Friday, 28 June 2013

Sweet Things To Do With Your Girlfriend.

When you are in love, there are just not enough satisfied things to do with each other, and for each other, don't you think?

You regularly look for methods to demonstrate your love.

And you are always willing to please your sweetheart just to see a grin on her experience.

But love is an activity title of levels.

And regardless of whether you are still fascinated by your lady or thrilled about her, the most convenient way to let her know you care is by showing your passion.

If you have been in a relationship for a while now, the goofy shows of love and community display of love would probably have come down a level or two.

And that is absolutely appropriate. After all, we cannot really remain in the attraction level all our lifestyle, can we?

As the relationship advances, the guy usually prevents trying too difficult to please his sweetheart *now that he’s wooed her and won her over*. And this is when worries and confusions in love begin to come out in the start.

But if you truly really love your sweetheart and want to make her experience loved and protected in the relationship, do not quit involving in loving actions.

Affectionate actions may not really confirm your love for her, but it’ll absolutely make her experience unique and taken proper good care of.

A little more love and fun can make both your lifestyles a lot more happy and significant. After all, the most joyful of relationships are the ones loaded with loving and lively actions.

20 Lovely Things To Do With Your Sweetheart To Make Her Feel Loved:

The sweetest actions for your sweetheart are the tiniest and simple and easy ones. It’s the actions you display when she least desires it. Use any of these 36 points to do with your sweetheart, and your relationship will become a lot more happy, lively and natural in no time!.

1. Provide Her A Massage. Most people absolutely ignore just how soothing a massage is to a lady. Just position your hands on her shoulder area and her experience will mild up with a pleased smile!.

2. Go Out Unplanned. If both of you are just soothing at home, come up with something natural and take her out for ice lotion or java. Ladies really like natural excitement.

3. Help Her With Her Tasks. If you are lounging around the home, and your girlfriend’s active toiling on her tasks, get your buttocks off and provide to help her.

4. Encourage Her. Inspiration always performs twice as well if both of you do things together. If your girlfriend’s having difficulties to keep herself inspired to do something, be a part of her and perform towards the objective together.

Working out together is always an excellent way to begin encouraging each other, and let us not ignore how attractive and amazing both of you would look after a few several weeks of operating out.

5. Buy A Little Something. Every now and then, stop on your way to fulfill her and choose up a little something, be it blossoms, something to eat or even a foolish something. It’s an excellent way to make her experience more loved without going out of your way to do something.

6. A Small Vacation. Plan a key loving vacation or a few days vacation to a position she likes or has always desired to check out.

7. Do Foolish Things Together. The more lively you are, the more happy your relationship will be. Deceive around with your sweetheart by proposition her or whispering in her ear while munching it. Perform activities together, observe a whole year of a display or make a crazy home movie together while miming to a stone song!

8. Finish Her Pail Record. Sit down with her and ask her about those things she wants to do this 30 days, year, or in her life-time. And once she stocks her ideas, help her attack a few of her things-to-do from that record.

9. Present Her A Pet. If you think your sweetheart is into creatures, gift her a pet. A pup or a cat is ideal for someone who likes them.

10. The Last Processor. Everyone wants the last spud processor even if they are awesome enough to decrease it. When both of you are consuming something together, always provide you with the last chew to your sweetheart. It’s a little action, but it’s a compromise that is going to make your sweetheart drop more in love with you.

11. Hug Her. Hug her and caress her without trying to use the reason as foreplay. Hugging your sweetheart will launch experience much better substances that will make her experience more satisfied and liked.

12. Keep The Little Things In Ideas. Never ignore the little things, like holding the purchasing purses for her, or having hands while strolling down a road or traversing it. Provide her the better chair or let her have the better perspective wherever you are, at a cafe or on a journey.

13. Shock Her. Not shock her with electricity o... Lol.....

If she’s out and you have a while in your hands, surprise her by doing something for her that she was expected to do when she gets returning. It could be something as simple as doing her tasks, cleaning the recipes, or even preparing supper for her. After all, it’s always the little things that have the greatest effect in love.

14. Be There For Her. Let her see that you are always there for her, and are willing to be the neck for her to trim on. Take a position by her during her difficult periods and provide her your complete assistance instead of ridiculing her or placing her down.

15. Fall An Observe. Guys may think this is cheap, but it’s still something that will make your sweetheart ray with pleasure. Written text or create a lovely concept to her instantly. If u cannot be cheap in love, then deliver her a web link to a loving music and tell her that the music informs you of her.

16. Be a Man. Put your girlfriend’s needs before yours when she’s with you. It’s what a man should do.

17. Quit Bad Routines Together. If your sweetheart is trying to provide up a bad addiction, be it cigarette smoking or extreme purchasing, give her the psychological assistance she needs. And furthermore, if there happens to be bad addiction of yours she’s trying to help you get rid of, help her help you.

18. Talk About her Goals. All of us have big goals, but very few of us have the generate and the dedication to adhere to it. Talk about her goals and discuss methods by which she can accomplish it. Help her perform on work deadlines and make a record of points to do, and before she understands it herself, you would have assisted her do more than just desire.

