Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Should In-laws Stay With Their Children?

Hi dear friend, I hope you are having a good time?

A guy has his family living with him for a long time, before he got married.

The guy married the love of his life and of course the wife moved in with him and his family. After a year, the wife wants her in-laws out of the house.

She was sincere that the in-laws aren't giving her any problem. In fact, they are nice and peaceful but she just wants them out of the house so she and her husband can really live as a married couple and enjoy the early stage of their marriage. And she doesn't want it to get to a stage where they would start to misbehave or something like that.

Is her decision right?

Dear reader, What do you think about in-laws staying with their children?


  1. It is quite wrong in the first place for a man to get married and still live in his parents house..Thats really bad n sad. Once couples get married the inlaws needs to giving space for the couples to start their lives together. Her decision is not bad at all..The need to move out

  2. For me its soo wrong. No matter how sweet ur inlaws are. They can come vist and go but to stay nawa ooo ***psquare voice--habatically

  3. I don't like the idea of family members coming to stay with me, except its gonna be just a short visit. A couple of days won't be so bad, but an extended period of time?.. Nah.. Won't allow.

  4. The couple shud leave together.... Best thing is get the inlaws out but they can come visiting for like 3days and go.... So issues don't arise in the marriage.... I've seen it happen so I'm not a fan of inlaws staying with newly weds