Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sean "Diddy" Combs And Mark Wahlberg Launch AQUAHydrate.

Miami resident Sean"Diddy" Combs (that's apparently his serious business name) and Mark Wahlberg (who has long since stopped referring to himself as Marky Mark), have partnered to sell water.

But wait, folks! It's not just water -- it's a "revolutionary new performance water" set to "take over the beverage industry," according to a news release.

AQUAHydrate has actually been around for more than a year, with mixed results.

Previously, the California-based company used athletes such as Yu Yumoto (XTerra World Champion), Erin Cafaro (Olympic rower), and Louis Vazquez (San Diego Chargers) to market its product to other athletes.

Now, it has turned to celebrities to peddle the product. Don't snicker -- Jennifer Aniston is successfully shilling for SmartWater.

Even though Combs and Wahlberg are actual partners in the company and will "oversee business strategy," the company has a real water mogul behind the desk. AQUAHydrate's CEO is John Cochran, the former president of Fiji Water.

So what is AQUAHydrate? It's water that's been filtered and then pumped up with a proprietary blend of 72 electrolytes and trace minerals called ConcenTrace...

NCC Slams Airtel, MTN, Etisalat And Glo With N1.17 Billion Fines.

The Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC, has fined four major mobile phone carriers penalties totalling N1.17 billion over poor service in the nation, a spokesman of the NCC said on Sunday.

Bharti Airtel Ltd of India, Abu Dhabi-based Etisalat, Nigerian-owned Globacom Ltd. and South Africa-based MTN Group Ltd., the major cellphone service providers in Africa’s most populous nation are on the receiving end of the penalties.

According to the Associated Press report, both MTN and Etisalat are expected to pay N360 million each, while Airtel is expected to pay N270 million and Globacom is faced with a fine of N180 million.

The commission, in a statement issued on Saturday said it gave the companies the months of January and February as a grace period, within which it must improve on poor service. As they failed to do so, Reuben Muoka, the commision’s spokesman said the four telecomms giant are facing the steep fines due to poor cell phone service provided during the months of March and April.

Airtel, Etisalat, MTN and Glo are expected to pay up the fines by May 21 or face further pernalties of N2.5 million daily, according to the Vanguard.

“The current penalties signal a new regime of quality of service management in the Nigerian telecommunications industry,” the commission said.

With the nation’s state-run telephone company, NITEL, long dead and several attempts to privatise the company has failed, a majority of Nigeria’s 160 million strong population rely on mobile phones for communication.

However, many carriers have proven so poor that the average Nigerian, if they can afford it, have several phones with different providers to assure that they are able to communicate.

In a swift reaction to the news, South Africa-based MTN on Friday defended its service, saying inadequate power supply, insecurity and multiple regulation and taxation makes it harder for the telecomms company to provide excellent service.

MTN’s Corporate Services Executive, Mr. Akinwale Goodluck, in an interview with Vanguard said “MTN sufferes more than seventy cuts to its fibre on a monthly basis. Indeed , in April this year, MTN had cause to publish full page announcement in the newspapers, alerting the public to the growing incidence of criminal damage to MTN’s infrastructure in various parts of the country and the impact on quality of service.”

Goodluck further appealed to the NCC to assist the industry in overcoming the difficulties and challenges he highlighted , adding “it is our desire that our customers are happy with us or else we do not have a business”....

AYC - Flying Eagles Tackle Tunisia.

Nigeria's national under 20 football team, the Flying Eagles, will play against its Tunisia counterpart as well as Esperance football club of Tunis this week in continuation of its preparations for the 2013 African Youth Championship (AYC), to be played in Algeria 16-30 March.

The Flying Eagles, who are the African Champions, will take on Tunisia at the Esperance training ground in the capital city of Tunis Thursday, and will battle the club three days later at the same venue, the private Nation newspaper reported Monday.

More friendlies have been lined up for the Nigerian team before its departure for the tournament.

Last week, the Flying Eagles played two friendlies against their Egyptian counterparts in the capital city of Cairo, winning one (3-1) and drawing the other (0-0).

At the 2013 AYC, Nigeria is in group B with Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon.

Group A has host Algeria, Benin, Egypt and Ghana.

The semi-finalists at the tournament will represent Africa at the 2013 FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Turkey, from 21 June to 13 July...

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

PS4 Is "Gigantic Leap For The Industry", EA Exec Says.

Sony's PlayStation 4 is a major step forward for the games industry, according to an Electronic Arts executive.

Speaking yesterday at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, EA Chief Technical Officer Rajat Taneja said that the PlayStation 4 has "8 to 10 times the power" of current-generation consoles, making it a "gigantic leap for the industry."