19. Pay Attention To Her. Sometimes, just pay attention to her without trying to provide guidance all enough time. If she’s had a bad day and wants to blab about things that irritate her, just offer her your ear and your supportive speech.

20. Pillow Discuss Together. There is nothing more fulfilling than relaxing in each other person's hands and referring to the excellent items and the excitement. Pillow discuss is one of the most essential substances in a satisfied romantic endeavors, and it’s something that will carry both of you a lot nearer too!.

You do not always need to spend on your sweetheart to make her satisfied and feel loved. Sometimes, all you need are the little things that take no attempt at all. Just try any of these points with your sweetheart, and you will find how easy it can be!....

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Power Of A Celebrity.

Good day my beautiful friend. Hope your day was good?

Tomorrow is Friday, I hope what I'm about to share won't happen again tomorrow.

It was one of the nights, guys take their girls to the club, to groove, drink up, smoke stuffs - Smoking of cigarettes inside the club should be stopped, Ladies get home and their hair would be oozing of cigarettes.... Anywayz, I think that's part of the fun. Dance like never before even if you are not good at it, you didn't go to the club to watch, grind to stimulate, *winks* you know - if you read my previous post on that.

Last friday wasn't one of the best Fridays for Femi who took his girl to the club. Guys, girls, gays, celebrities were there. You may know Yomi Gold and Aremu Afolayan - Yoruba actors, Yeah!!.

Femi's girl got carried away and danced all through with Yomi Gold after sighting the handsome bobo. Femi didn't really see anything wrong with that not until it was time to go home. Femi called his girl, told her it was time to go home............................................. Femi's girl told Femi to go home without her, that she was going home with Yomi Gold - Exactly the way I opened my mouth is the way you have just done, please close it quick before flies get in.... LOL!.

Women!!!, what are women turning into these days?.

Femi persuaded her but she really really left with Yomi Gold. Chai!!, this is cray.

Well, Femi was very bitter because, as a badt boy, such hadn't happened to him before, like he said. He called his friend and gave him the girl's phone number to set parole with the girl, sleep with her and don't treat her right.

Would you do the same?.

Would you do worse?.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How To Avoid Enticement In Love.

Knowing how to prevent enticement in love is simple if you know how enticement really impacts your ideas.

It’s not unusual for anyone to be taken in by enticement, regardless of what their relationship position is.

Many individuals say they are never influenced to deceive.

Many others say if you truly really like someone, you can never get intimately drawn to someone else.

But is it true?

I absolutely don't agree. And so does science!.

The individuals who say they are never influenced to deceive obviously have not seen enough around the globe or interacted with enough good looking individuals.

And the individuals who say you can never get enticed or drawn to someone else if you are really in love, well,  they are just incorrect too.

Love and sex-related fascination are two different emotions, and it’s very much possible to encounter these two exclusive emotions for two different individuals simultaneously.

You may be clouded by an extreme improve of love and attraction at first, enough to persuade you that it’s an effective mixture of love and sex-related fascination. But soon enough, you will understand that discovering someone else eye-catching is as organic as sensation starving or seeking to rest.

When it comes to figuring how to prevent enticement, you have to know that the more you are enclosed by intimately eye-catching associates of the other sex who are drawn to you, the more you would be influenced to deceive your own partner.

That probably opens up up why the celebrities have such difficulties remaining in a long lasting relationship. They’re obviously enclosed by hotties and cannot help themselves after a certain factor. But then again, if they really desired to prevent enticement, they could have.

How To Prevent Enticement In Love....

One of the first factors you have to comprehend about combating enticement is the actual reality. If there is no enticement, then there is nothing to prevent.

This may be legitimate for a lot of factors, but it does not keep real for people and the other sex. Humans are evolutionarily designed to get drawn to the other sex. But is every connections going to end in bed? Of course not.

You may discuss with an eye-catching guy or lady and even tease with them, but if you are not really enthusiastic about getting it beyond pleased teasing, then you do not have to worry about battling enticement. But does your partner think teasing is unfaithful too?.........

1. Set Your Unfaithful Boundaries.

Every connection is exclusive. What you consider unfaithful may not be unfaithful to somebody else. You know yourself and your partner better than anyone else, at least when it comes to issues of the center. So set your limitations and prevent traversing the range if you know it could harm your partner.

2. Know What You Take A Position To Lose.

The enticement to deceive on your partner may engulf you or you may just want to deceive once and ignore all about it. But if your partner ever discovered out about it, can you think about what could happen?

Would your partner stroll out of the relationship, or would there be a big malfunction in between the both of you? Before you take a drop into the ocean of enticement, always think about what you take a position to reduce.

3. Is It Really Worth It?.

Anyone who has ever cheated on their partner would tell you this. It’s never worth it. The sex-related enjoyment of large stroking or a one night stand could be very hot, but the second you are done with the action, you would encounter, vacant and vacant. And once you have surpassed the range even once, there is really no going back again.

