Thursday, 13 June 2013

Is She On The Right Path?

Hello Sweetie, How's your day? ?I saw some funny pictures of Peter(Psquare) today, on instagram.... you know #tbt (ThrowBackThursday). I was laughing out loud when i got a buzz on my phone, a friend dropped a story, wants your opinion and advice on this matter you are about to read.

A friend(Shade) met a guy(Shina), 7 years ago. Shina asked her out but she didn't accept his proposal but Shina still kept in touch with her and always reminds her that he still wants to date her.... Shina was serious, he asked to meet her parents 5 months ago and go for introduction but Shade said No.

And these are her excuses - He's fat, he doesn't look neat and he likes her too much ( he calls her every now and then, if he isn't calling, he is chatting with her). My friend is a witness to him calling at least 15 times everyday..... Shina is in his late 30's, he has a good job and ready to settle down....... BUT as ugly as Shina is, as dirty and slow as he is, Shade collects money and stuffs from him, regularly.... Shade can't hug him let alone peck or kiss him - I know whats going through your mind right now dear, let me see it in your comment.

Meanwhile, Shade likes someone else (Bayo), Bayo is 28, he is doing his youth service, so is Shade. Bayo doesn't like Shade and she knows it too, he might not even call her in 2 weeks. Shade is 29 but lied to Bayo she is 25, and they are both gonna round-off their NYSC later this year.

My friend said she is tired of advising her because she is not listening to her and she has kept her mouth shut.

If those are her excuses, she can tush Shina up, tell him to hit the gym and just try and make it work.

Will the guy be ready for marriage next year? Will he get a good job, immediately after NYSC? Isn't she wasting her time? Should she not just go for Shina?

Say something please, My Dear Reader.....


  1. Lol....This is funny cuz i see the scenario often....Also funny cuz i also see the end often....Always a lose lose situation if u dont stop going after someone that isnt going after you...

  2. its quite simple, no amount of makeover would make things any better, cuz wen the makeover is done shina would bliv she doesnt deserve him, since she couldnt accept him at his worse she sure as hell doesnt deserve him at his best, and if she goes for bayo (which will definitely not happen cuz bayo no go get time sef) she'll meet her water-loo cuz he's gonna treat her like shit...she should just stick to shina nw that he's fat and has those other flaws, show him (pretend to love, which in most cases turns to true love) attention even if na small, cuz its better to cherish people that decide to spend their time with you than to waste your time with pple who dont av any regard for you whatsoever........and as the years go by, she'll see the true *fine boy* in shina, since na fine boy she dey find #gbam

  3. Girls are so funny..... I swear.... A guy likes u... U give all the excuses not to like him but yet break a neck for another guy who doesn't send u...... Well she'll smell the coffee soon when it's too late and shina has a wife, bayo finds out she lied about her age and she'll be late for marriage.... Hitting 30...... I just potty her big time