The company said the console will offer a gaming experience superior to current-generation devices, thanks to its eight-core X86 AMD Jaguar CPU and 1.84-teraflop AM Radeon graphics engine. The console will also come with a Blu-ray drive and 8GB of GDDR5 memory. What was lacking from Sony's presentation, however, was the console itself: it was a no-show.

Taneja didn't discuss the look of the next PlayStation, but lauded its ability to make games better and developer lives a bit easier.

"We no longer have to constrain our games or ration computer graphics, memory or bandwidth," Taneja reportedly said. "We can let the games really flourish [in] 1080p, 60 frames a second."

Taneja added that things that now takes "months" to develop will only "take days" with the new console.

Sony's PlayStation 4 is slated to launch in the fall. Sony hasn't said when it'll actually show off the console, but it's expected to make an appearance at some point in the next few months.....

Ailing Actress Ngozi Nwosu Flies To UK For Heart, Kidney Treatment.

It's been more than a month now since Governor Fashola of Lagos state and friends of ailing actress Ngozi Nwosu came to the rescue as Ngozi battled to raise six million naira to undergo a much needed treatment abroad to stop a rampaging heart and kidney disease, the good news is that Ngozi Nwosu has now flown to the UK to begin her treatment in earnest...

Since early last year, the Fuji house of commotion troublesome wife and talented actress who played Peaceful Peace has been a shadow of her old self as she continued to emaciate following her body's on-going battle against undisclosed heart and kidney related ailments, her friends in the industry panicked and raced the earth to raise money for her treatments but even their efforts were not enough until Governor Fashola stepped in....

The governor donated 4.5 million naira after reportedly reading of her ailment in a publication. Another 2 million was raised by her friends and corporate organisations who donated their widows mite to the distress call...

Bobby Brown Gets 55 Days In Jail On DUI And Other Charges.

Singer Bobby Brown will have to serve a 55-day jail sentence next month after pleading guilty to his second charge of driving under the influence.

Brown entered no-contest pleas to driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license due to a prior DUI conviction last year, which led him to be placed in a lockdown rehab. As part of the plea deal struck Monday, Brown must attend three Alcohol Anonymous meetings a week and be on summary probation for four years.

Brown was not in court Tuesday, but his attorney entered the pleas. The judge imposed a 10-day sentence for drunk driving, another 10 days for driving on a suspended license and 35 days for violating his probation on his prior DUI.

As part of the sentence, Brown must complete an 18-month alcohol program, pay several fines and install an ignition interlock device that tests his alcohol level on his vehicle. The singer was ordered to surrender to authorities March 20.

A field sobriety test administered in October while he was driving his white Mercedes GL 450 showed his blood alcohol level at 0.12%; the legal limit is 0.08%. He could have faced up to a year in County Jail. Officers pulled him over for talking on his cellphone but then administered a field sobriety test.

The arrest came four days after the Los Angeles County coroner's office released autopsy results on Brown's ex-wife, Whitney Houston.
Houston appears to have used cocaine "in the time period just immediately prior to her collapse in the bathtub at the hotel," said L.A. County Chief Coroner Craig Harvey, referring to her death at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Houston, 48, was determined to have accidentally drowned last year following an apparent heart episode with cocaine as a contributing factor. Brown and Houston's 14-year marriage was tarnished by drug abuse, Brown's run-ins with the law and allegations of domestic abuse.

It became fodder for the tabloids and entertainment shows and for a year was on display in the reality show "Being Bobby Brown."

The superstar singers met at the 1989 Soul Train Music Awards and married three years later. Houston divorced Brown in 2007, winning custody of their daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Fashola Canvasses Increased Cooperation Between UK And Nigeria.

Governor Fashola, who spoke at the Lagos House, Alausa, while playing host to the new British Deputy High Commissioner in Lagos, Peter Carter, noted that the existing alliance between Nigeria and Britain has been mutually beneficial but added that there was need to explore other areas of engagement.

He told the Deputy High Commissioner: “I personally think that our alliance with your country has been quite mutually beneficial and it is something that we should do more. There are many areas that we are still engaging and there are many other frontiers to explore”.

According to the governor, “The character of the Lagos Economy itself is still very dynamic. New frontiers are still opening, frontiers that will, most certainly, engage the interest of the British Government and that of British entrepreneurs”.

One of the ways to increase and improve on the existing relations and cooperation, the governor said, is by reviving the half-yearly meetings between the Deputy High Commission in Lagos and the State Government, pointing out that it would provide the best platform to talk in more details on issues that would create greater opportunities for the people on both sides.