4. Put Yourself In Your Second Half's Shoes.

No ideas about getting captured, but how would you encounter if you were in your second half's place? If your partner could see you teasing or trying to get actual with someone else, can you think about how destroyed and tricked they would feel? This is a contact for your moral sense.

Your partner may never figure out if you ever deceive or cheat. But in a relationship that is designed on love and trust, you have to understand to think from your second half's point of view and choose your next shift.

5. Figure Out How To Prevent Temptation.

While it’s organic to discover someone eye-catching and even engage in a bit of accidental teasing, prevent getting it to the next phase. As people, we always want more, especially when it comes to sex-related fascination. Would you ever be pleased with just teasing, or just a hug, or just large stroking, or even just sex with another person? When you phase into the globe of enticement, you would always want more. Nothing can ever fulfill you.

If you are drawn to a co-worker, try to range yourself gradually or cut down the sexy discuss one bit at some factor. It’s always better to sketch a range and remain behind it, instead of traversing it and hoping you had not.

6. Are You Pleased In Love?.

Having sex with someone else may seem interesting. But at the end of the day, lovemaking alone can never provide you with the satisfaction. If you are pleased in your relationship, should you toss it all away and deceive on your partner just to have a few moments of sex-related satisfaction? Are those few moments in bed with another individual worth jeopardizing all the love you have for your partner?

7. Regard Your Partner And Your Relationship.

When you are in love with someone, you respect your partner and the relationship. And when you respect someone, you cannot ever think of deliberately harming them. If you want to know how to prevent enticement in love, instead of considering how to get away with unfaithfulness, ask yourself if you really respect your partner enough to prevent the unfaithfulness.

8. Can You Manage The Guilt?.

You may have designed up the sex-related enjoyment for several times, and one eventful day, you may be near discovering yourself in an event. Just think about this for a second, can you ever manage the shame or look returning adoringly into your second half's sight when they gladly hug you or kiss you? Can factors ever be the same again after you have laid down in another individual's hands, in another bed?

9. Don’t Cover Up Your Thoughts.

If your relationship is designed on a powerful base of love and trust, you really should not worry about any type of worries. If a guy flirts with you, or if a lady you met at a meeting informed you she prefers you, do not cover up those information from your partner. Talk seriously about your mashes and who you will find eye-catching.

When you cover up little sexy information from your partner, you would also affiliate a bit of sex-related clumsiness to that thought. As the times successfully pass, you may have many more sexy discussions or thieved looks, and it’ll soon become a sex-related key that you think about.

What begins off as an uncomfortable thought may one day cause you to wander into another bed because it’s such an interesting thought. But if you could just be honest with your partner about these little communications, the suspense will fizz out instantly and you really will not think much about it. And the best part, it’ll carry you and your partner nearer together and improve the trust in each other.

10. Deal With Your Temptation.

If you want to know how to prevent enticement in love, quit concealing from it. Figure out how to confront it. It’s enticement only when you worry it or are scared you cannot manage it. If you can have a fun, sexy discussion with someone and not think about having sex with them, there is no enticement to worry about or prevent.

Locking up the thought of enticement is never the response. Figure out how to confront it and encounter it. Whenever you discuss a closer-than-normal time with another individual, ask yourself if this new individual is actually better than your own partner. If you truly are according your affiliate, you would always see that no event is ever worth the love and the pleasure that your own partner gives you.

Many individuals who cheat on their partners recognize this after they have done the action. And they always repent afterwards.

So before you take the next phase, ask yourself if those few time in another bed are truly worth more than your partner and the relationship........

Will You Seal Your Lips?

Hi friend, how are you doing today?

Jason, a friend to Tracy's husband - Alex. In fact, Jason and Alex are best of friends.

One day, Jason went to relax at an open garden. As he was about to leave, he saw Tracy and a guy kissing.

Jason saw Tracy 3 days after, told her what he saw and said he doesn't wanna know the reason she is cheating on her husband but she should stop and make sure she tells her husband. She promised not to do it again.

A week later, Jason caught her with the same guy at a car park... You are right, its always Jason seeing things, LOL!!!.

Jason was confused if he should tell Alex or not.... Then he asked some people if he should tell his best friend what has been happening. Most people said he should tell Alex and some said he shouldn't tell him.

What do you think is the best thing to do?

Would Jason be a bad friend if he doesn't tell Alex?

Would you tell your best friend that kind of thing?...

Monday, 24 June 2013

Will You Sell Your Body For Your Spouse?

Hey Lovely Reader, I hope your weekend was great because mine was fantastic.

Someone wrote on twitter "Witches love dancing" and my friend (Debola) cc'd me. Silly girl, so I'm a witch because I love dancing????

Anyways, this mail was sent to me on Facebook, from Mr Endowed..... I'm not sure if it happened to him or not.

A girl has a hole in her heart and needed a large sum of money, say N6 Million. The girl has no family and the boyfriend doesn't have that kind of money. The boyfriend then started taking some offers, sleeping with rich women for money. He went to the hospital to pay when he had the total sum, the girlfriend asked where he got the money, honest boyfriend told her the plain truth about how he got the money.

