Monday, 22 July 2013

How To Rock Ripped Jeans.

Lets talk about the new thing...oops! Its actually not that new but its back  in fashion.... I'm talking about ripped jeans which is also known as distressed jeans.... Back then it was called crazy jeans.

 Ripped jeans as its been called now is back and we r going 2 be discussing different ways you can rock yours without feeling left out....... You can create your own ripped jeans by trying these.

Get 1 of your nice fitted jeans.
Get a not too new blade and a needle.
Make a cut with the blade where you'll like the rip to appear.
Use your needle to pull out the white threads till you are satisfied.

 How To Rock Your Ripped Jeans.

Try matching your ripped jeans with a nice body top and a nice flat for your every day look.

For your trendy look,try matching your ripped jeans with a tank top and a nice biker jacket and for those without biker jacket try your normal blazers jacket.

You can combine ripped jeans with all kinds of tops,tops like;
          Loose T-shirt
          Fitted body top

Your footwear also determines how serious you want to look with your ripped jeans,if you are going for casual,try matching your ripped jeans with a loafers or sandals. For your official look,try matching your ripped jeans with high heel sandals(don't forget your jacket if you are wearing just top),for your party look,dish d  jacket,try a more friendly top and a killer heels......yop!.  You are good to rock the party.

Try bum-short ripped jeans with a nice body top or tank-top for the beach or to d club.

For those who will rather wear ripped skirt,here it is, try a mid-length ripped skirt with a nice colorful body-top,tank-top and jacket or without depending on where you are going.

Always know this, ripped jeans is crazy enough on its own so the best way to rock it is by wearing a nice top that is not showing too much flesh.

Thanks..... See yah next time... We will b talking about 'shades of lipsticks'...

By Armynah.

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  1. I like how u've got illustrations for every combo ...nice