Pointing out that the state government is at the moment focusing on Power, Agriculture, Transportation and Housing, Governor Fashola expressed gratitude to the British Government for the support it has continued to render to the state through its Department For International Development (DFID), especially in the areas of public lighting, healthcare, education and others.

“The list is endless but we continue to receive these reports. But, as I told the Prime Minister when he visited, we only expect that the DFID’s pockets and envelops will be larger and deeper, but wherever they have impacted, we have seen progress,” the governor said.

He recalled that some of the things he discussed with the Prime Minister were centred on healthcare, especially, vaccines for the cure of some of the health issues still prevalent in the country adding, “One of the issues I raised with him is why not manufacture the vaccines here instead of them being shipped from Britain”.

While accepting the Deputy High Commissioner’s invitation to reciprocate the visit at a later date, Governor Fashola expressed gratitude to the Deputy High Commission in Lagos for continuing “to demonstrate the depth of its resourcefulness in terms of improvement of human capital quality”.

Earlier, in his opening remarks, the Deputy High Commissioner said he was at the Lagos House to express his appreciation of the commitment of the Governor to reformation and transformation in Lagos, adding that the commitment has made tremendous impact on the Nigerian Economy.

Describing Lagos as the engine room of the Nigerian Economy, the Deputy High Commissioner declared, “Lagos is fundamental to the economic well-being and growth of Nigeria”, noting that Nigeria has a historical link with Britain spanning many years and including both economic and cultural links.

“Before I arrived Nigeria, the United Kingdom has a unique relationship with Nigeria. Aside economic link, we also have cultural link. Many Nigerians have made the UK their homes where they reside, work and raise families while Nigeria remains their ancestral home,” he said.

He said part of his brief in Nigeria was to revive and increase the relationship between Nigeria and Britain, pointing out that in the past this relationship had largely been taken for granted....

'The Onion' Apologizes For Tasteless Twitter Remark.

Almost 12 hours after the fact, The Onion issued an apology for a tasteless tweet targeting Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, 9. The post, which was deleted within an hour of popping up on The Onion's feed, associated Wallis' name with a derogatory word. The magazine's reaction came too late, after hundreds of people angrily responded and posted screen captures.

This morning, with still no apology, a staff member wrote about an unrelated topic -- supermarket savings -- which only riled up the social sphere more.

Price-Gun-Wielding Maniac Riddles Supermarket With Savings

Here's the apology CEO Steve Hannah posted on Facebook:

Feb. 25, 2013
Dear Readers,

On behalf of The Onion, I offer my personal apology to Quvenzhané Wallis and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the tweet that was circulated last night during the Oscars. It was crude and offensive — not to mention inconsistent with The Onion's commitment to parody and satire, however biting.

No person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as satire.

The tweet was taken down within an hour of publication. We have instituted new and tighter Twitter procedures to ensure that this kind of mistake does not occur again.

In addition, we are taking immediate steps to discipline those individuals responsible.

Miss Wallis, you are young and talented and deserve better. All of us at The Onion are deeply sorry.


Steve Hannah
The Onion

Though the Twittersphere seems to lean heavily toward criticism of the satirical magazine, Facebook comments tilt the other way. One poster even chastises The Onion for apologizing at all.

What do you think? Too little, too late for an apology? Or are you OK with the joke?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Relationship And Sex.

Have u ever really asked yourself what Relationship is,Actually?

Well, Honestly it depends on how you think what a relationship means...
     If U are younger, say in high school, there are boyfriends and girlfriends who say they are in a relationship......So, they are dating....They are still young, so their relationship isnt something serious....

    If U were out of Highschool, maybe, and were in a dating relationship, it could be taken more serious because with the older age, settling down is more of an option....

     Then again, there's also a relationship meaning you relate well with someone.....for Example : "Me and my younger brother have a strong relationship"......That doesnt mean we are dating, it just means we relate and get along well......Actually the origin of the word "RELATIONSHIP" is; "SENSE OF BEING RELATED"....

Well, as i mentioned before, It all depends on you.

                                  .......Unto Relationship And Sex......

SEX is an important part of a relationship but if it is, or becomes the most important aspect, then there is no "REAL" Relationship.......It can be the Ultimate expression of love between two people, a way to communicate feelings that are difficult to express in words................It's pretty important for pro-creation ----Obvious exceptions being infertility or disability........It helps build closeness and Intimacy, relieves stress, gives comfort.....SEX differentiates a romantic relationship from a platonic relationship.