If you were the girlfriend, after hearing all that he had done, would you let him go ahead and pay for the operation? If yes, would you still date him after the operation?.

Before I posted this, I asked my male friends - (Bayo and Alani) these questions, if the reverse were the case.

Bayo said he would let her pay for the operation and he would still date her.

Alani said he would let her pay for the operation but he wouldnt date her anymore.

Hmmmm, I reserve my comment, that's why I have you to give your opinion.

My dear Reader, would you let him/her pay the money? And would you continue the relationship afterwards?

Be honest!.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Faithfulness In Your Marriage And Love Relationship.

Marital Infidelity can break a relationship. In fact it is the most common cause of a break up or Divorce. The way out of this is to be faithful to your spouse or partner and develop the trust in relationship that can help the marriage to survive. When talking on the issue of faithfulness one question which comes to the mind of several people is that, ‘Is it possible to stay faithful to a Spouse in today’s society?’ ...... My answer to this question is that, ‘Like today, Temptations and Opportunities were there yesterday too. If one wants to be Staying faithful and Loyal to their Partner or Spouse or not, is a relationship choice. If a person wants to stay faithful and avoid marital infidelity, he or she can.’

How To Be Faithful To A Husband Or Wife?

There are many people who easily stray and end up cheating on their loved ones. Some get away with it while the others get caught. Even if the spouse never catches you, the guilt of the affair and the lies said to hide it would weigh on your conscience. Whether it is a man cheating on his wife or a woman cheating on her husband, it is not going to be a good feeling. If you are wondering how to be faithful to your spouse or how to avoid marital infidelity here are some practical tips that can help you do so:

1. When you get married make sure that she or he is the one for you. If your love, trust and feelings for the person you marry are strong enough, then you can survive all sorts of temptations to cheat.

2. Accept the fact that you are no more Single. You are married and it is your responsibility to honor the vows you have taken at the time of marriage. Also do not hide your marital status with anyone, let your colleagues and friends know that you are happily married and use all opportunities to show off your husband or wife.

3. Do not give an opportunity for the opposite sex to think by looks, behavior or words that you are available. When you flirt, dress provocatively or talk dirty with someone who is not your spouse remember that you are doing exactly that.

4. Do not put yourself in the position where you are alone with the opposite sex. This can lead to temptations to cheat or being taken advantage of you by the opposite sex.

5. If someone is making advances, let them know that you not interested because you are happily married and have eyes only for your husband or wife. Be stern with the way you turn them down. Let them get the message that you are off limits for them. Do not talk about problems you are having with your spouse with someone of the opposite sex.

6. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol as these can make you do things which you may regret later.

7. Always keep your Spouse informed about what is happening in your life. Be honest and let him or her not wonder what you are hiding.

8. Have a clear understanding on what Consequences or impact of Infidelity in relationships apart from the danger of pregnancy or STD’s. Think of what may happen if your spouse finds out and if an affair is really worth in front of what you stand to lose. Also, think how you would feel if your spouse cheated on you. That should help you to keep away from cheating on your spouse.

9. Tend to all aspects of the relationship. Address all problems in your relationship without delay and find solutions. Be it marital boredom, financial troubles or anything else it has to be solved immediately. Spend quality time with your partner regularly and mutually work together in building up the relationship.

In short, Cheating is not something that just happens or something which is not in a person’s control. But it is up to you to decide if you want to respect the commitment made to your spouse by staying faithful or betray their trust by cheating on them.

Do you have any tips on how to stay faithful to a husband or wife and avoid marital infidelity? Feel free to add them as comments.....

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Crazy Things Men Do.

Hello buddy, how are you today? Thanks for your mail, comment and love.

I want to share a funny story with you today, let's loosen up a bit.

I was at my friend's place and one of our friends (Dami), invited a girl over, when the girl arrived, she called Dami that she was at the gate..... Dami was in his car outside, he told her to come down from the cab and join him in his car but she said he should come and pay for her cab fare.

Dami said he has to go use his ATM card, that the cab man and the girl should follow him, driving behind him. Meanwhile, Dami didn't have any money and wasn't even ready to pay no money. When he hit the freeway, he drove so fast, ran away and switched his phone off.

LOL!!!. This is hilarious, what if the babe didn't have a dime with her? She must have felt very very bad but i don't expect her not to have any money on her and she should have informed him about the payment before coming over.

Very silly dude... I'm sure my reader won't do this, right? LOL!.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Would You Date A Babe That Dumped Her Boyfriend Just To Be With You?.

Hello darling, how are you doing today? I had a superb but long day.

Ok, before I forget again, my email address is

I received a phone call from a guy yesterday night, he shared something with me.

He likes a girl he met 2 months ago, even though she said she was in a relationship. They kept in touch and he could tell the girl was liking him, real hard. Then one day, he asked about her boyfriend and she said she broke up with him because of him.....

I didn't allow him continue, I said its a lie! Lol, but I'm blunt like that..... If she broke up with her boyfriend because of him, for no other reason, then she would break up with him because of another guy. What kind of sudden love will make you break up with your boyfriend of 2 years???

