashion under lifestyle to this blog, she would be teaching us a whole lot about fashion.

Coming Soon!!!.

What Do You Believe?.

Hello Darling, how have you been? I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while and thanks for checking on me.

Larry has a girlfriend named Tolani. Well, he has loads of girlfriends.

One sunny afternoon, Larry's friend was driving around the area and saw Tolani, he reversed to say hello and give her a ride to the house but the babe paid the bike man and moved away, walked as fast as she could. Larry's friend was surprised at her act and told Larry what happened.

Larry was amazed because, according to him, Larry said she is meant to be in school, in Ado-Ekiti and he spoke to her few minutes before then, she sounded down, she said she was having cramps.

So, Larry called Tolani, she didn't pick until later at night. When Larry asked her about what he heard, she turned to Shaggy instantly - Lol. She said it wasnt her. They went on and on but she stood on the fact that she wasn't the one.

Meanwhile, Larry's friend had something to do with her while she was dating Larry.

Later on, Tolani deleted Larry from her Bbm, she also sent him a text that he should never call her again.

I'm as confused as everybody is.

Does Larry's friend have eye problem?

Dear Reader, What do you believe?

Friday, 5 July 2013

Is Anything Wrong With This Act?

Hello, Thank God It's Friday Spirit Yeah?!!!

So, a guy ( Jibola) hollered me this morning concerning my last post, he was once the 'Kunle' and unfortunately, his babe settled for the 'Lekan' if you know what I'm saying.... Hehehe..

Seun the gangster lover, fell in love with a girl at last, i mean sweet love now, not some gangsta loving.

Seun was so in love with Bimbo, he got her a whole lot in a short period of dating, like a month, I'm sure the players are already castigating Seun. Well, he got her gold earrings, necklace, clothes and the latest phone.

Apparently, the babe wasn't in love with him, she collected the stuffs and stopped showing Seun love and care.

One day, Seun wanted to call her but he didn't have airtime, so he used his friend's phone but she didn't pick, he tried her number again on another friend's phone, she still didn't pick. So he went out to get airtime and called her but she still didn't pick - Obviously, she wasn't with her phone. When she got to her phone, she called the 2 strange numbers on her phone which she didn't know were Seun's friend but the friends said 'wrong number', Seun was angry because she didn't try to call him first and she didn't even call Seun back. Hmmm...

One of Seun's friend started to say all sorts and it made Seun angrier, he and his friend drove down to the babe's school, called her out, dissed her and silly of all, collected the phone back from her.

Imagine!!!. Who does that? Anywayz, 3 of Seun's friends said what he did was totally wrong, it made him feel bad, he called the girl after sometime to apologise and all but the girl told him never to call her again, which made the Gangsta lover cry.....

He has been calling the girl to get back with her but the babe has refused to answer him.

I told him what he did was very wrong but since the babe isn't ready to listen to him, he should move on and next time, he won't let friends decide for him.

Dear reader, will you do the same? Will you buy something for a lady and collect it back when you quarrel or so?.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

True Love Or Money?.

Hey dear, how's it going? Me, i don't really like rainy seasons, i'm just coping, its all good.

Another dilemma. I got this mail from a babe who remains anonymous.

She's 30 years old and she is seeing 2 guys. She has been dating Kunle for 13 months - Kunle isn't all that made, as in rich if you know what i'm saying but he believes everything is going to be fine at the end. Isn't that what we all believe?

She and the other guy, Lekan, have been dating for 7 months - Lekan is very rich, according to her.

Kunle and Lekan are both talking about settling down with her but she's confused about whom to settle with.

I asked who she's really in love with and she said she really likes both of them. - But is that possible?

I also asked why she started dating Lekan since she was already in a relationship with Kunle and she said its definitely because she likes him too - So maybe if she sees another guy she likes, she'd make them 3.... My hair itches, I think I need to change it... LOL!.

Anywayz, her family is saying she should go for Lekan because he is rich and they believe the future is going to be brighter with him. Oh yeah!.......

I told her to pray about it and she should consider Kunle since they'd been dating for a while, she'd definitely know him better than Lekan and she shouldn't marry a guy just because of his wealth.

What advice do you have for this babe, my dear reader?.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Would You Dump Your Partner For Someone Else?

Hello my dear. I hope your week is coming along great?

My brother's friend (Tope) and his fiancee (Busola) have been dating for 6 months. They both decided to get married but first, have an introduction ceremony.

So, they had the introduction ceremony after 6 months of dating, it was like an engagement party, there was too much to drink and eat. My brothers were happy Tope had changed because he was a player. Everybody knows them together, Pastors of their church, family and friends.

1 month after the introduction, Tope started misbehaving, he would come home late and drunk, he stopped showing Busola love.

He woke up one day and said they should go their seperate ways. Everybody sought Tope to ask what the problem was because Busola was always crying to everyone,  but Tope didn't really have anything to say. He was giving flimsy excuses - the girl is an illiterate, she doesn't dress well, and all kind of silly excuses.

After few weeks, Tope was seen with another girl. Apparently, he had started dating another girl.

Crazy yeah?!. Everybody told Busola to move on with her life but she still believes he would change and come back to her. I told her, if I were the one, I would never take him back, not after what he did. Did he not know all the flaws before going ahead with the Introduction ceremony.

Do you think Busola should still wait for him or should she move on?.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Why Do People Cheat?

There are two primary types of cheating in a relationship - Physical and Emotional. Physical cheating is the easiest to identify and classify, while those who are cheating emotionally may not even realize it at first. Of the two, it is difficult to tell which is more damaging to a relationship as well.

So I'll just focus on physical cheating at the moment.

Physical cheating isn't just having sexual intercourse with someone other than your partner. This is doing anything physical with someone that your partner will not approve of, and that should be reserved for a partner alone. Depending on the boundaries in a particular relationship, this could mean caressing, kissing, holding, improper touching, and so on up to and including intercourse.

Why do people cheat? But I'm gonna start with men. so, Why do men cheat?

I don't mean the ones that just sleep around with no focus. I mean I have seen different guys with serious relationships and at the same time have side chicks....

Some love their girlfriend so much, some plan to marry their so called girlfriend, but they can't keep their stuff in their boxers or whatever they wear. I believe if you have the guts to cheat, you should be bold to say it as it is to the side chicks if you know what I'm saying. You know what they say?: "I don't have a girlfriend", "My girlfriend and I just broke up", "My girlfriend and I are having problems" and so on like that... Men, I hail o!

It also applies to married men, in fact, that worries me a lot. Most of the men I asked why they cheat on their wives said they do so because they can handle the single chicks or so anyhow they want in bed and if they don't say yes to them, they won't force them..... That's very true, women are also part of the reasons men cheat and before you castigate me, women cheat too, I know and I'm coming to that later on. But if you wanna be sincere, you'd agree with me that men cheat more than women. *Covers head*.

But asides all that, some complained about their women at home and suggested if they can stop nagging, leave the past in the past, keep themselves up, listen to their men, respect their men and all of that, things would be fine. I'm sure if you do all these and more for men, won't stop some men from cheating, still.

Dear Reader, can you shed more light on this?