        Also SEX and SEXUAL issues are very important, crucial even......If Sex was unimportant,..then i say cheating would also be considered unimportant.....After Sex, both partners' brains release chemicals that make them feel happy and most importantly connected and in love.......The effect is far stronger for women......

      Regular Sex bonds a couple together.....Needless to say this is far from the only thing bondling a couple......Any physical affection, cuddling, kisses, hugs, holding hands can have this effect as well as the connection from the shared experiences, conversations, similar interests and all........
     One thing i want you to know for sure is that SEX will not always make or break a relationship BUT a terrible sex life....u know.....absent, violent, whatever) or a cheating partner can break a relationship.

SEX is more important to some people than pthers.....Some people prefer frequent sex, some people are once a week or even less often.......These differences can cause problems....The key is compromise, sometimes you will be having sex that you aren't fully in the mood for, sometimes you will want and go without, as long as one of you isnt always giving way to needs of the other  you can work it out.

   Sex isnt all there is to a great relationship but it is an important part.

   Between, Love and sex are not the same thing; this is what some people never learn......Sex without Love is just physical.....Love without Sex can be pure, spiritual and true....BUT SEX with someone you love un-equivocally, can be gentle and tender, hot and wild, comfortable or simply sublime.....One last thing, dont forget that the most important sexual organ is the Brain......

NBC Suspends Operating License Of Wazobia FM, Kano.

The Nigerian government has suspended the operating license of Wazobia FM, Kano, two weeks after gunmen killed nine polio vaccinators in the city, in an attack blamed on a program aired by the radio station.

The government says the attackers, suspected to be members of the extremist group, Boko Haram, were incited by the radio program which criticized polio vaccination as an attempt at reducing the Muslim population.

Two Wazobia radio journalists, who presented the programme, have been charged.

The National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, on Friday said it has suspended the Operating License of Globe Broadcasting and Communications Limited, owners of the radio.

The suspension is contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday by the commission’s Head of Public Affairs, Awwalu Salihu.

Mr. Salihu explained in the statement that the suspension is in continuation of the steps taken by the commission following the broadcast of an episode of the programme – Sandar Girma.

It said the programme was found to have breached Section 3.9.1 of the Nigerian Broadcasting Code which prohibits the use of language encouraging crime or disorder.

“Section 3.9.1, for instance, stipulates that: language or scene likely to encourage or incite crime, or lead to disorder, shall not be broadcast.”

Mr. Salihu said the commission is of the opinion that the station used its broadcast rights in a manner that was detrimental to national interest.

The statement ordered the station to go off air with `immediate’ effect until further notice.

“The commission has, therefore, decided to suspend the license of the station in accordance with sections 10 (d) and 14 of the Third Schedule of the National Broadcasting Act, CAP N11, Laws of the Federation, 2004, until further notice” it said.

On a February 6 radio show, radio presenter, Yakubu Faggae, accused local officials in the state of using force to carry out immunizations on children against polio.

Mr. Faggae compared the style to the method adopted by Western governments.

In court, the journalists were granted bail and were set free pending the hearing of the hearing of the case which was adjourned till March 13.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges laid out against them including criminal conspiracy, inciting disturbance, intentional insult, obstruction of a public servant in discharge of his public functions, defamation and uttering injurious falsehoods.

There have been criticisms about the treatment meted out to the Wazobia journalists.

“We are deeply troubled by the very serious criminal charges lodged against Wazobia FM journalists over a radio program that raised critical questions about the Kano state government’s handling of a polio vaccination campaign,” Committee to Protect Journalist, CPJ, an international advocacy group said.

“Authorities have presented no evidence to substantiate these accusations. The charges against Wazobia FM journalists should be dropped,” CPJ said.

Google Unveils Touchscreen Laptop.

Google has unveiled its first touchscreen-enabled laptop. The Chromebook Pixel runs Google’s Chrome operating system and has been “largely built” by the web giant.

The laptop has Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, fast 4G LTE connectivity and a high-resolution screen aimed at challenging Apple’s Retina Display.

Analysts say the move represents a fresh bid to build market share for Chromebooks against machines running Microsoft and Apple operating systems. Unlike PCs that use installed software such as Microsoft Word, Chrome OS computers run their applications through the firm’s web browser and store their files in the cloud.

The internet giant told the BBC the device was “largely built by Google, with components that are manufactured globally”. The laptop’s 12.85in (32.64cm) display’s resolution is similar to the so-called Retina Display of Apple’s MacBook range, aimed to have pixel density high enough for the human eye not to notice pixelation when looking at the screen at a typical viewing distance. “This Chromebook has the highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch) of any laptop screen on the market today,” said the company.