His question was if he should go ahead with the relationship, Like I always say, "Follow Your Heart", and if his heart says go ahead with her, then he should not sleep with both eyes closed, if you understand what I'm saying.

My Lady, would you date a guy that dumped his girlfriend just to be with you? And My handsome friend, would you date a girl who dumped her boyfriend because of you???..

Monday, 17 June 2013

He Forgot To Tell Her The Problem.

How are you my friend? I think Aisha stimulated a guy last week and left him

I was going through the mails sent to me last week and this one is sooo alarming.

A christian lady (not sure if deeper life), is married to a sweet guy who respected her feelings, and agreed to 'no sex' before wedding - What a rare gem.

On the night of their wedding, it was time for action and the husband excused himself to use the bathroom, he was there for a while, purging. He came out and complained he was having real stomach upset, she made him the salt and sugar solution, he was okay and they went to bed... Yes, nothing happened that night.

The next morning, the wife rolled on him and they started to kiss, touch and all of that {don't forget it's early in the morning}, but lil John refused to stand up.... and the husband got up and said he was IMPOTENT!....

OMG!!!, my tablet fell, what did I just read?? Oh no, this is so unfair... The lady is so devastated and frustrated. Who won't be? That guy is wicked.

I think that's one of the disadvantages of 'no sex' before wedding.....

I replied her, I said they should go to the hospital and see if anything can be done but she's too angry that the husband didn't tell her, led her on and she wants a divorce.

My dear Reader, do you think she should walk out of the marriage?.

My dear Doctor, Is there a solution to this kind of problem?.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

How Conflict Can Improve Your Relationship.

Conflict gets a bad rap. We automatically assume that conflict will collapse a relationship. Some of us avoid conflict like the plague, thinking that if we close our eyes to a potential clash, it doesn't exist.

“Engaging in conflict isn't going to end the relationship, it’s avoiding the conflict [that might],” According to Michael Batshaw.... He said that, “No problem is too small to acknowledge in a relationship.”

But how do you make sure that conflict doesn't ruin your relationship and instead helps it grow? The good news is that “most fighting comes from skill deficits,” According to Susan Heitler.

So you can learn to approach conflict in a constructive and effective way. Below are tips to help you do just that......

Work On Your Listening skills. Communication is key to resolving conflict. The bedrock of good communication? Fully listening to your partner without building a case in your head of how your partner is wrong...Couples who are stuck in conflict are unable to empathize with their partner.

Participate In Shared Problem Solving. Consider the concerns behind your perspective. Lay out your concerns, so you can then brainstorm solutions together, instead of each partner arguing his or her point.

Address Specific Behaviors. It is better to address specific behaviors rather than personality traits.

Talk When You’re Calm. The atmosphere has to stay emotionally safe enough so that both people can put out each of their ideas/feelings/experience about the conflict and then they can have a respectful conversation about it without attachment to who is right or who is wrong.... Don’t start a conversation “if you feel overwhelmed by emotion because it clouds your thinking and distorts things,” Batshaw said. He added that “You also don’t want to be overly detached.” It’s important to think about what you want to say in a thoughtful way.

Create Boundaries. Have some boundaries about what is acceptable behavior and what isn't, [such as] no cursing, no physical interaction, no yelling or screaming.... Just like on a soccer field, as soon as people go out of bounds, the play stops.

Apologize. An apology can go a long way. We all make mistakes and we need to acknowledge that we had a part in an argument that [gets] out of hand..... You don’t have to say, “I’m sorry I said that,” but it can be as simple as “I’m sorry, we’re fighting.”

Seek Counseling. If you’re stuck on a specific conflict or one of you doesn't want to talk about it, even when pressed, consider seeing a couples therapist. The sooner you get [help], the easier, more cost effective, and the longer you can enjoy a happier relationship together!.

Enjoy your weekend!.

Friday, 14 June 2013

How To Grind With A Guy Sexily And Discreetly.

Want to know how to smash with a guy and make him wet his bermuda at the same time? Here is a hidden information to do just that without creating it apparent. By Jana Snow

Whenever we think of the art of farming, we usually affiliate it with teenagers.

But actually, it’s something that all of us use all enough time.

As a lady, there happens to be little distinction between being elegant and being crass.

Of course, you can smash with any guy you like, but will that cause to anything better than a one evening stand?

If you want to smash with a guy and look excellent while doing it, you need to know a few factors you can do it the right way.

And most of all, never be too apparent when you are trying to smash with a guy.

It’ll just create you seem too simple to get.

If you want to have a fun time with a guy you fulfill at a team or anywhere else and still be well known and followed by him, you need to understand to stimulate a guy, and yet create it seem like it was him creating all the goes all through the way.

What is farming really?

Now all of us do know this, but for the inexperienced ladies, farming is the art of shifting your buttocks around a man's genitals, especially while dancing with him. Appears to be quite strong, yes, but it’s something that comes normally between reverse genders when they are turned on by each other.

Many ladies wonder about the right way to smash and look excellent while doing it. But knowing how to smash with a guy needs no training. You can do it any way you like and the guy will still like you for it.

