Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Beware Of Kidnappers.

Hello my darling! I really have to bring this in, my friend was almost kidnapped yesterday.... She was given a flyer, for job vacancy. It was shared at the Redeem camp.... They call their company "New Fruit Juice Company", they claim to have post for Customer service and different offers, just their number is written on the flyer..

Once you call the number, you might not even need to waste your airtime, just beep and they would call you back, the girl would answer as AY, when you tell her that you got their flyer for job vacancy, she would tell you to come to Anthony bus-stop and call them when you are there, she would be the first to call you in the morning, then tell you to come to gbagada, charlie boy bus stop.... She would never say any address, and she won't say where she is or what she is wearing, she would ask for what you are wearing and tell you to wave your hands, then 2 hefty men would be parading the bus-stop where you are. My friend was sharp, when the lady didn't tell her what she was wearing and didn't tell her any address, so she could just come there straight, her instinct told her not to wave, and the men didn't know who they wanted to kidnap, they kept parading, she noticed and jumped into the next available bus.

She didn't get herself for a while when she got to my place, so I collected the number and mistakenly beeped, trying to save it, that I'd call them later and act like I needed a job. I got a call back, instantly, and just like my friend narrated, the AY girl said. I persuaded her to just give me their office address but she didn't  insisted that I come to Anthony and she'd pick me up... I'm still thinking of a way these people can be caught. My friend still has the flyer, she is gonna take it back to camp next month and give to the securities in case they come to share again but meanwhile, this is the number - 08109587875.

Please, let's think of a way to get these people caught.


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