“Packed with 4.3 million pixels, the display offers sharp text, vivid colours and extra-wide viewing angles. With a screen this rich and engaging, you want to reach out and touch it - so we added touch for a more immersive experience.”....

Heineken's Job Interview.

The job interview process has become so rehearsed that in many instances it is no longer informative. Heineken broke from the book to find their next employee and he got a chance to take center stage to finally hear that he was hired.

And the big test for the applicant, Guy Luchting, came during a fire drill when he was outside the office building and had to help hold the escape chute. It was no doubt good practice for his first task a Heineken employee.

Nigerian Governor Paid Beyonce And Jay-Z $1 Million In Poverty Funds For Local Appearance.

Beyonce and Jay-Z may have dirty money (and not in the Diddy sense) on their hands — but it’s not their fault. The power couple were reportedly paid $1 million for an appearance in Nigeria by a local governor … and the governor may have used poverty funds to pay their fee.

The appearance was back in 2006, when Gov. Goodluck Jonathan (what an awesome name) held the post. About 150 naira (equal to about $1 million) were used from a poverty alleviation fund to pay for Hov and Bey’s performances at the country’s ThisDay Music Festival in Lagos.

Sahara Reporters printed a copy of the duo’s contract and reported that sources said there’s “a shady financial link” between high-profile promoters and the state and federal officials in Nigeria. Bayelsa state officials signed the document. Nduka Obaigbena, who owns ThisDay, a popular Nigerian newspaper, often sponsors events, but with government funding.

“Mr. Obaigbena often lines up financial bonanzas from numerous governors, ministers and other top government officials to finance his jamborees,” a source said.

Sahara Reporters nabbed a letter from Obaigbena to the Bayelsa State government requesting funding for Nigeria’s 46th independence celebrations in 2006. He wrote, “We invite you to partner with us as co-hosts of the festival … with a total budget of $10 million, the co-host is expected to contribute a minimum of $2.5 million (two million five hundred thousand USD).”

He added, “The stars’ performances would “tell the world, through music, that Nigeria’s time has come. And once the good news catches on with the young and upwardly mobile, music loving new generation it will catch on with the world of investments and bountiful opportunities.”

The bottom of the letter has notes from Jonathan as well as the Bayelsa State accountant general: “Release N150,000,000.00 (One hundred and fifty million naira) only to be drawn from the poverty alleviation subhead.”

What makes this particularly sad? The report says that 47 percent of Bayelsa residents live in poverty. The report notes that Beyonce and Jay-Z likely have no idea where their paycheck came from and doesn’t list them as at fault in the scandal — which broke when investigators began looking into Kim Kardashian‘s recent $500,000 payday for visiting the country. Other stars who’ve visited the country for premium prices — and whose ticket prices are out of reach for most residents — include Usher, R. Kelly and Rihanna....

Thursday, 21 February 2013

New Google Glass Patent Is The Most Comprehensive Yet For Google’s Face-Based Wearable Computer.

The USPTO has published a new patent application today from Google, which describes in comprehensive detail the complete system that would go on to become Google Glass, originally filed in August of 2011. The newly discovered patent describes not only individual components of Glass as we’ve seen previously, but the overall system, including display, frames, image projection and capture, wireless connections, sensors and more.

Some of the technical drawings included in the patent look a lot like the Google Glass we’ve come to know and love from its public appearance adorning sky divers and tech company founders who could be mistaken for jewel thieves. But others depict designs that resemble cheap paper 3D glasses, and hipster specs you might expect to see at Warby Parker. Google is clearly looking at multiple ways to bring Glass to market, aside from the sci-fi style visor it’s been showing around.

The text of the patent gets into extreme technical detail, offering a granular look at how Glass actually functions. It describes how the lens mounted display would operate in relation to the movement of a wearer’s head to keep the projected image consistent, and how objects in the real world can be overlaid with digital images to create augmented reality experiences. It goes into detail about various configurations of glasses arms and where the housing for the ‘brains’ of the device could be located relative to the rest of the glasses apparatus, and talks about building touch-sensitive surfaces into frame to accept user input.

Google also describes the limitations of current wearable tech interfaces in a section on background, which it uses to essentially give a reasoning for its creation of Google Glass. Existing systems were, in a word, deficient according to the company’s filing:

    Both head-mounted and heads-up displays can be connected to a video source that receives a video signal that the device can read and convert into the image that they present to the user. The video source can be received from a portable device such as a video player, a portable media player or computers [...] The functionality of these types of displays is, however, limited to passive actions wherein the display simply receives information from an external source and presents it to the wearer in limited forms. Accordingly, further advances in wearable devices including displays have been needed.