But what issues is how simple you are going to perform and provides in to a man's genitals.

How To Smash With A Guy And Stimulate Him:

If you want to know how to smash with a guy, stimulate him, and still experience much better about yourself, here are 9 tips you can follow.......

#1 Get a sweetheart to dance with you. Dancing alone creates the whole farming activity rather apparent. To begin off, dancing with your sweetheart and create it seem like you are not really realizing any guy. Soon enough, you will have a few lovely people dancing around awaiting your interest.

#2 Dance next to the guy you like. But do not even hassle looking at him just yet. Observe him from the area of your eye and see if he’s been realizing you. Or if you want to smash with some guy who has not observed you yet, just shift along on the oasis until you are near to him.

#3 Cleaning time. Dance normally as you always do, but shift really near to a guy you like and sweep him with your buttocks *accidentally*. Don’t try to get his interest just yet and do not create it seem like you are wanting to dance with him by looking at him. Hang on for him to do something or reciprocate. Right now, just create it seem like you are dancing with your buddy. But do not quit the periodic buttocks brushing, let him experience your contact and want more of it.

#4 Touch him with your chests. Grinding is the simple aspect. The challenging aspect is to create it all seem hidden. As you are dancing with your buddy, shift shoulder area around so your breasts variations his arm now and them. Does he observe your random touch? Does he grin or does he shift nearer to you? If he realizes it and tries to get your interest, display a little lovely grin returning at him and let him know that you have observed him. But do not do it too obviously, and prevent allowing him know that your variations were deliberate.

#5 Fall your arms. Keep your arms by your factors as you are dancing and let it float near his buttocks and feet. He’d obviously begin shifting about a lot more just to get more of your variations. Always keep your system or arms really near to a guy, but prevent creating the first contact if you want to create him perform for your interest.

#6 Let the fingertips contact. Let your fingertips contact his fingertips as both of you dancing beside each other. And when your fingertips do contact his, do not shift them away but do not do anything about it either. It’ll generate him insane and all he’d want to do is hold it. He may even try that!

#7 Phase at the front aspect of him. Once you have had a lot of system variations going on and he’s regularly trying to look for methods to contact you, it’s a chance to get to the aspect where you smash with him. By proposition him lengthy enough, you would be able to stimulate him and create him perform for your interest instead of being too simple to get which is always a great factor. It’ll create him want you more too!

Step at the front aspect of him and shift your hips around so your buttocks is regularly in contact with his upper leg. This will be his cue to come near behind you. If he’s shy, a few *accidental* variations on his genitals with your buttocks while dancing will definitely do the key.

#8 Move your buttocks around. Once he’s right behind you, get really near to him and media your buttocks carefully against his genitals. Move around and dancing like you always do, but pay more interest to swaying your hips around so you can experience his trousers stiffen behind you.

#9 Fall your arms to the aspect. If the guy is not putting his arms on your hips already, drop your arms down or run it down your hips now and then as you sway your hips. Even better if you can get your arms to go down and contact his fingertips often. You’ll stimulate him so much that all he’ll want to do is keep your hips or your arms and come even nearer while you shift your buttocks all over his genitals. And really, that is all there is to farming and creating it seem like the guy is doing all the work!

While a team may be the best position to smash with a guy, you can also prudently smash with a guy at events or even in populated lines. It’s simple and fun, if you are in the right mood!.

Where is my lady?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Is She On The Right Path?

Hello Sweetie, How's your day? ?I saw some funny pictures of Peter(Psquare) today, on instagram.... you know #tbt (ThrowBackThursday). I was laughing out loud when i got a buzz on my phone, a friend dropped a story, wants your opinion and advice on this matter you are about to read.

A friend(Shade) met a guy(Shina), 7 years ago. Shina asked her out but she didn't accept his proposal but Shina still kept in touch with her and always reminds her that he still wants to date her.... Shina was serious, he asked to meet her parents 5 months ago and go for introduction but Shade said No.

And these are her excuses - He's fat, he doesn't look neat and he likes her too much ( he calls her every now and then, if he isn't calling, he is chatting with her). My friend is a witness to him calling at least 15 times everyday..... Shina is in his late 30's, he has a good job and ready to settle down....... BUT as ugly as Shina is, as dirty and slow as he is, Shade collects money and stuffs from him, regularly.... Shade can't hug him let alone peck or kiss him - I know whats going through your mind right now dear, let me see it in your comment.

Meanwhile, Shade likes someone else (Bayo), Bayo is 28, he is doing his youth service, so is Shade. Bayo doesn't like Shade and she knows it too, he might not even call her in 2 weeks. Shade is 29 but lied to Bayo she is 25, and they are both gonna round-off their NYSC later this year.

My friend said she is tired of advising her because she is not listening to her and she has kept her mouth shut.

If those are her excuses, she can tush Shina up, tell him to hit the gym and just try and make it work.

Will the guy be ready for marriage next year? Will he get a good job, immediately after NYSC? Isn't she wasting her time? Should she not just go for Shina?