Some of the more interesting elements from the detailed description of the patent include alternative display methods. We’ve seen the use of lens-mounted displays in the current prototype, but the patent also describes alternatives including “a laser or LED source and scanning system [that] could be used to draw a raster display directly onto the retina of one or more of the user’s eyes.”  That sounds a little terrifying but also potentially exciting.

Overall, the patent is primarily about locking down Google’s IP with respect to the Glass project in as technically detailed a manner as possible, but it’s an interesting read for gadget heads or engineers who want to learn more about the nitty gritty background behind Google’s most daring consumer hardware project.

Lady Gaga Goes Under The Knife For Hip Surgery.

A week after canceling her Born This Way Ball tour
 due to a painful labral tear
 in her right hip, Lady Gaga took to Twitter to give fans an update on Wednesday's surgery.

In the morning, she alerted fans on Twitter about the impending trip under the knife, writing, "Going in for surgery now. Thank you so much for sending me love and support. I will be dreaming of you." Later in the day she gave her Little Monsters an update on the procedure on the Little Monsters site, praising them for helping her through the procedure. "Monsters, You really gave me a lot of strength today," she wrote.

"Everything happened so fast, but when it came time to face it I reflected on the many stories and experiences you've shared with me about your lives. Meeting you backstage, reading your letters, watching you communicate with fans from around the globe to form a community that supports one another -- You have completely blown my mind."

Gaga, 26, said that as she was wheeled into surgery she thought about all the "pain and perseverance" her Monsters have gone through, as well as their unique family situations, school environments, health issues, homelessness, identity struggles, she marveled, "sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me. I wonder how it's even possible. So I thought to myself, 'I'm alive, I'm living my dream, and this is just a bump in the road.' I'm grateful because this is temporary, and for some it is not. You have changed my life. I love you and am proud to be a part of your lives. If you can do it, I can do it too, and if we stick together we can get through anything."

Before the surgery, Dr. Alexis Colvin, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai in New York City (but who is not treating Gaga) told MTV News that the injury is not uncommon in very active people the singer's age.

"It could be from repeated twisting and turning from dancing. She's like an athlete, but she sings," said Colvin. Depending on the extent of the damage, Colvin said a patient is typically on crutches for two to four weeks, and then can be back performing within three-to-six months depending on how the physical therapy goes. The good news is that given her age and athleticism, Colvin suspected a successful surgery means that Gaga should be able to bounce back with no problem....

Pamper Your Man.

The modern day woman is the woman of the city. She’s smart, she’s strong, she can be independent, she can take charge if need be, in other words, when it comes down to it, a true City Woman can “Act like a Lady and Think like a Man”.
Which is why for 2013 Valentine, City 105.1 FM in conjunction with LYOCOM is embarking on the "PAMPER YOUR MAN" Valentine special. A project that takes a break from the norm and turn the tables as 10 women are given the chance to treat their men to an all expense paid, awesome Valentine experience.
Women all over Lagos, get the chance to have their man treated like a king for a day. The event itself is a full day package on the 28th of February, which will see the lucky men enjoy an experience many can barely surpass. The package includes:
Ø  A visit to Bnatural spa located in GRA, Ikeja for complete Spa and Salon services.
Ø  A trip to designer Ouch and Boutique De Ballers, to get dressed up for dinner
Ø  A sumptuous Dinner for two (with the woman who entered him) at LaMango restaurant also located in GRA, Ikeja.
Ø  Color and beauty would be added to the day with the support of Rume Florals
The women get their chance by sending an SMS to a special short code 33131, talking about what makes the man unique/special. The 10 most creative entries, which will be selected by our panel of celebrity male judges, will have their man treated like a king for a day. SMS costs 50 naira only and you can send as much as you want.
During the course of the month, City 105.1 FM would be giving out airtime and 7 cakes supplied by Naasya Oven to support the campaign before eventual lucky winners are chosen. Pamper Your Man…make this season EXTRA special for that SPECIAL someone.

Rihanna's Intimate Birthday On The Beach with Chris Brown.

The couple were immersed in deep conversation during their intimate coastal outing in Hawaii before strolling along the sand hand-in-hand.

Rihanna, who turned 25 yesterday – donned a bikini but covered up in a cropped top and a netted skirt that did little to conceal her peachy derriere.

Chris sported a New York Yankees T-shirt and typically wore his shorts several inches beneath his backside.

Fortunately, he was also wearing underpants.

The reunited lovebirds were snapped smoking dodgy looking cigarettes as they relaxed on Rihanna’s special day.

The We Found Love star fled to Hawaii after debuting her River Island collection earlier this week.

She controversially only managed a 10-minute appearance at her own London Fashion Week bash.

The sight of the singer cuddled up to Chris put paid to rumours their relationship....

Confusion At Lagos Airport: As Customs Nab Professor With $1.1m.

Vehicular movements around the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, became hectic on Wednesday, as police frisked every car on the road in search of kidnappers who abducted a young woman at the Mafoluku area of the state.

Information gathered revealed that the woman, simply identified as Aisha and whose age could not be ascertained as of the time of filing this report, was kidnapped around 4.40 p.m at Mafoluku.

The woman was said to have been driving in a black Jeep before she was attacked by the kidnappers, as she was allegedly bundled into the booth of the car by the kidnappers before they sped off.

As soon as the incident was reported, police authorities in the state contacted every command to cordon-off strategic areas and search for the kidnappers.

At the airport, the exit points from Mafoluku and Ikeja areas were cordoned-off by officers who searched every car on the road.

When the Deputy Commissioner, Airport command, Mr Aliru Gwandu, was contacted for comments, he confirmed the incident but added, however, that it did not happen under his command.

Meanwhile, Customs officers at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, on Wednesday, nabbed a passenger at the international wing of the airport for being in possession of $1.1 million.

The passenger, known as Professor Ofoegbu  Charles  Ononuju, who claimed to be the director of AZ Petroleum, was travelling with passport marked with registration number A04008969 when he was caught.

According to the Customs Area Comptroller, Mr Eporwei Charles  Edike, the passenger declared the currency both on forms CDF1A and CDF1B, but claimed he was travelling aboard Kenya Airways flight number QR542 to Kenya to solve dispute with Kenya community over oil blocks.

Edike said the passenger and the currency has been handed over to officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for further investigation....

‘I’m 100 Times Hotter Than Kim Kardashian’ – Actress Juliet Ibrahim Blasts Darey Over Love Like A Movie Concert.

She says she doesn’t see why Darey would ‘pay so much money and fly Kim K down to Nigeria just for a 45 seconds intro’ on his Love Like a Movie concert, which held on Sunday, February 17, 2013.

Venting on her Instagram page, the actress said that Darey could have flown her in from Ghana and she would have ‘represented.’

‘Ok here’s my 2cents! Been reading comments about Darey’s concert and to be honest I don’t see why he will pay so much money and fly Kim k down to Naija just for a 45secs intro on his show, like seriously! Bro, u could hv flown me from Gh and I would have represented! What did Kim k do for the 45 secs ? She stood and told a senseless story, I could have stood and told a sensible story about Ghana on a Nigerian stage!', she wrote.

She also went on to say that African show promoters should shun foreign entertainers and focus on working with more African talents.

‘Lol no hard feelings but its about time we start appreciating our very own African talents then paying all these foreigners so much for 45seconds performances. Check me out, way hotter than some of them peeps una Dey pay big bucks for nothing better. #wordofadvice #momentoftruth‘

Reacting to a comment on her Instagram page after she expressed her dissatisfaction at show organizers paying for the TV reality star to make an appearance at the Darey ‘Love Like a Movie’ concert, Miss Ibrahim stated:

‘The fact is and will always remain I, Juliet Ibrahim is 100 times hotter, prettier than Kim k! I have every right to say so Cus I am an African woman without any surgeries and natural beauty is what I brag of. If this is offending u pls kindly walk without your faulty specs and bang your head into a wall'

So, who’s hotter…Kim or Juliet?…Both ladies rock though!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Nigerian Movie Makes History, Debuts In U.S Theatres.

A Nollywood movie titled `Dr Bello’ will be making history as the first Nigerian movie to debut in the U.S. theatres on Feb. 22, its producer, Mr Tony Abulu, has said.

Abulu on Monday in Abuja said that the movie would be released in the U.S. theatres from Feb. 22 to Feb. 27.

He said the movie, worth N150 million, would explore the foreign exchange potentials that abound in the U.S. film industry.

The development, according to Abulu, will also create a platform for other Nigerian movies to sell in the U.S. market.

“This is the second largest theatre chain in America with over 5000 screens and this portends great opportunity for Nigeria, because apart from “Dr Bello” other movies can come through this same agreement.

“The only catch is that they have to be very well produced and they have to be targeted to an American audience, not all the Nigerian movies can do it; there will be a select group of Nigerian movies that can come through that channel.