Say something please, My Dear Reader.....

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beware Of Kidnappers.

Hello my darling! I really have to bring this in, my friend was almost kidnapped yesterday.... She was given a flyer, for job vacancy. It was shared at the Redeem camp.... They call their company "New Fruit Juice Company", they claim to have post for Customer service and different offers, just their number is written on the flyer..

Once you call the number, you might not even need to waste your airtime, just beep and they would call you back, the girl would answer as AY, when you tell her that you got their flyer for job vacancy, she would tell you to come to Anthony bus-stop and call them when you are there, she would be the first to call you in the morning, then tell you to come to gbagada, charlie boy bus stop.... She would never say any address, and she won't say where she is or what she is wearing, she would ask for what you are wearing and tell you to wave your hands, then 2 hefty men would be parading the bus-stop where you are. My friend was sharp, when the lady didn't tell her what she was wearing and didn't tell her any address, so she could just come there straight, her instinct told her not to wave, and the men didn't know who they wanted to kidnap, they kept parading, she noticed and jumped into the next available bus.

She didn't get herself for a while when she got to my place, so I collected the number and mistakenly beeped, trying to save it, that I'd call them later and act like I needed a job. I got a call back, instantly, and just like my friend narrated, the AY girl said. I persuaded her to just give me their office address but she didn't  insisted that I come to Anthony and she'd pick me up... I'm still thinking of a way these people can be caught. My friend still has the flyer, she is gonna take it back to camp next month and give to the securities in case they come to share again but meanwhile, this is the number - 08109587875.

Please, let's think of a way to get these people caught.


Will You Forgive A Cheat?

Good day my dear, I hope you are having a great week?.

A guy named Kola is getting married next weekend. Last week, his fiancee went to see him at home, to make a true confession...

Kola's fiancee told him she was once a prostitute, that's before they met, at a party.... And when their relationship started to get serious, she quit but couldn't tell him about it...

She said a guy started to call her last month, to blackmail her. The blackmailer threatens to tell her fiance unless she sleeps with him. She said she slept with the blackmailer once, thinking it'd stop there and then but the guy has been calling again and again, after that. Kola's fiancee can't do it anymore and decided to tell Kola.

Kola sent her out and said he called off the wedding. He said he might have forgiven her for the prostitution since she claimed she stopped but he doesn't think he can bear that she slept with another  guy, while they were planning their future.. "Not at all", he included.

Hmmmm!!!, This is large..... I can't tell someone to do what i can't take but i'll advise Kola to forgive his fiancee. Yes, She cheated but she confessed, don't forget most people won't confess. I know that the fact that she waited till now isn't all right but please forgive her, then think and decide on whatever you want to do..

Dear Reader, What do you say?

Monday, 10 June 2013

What Was He Thinking When He Called Another Girl's Name?

Hello, Hope you had a lovely weekend?  I missed you too.

Nelson, my friend, needs your help and mine... Although I think he is a player. Lol. Nelson is an igbo guy and he is asking a girl out but had not given him an answer. Last week, he called her on the phone and mistakenly called another girl's name, she hung up and didnt pick his call again... I told Nelson to tell her that it was his sister's name he called but he said it was a yoruba name that he mentioned - I wasn't teaching him how to lie o!, It was just a suggestion.... Then, Nelson sent her a text that she was a big baby, that if he says sorry, it would mean he is at fault - Interesting!

 Nelson, if you really like her, i mean genuine likeness -  then admit to your mistake and apolgize.... I'm not saying that would change anything but that would be the right thing to do anyways.

Dear Reader, What do you think about this situation and what do you think Nelson should do???

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Will You Stay If Your Partner Is Violent?

Hey Dear, how's your weekend coming along? Mine's been great asides the pain i'm feeling from the hot beans that poured on my right palm this morning but i'm fine, thank you.

I didn't know guys still beat women, Really??? And even the ones they claim they love - Awful!!!.

An Anonymous lady sent a mail that her fiance beats her sometimes when he gets angry with her but apologizes when he is calm..... Her friends advised her to break up with him but she said she can't because she really loves him, he caters for her and her family, he's loving and caring, the only thing he does wrong is the beating.

She wants to know what she can do to stop him from beating her...

Dear Anonymous, Its funny you are not asking if to leave him or not because its a very bad thing for a man to beat a woman, let alone regular beating.... What i think you can do is not to always get him angry, which i don't think is ever possible but try, and if you realize he's getting in that mood that can cause him to beat you - RUN AWAY....I hope and pray it doesn't get worse than this because if you want me to be true to you - i'd say Leave him, God will provide a responsible man for you.

My reader, any advice for dear Anonymous? Will you stay if your partner is violent???.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Why Men Should Wash Their Hands After Urinating.

It was a muggy, hot lunchtime....I was strolling to a restaurant while talking to a friend on the phone....Unknowingly, i cut the phone because i saw a very handsome guy, slim, tall, atleast 6", dark and well dressed.... Yes, i was staring, and i began to think of how to say hello, how to pretend we have met before, you know how you guys do it, i was planning how to start that conversation.... Who says ladies don't ask guys out?? - Ok, most of us seduce...
 Suddenly, he moved to the side of the road and started to pee..... Eeeewwww!!!!! Bad business, dirty dude... I was irritated, then heartbroken, I stood at that spot, thinking if i still want to talk to this guy or not, even if i would, because of his looks, then i have to correct him.... We see this everywhere, everytime but we overlook it and see it as a normal thing but hey, its very unhealthy....

A Guy should learn to wash his hands after urinating.....

Some facts: The purpose of washing is not to get pee off your hands. No amount of washing will make you clean. You have to do it anyway.

Your boxer-shorts region — from belly button to mid-thigh — is crawling with germs known as coliform bacteria. These bacteria originated in your intestine, and some of them are deadly. Remember punji stakes? They were sharpened sticks that the Vietcong concealed point up along trails and daubed with excrement. If you stepped on one you had a good chance of contracting a fatal infection.

The bacteria won't do much harm if they stay put, but when you urinate your fingers come in contact with Mister P. long enough for the coliform bacteria in your pores to hop aboard. Your fingers subsequently touch lots of other infectible items. If you don't wash your hands with soap and water (soap gets rid of the skin oil that the bacteria stick to).

Remember that the genitals share a yard with their dirty neighbor, the anus. The bacteria from the anal area can and do migrate, often without any symptoms you can see or smell. That's another reason for hand-washing, as well as other controversial acts such as regular bathing...

Have A Lovely Weekend!..

A Rich Dude That Sucks Totally Or What?

Good day and thank you for your comment on previous posts especially the last one, Bello is grateful and has agreed to go for the lady that can cook and he will take care of the rest....I'm curious, Is he good in bed? - *Coughs*, I forgot to use my cough syrup today.

Plenty of emails and I started this 3 days ago but I want to quickly bring this in, its related to the last post, a friend, Francis pinged me yesterday after he read the post and asked a funny question but serious question..... Francis asked which i will go for - A rich guy that sucks in bed or a poor guy thats good in bed?. You know what i told him? I said I'd get back to him in 2 weeks - LOL!!!

Its a tough one but my lady, this is what i'll advice....
1. You could go for a rich and cool guy who can't satisfy you sexually if you like him, and you are sure you won't cheat.... You want to make that kind of relationship work, then he needs to see a doctor and fix whatever the problem might be - The thing is most people are shy to tell, even their doctors, their problems.

2. You could go for the guy thats good in bed but poor if you like him, and that is if he isn't lazy. If he is hardworking and focus, sooner or later, he will start paying the bills and everybody will be fine.

3.Follow your heart.

Oh, are you still waiting to hear which I'd choose? My answers are what you have just read, my dear!... The question is, after this - Which will you go for, my lady? What sacrifice are you willing to make?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Woman That Can Cook Or A Woman That Is Great In Bed?

Hello my friend, hope you had a lovely day? I was going to post something entirely different but i got a mail from a guy named Bello who wants me to share this story.

 Bello is 36 and he's thinking of settling down but has 2 girlfriends - Why would you have 2 girlfriends at a time? Well, I wont say anything unless you ask for my opinion on that.

 One of his girlfriends can cook, very well.... She can make efo-riro with assorted meats, she can pound yam, she is just awesome in that area - Of course  every woman should be but she is very poor in bed - If you know what i mean and if you don't  send me a mail to explain.... The other girlfriend can do all the sex styles you can ever think of - don't let me put stuffs in your head, She is first-class in bed but she cant cook to save her own life....

 Bello likes the both of them but he is confused about who to choose...

Errrmmm, I'll say maybe Bello should go for the One that is good in bed but cant cook - Why? Because i think anyone can be taught how to cook but i doubt if anyone can be taught how to be great in bed..... I may be wrong though.

Please advise Bello and Which would you prefer? A girl that can cook but poor in bed or a girl that's good in bed but cannot cook????

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Does Your Partner Know Your Surname?

Mide and Tayo had been dating for 6 months..... They were very fond of each other, Mide's parents knew Tayo very well, they went everywhere together and were the talk of the town.... They both loved each other, Well, i think so - You would understand why i'm not even certain of that statement.

  On this lovely afternoon, they decided to go and see a movie but they got there early enough to have a couple of drinks before the movie starts..... Then Mide saw his childhood friend, hugged each other and were happy to see each other..... Mide's friend turned to Tayo and said "Hi, my name is Kunle, whats your name? "And she said "I'm Tayo"..... Mide's friend said "Tayo, nice to meet you but your name sounds like a guy's, whats your other name?" And she said "Bukola"...

There was a surprised look on Mide's face and said he never knew she beared Bukola, Tayo was amazed and said she had told him before, how come he couldnt remember... She had this sharp look and turned to ask him ehat her surname was, Alas!, Mide couldnt remember that too or didnt even know and this caused a big fight.... Tayo refused to see the movie and went home disappointed and bitter.

What would yo do if your boyfriend/girlfriend of 6 months doesnt know your surname??

Does your partner even know your surname??? Go ahead and ask them.