“But I think, as time goes on, we can begin to see the millions of dollars of foreign exchange revenue that we have been hoping for from a place like the U.S.’’

Abulu praised the performance of the Nigerian film industry in projecting the image of the country overseas, adding that the quality of movies currently produced in the country were encouraging.

“The kind of movies we are making now are the quality of movies that I believe can have the capabilities to disclaim in the US theatres, but one of the prerequisite is that Americans would normally like to see one or two of their own actors in the movies.

“So we have very good film makers in Nigeria and I can account for at least about 25 of them that I think have the capacity and capability to make such films. ’’

The producer said that the production of the film was supported by Federal Government’s $200 million intervention fund, adding that an endowment fund was still needed to boost activities of the entertainment industry.

According to him, the AMC agreed to expand the film to a wider release if there was a strong performance during the critical make-or-break first week of its release.

Abulu, who is also the writer and director of “Dr Bello’’, said that the release of the move in U.S. would strengthen the Nigerian film industry.

He said that it would provide better opportunities for professionals in the industry as well as enable films get more elaborate in terms of their scope.

“Once the revenue begins to increase of the films, everybody benefits.

“The industry gets stronger because there is more funding in the industry, producers now can spend more money in making movies.

“Instead of making movies at an average of N5 million, now you are making movies at an average of N40 million.

“That means locations are paid for, actors and the entire crew are paid more for their work and they can bring in a lot more actors in the movies and the movies can get more elaborate in terms of their scope.

“So by extension, a lot of people will benefit just by distributing the Nollywood movies in the U.S. market.’’

“The cure for cancer has been found in the sky mountains of Africa and an American oncologist will risk everything to find it.’’

The movie, ‘Dr Bello’, will be starring Isaiah Washington, Vivica Fox, Jimmy Jean-Luis and Nigerian superstars Genevieve Nnaji and Stephanie Okereke.

The film will open at AMC theatres in New York, New Jersey Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, Miami and Jacksonville.

Others are Columbus, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles.,,

Rihanna Attacked By Fan At London Nightclub Over Chris Brown.

It's tough being Rihanna: The 24-year-old singer was attacked outside of the Box nightclub in London Monday morning, when a heckler threw an energy drink bottle at the star.

British rag The Daily Mail reports that the assailant was a "crazed fan" who "screamed at Rihanna about Chris Brown" before hurling a bottle of Lucozade, a type of energy and sports drink, at the star. Rihanna reportedly suffered a scraped right knee from the incident (which can be seen in the photo below), while her bodyguard was also injured and taken to the hospital.

The attack comes just one week after the "Diamonds" singer appeared at the Grammys with on and off-again boyfriend Chris Brown, 23, happily sitting next to him and making clear their status as a reconciled couple. It was the couple's first official appearance together at a major event in nearly four years, when Brown assaulted Rihanna on the eve of the Grammys in 2009.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Rihanna admitted that she understood her decision to take Brown back into her life would upset others. "Even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake," she said. "After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I'd rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it."

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Facebook Was Attacked Due To Malware.

One again, the hackers are back! And this time again, they have targeted the social website Facebook. According to Facebook, the website was attacked by a very sophisticated attack which was made by hackers by exploiting a previously unknown loophole that was present in its computer system.

Even though the website was under attack, Facebook said that there was no damage done to the personal information of the users of the site and that no personal information of users had been compromised by the attack

The reason for the attack was that its computer system was infected with malware when employees visited a mobile applications developer site which had already been compromised. This method of attack is being used quiet a lot these days and Facebook even said that it was not the only company that has been attacked with such a method.

The company said: “Last month, Facebook security discovered that our systems had been targeted in a sophisticated attack. Facebook was not alone in this attack. It is clear that others were attacked and infiltrated recently as well.”

The company did not waste any time and took immediate action to repair all infected computers once the malware was discovered. The law enforcement authorities were also informed about the same.

Facebook happens to be one of the most popular social website in the world and has more users than any other social site today. Facebook claims that it has more than 1 Billion active users throughout the world. Hence it is very important for the company to maintain high security levels and ensure that no attacks are successful. A lot of valuable data and information will be compromised if a company like Facebook is unable to control hacks and attacks in the future.

Some time ago, another social website Twitter was attacked and about 250,000 user details including usernames, passwords and email addresses were stolen by the hackers. Investigations have started and it is been checked whether there could be any kind of relation between these two attacks.....

Busty Nollywood Actress, Foluke Daramola Is Married.

Popular Yoruba actress, Foluke Daramola,had on Friday February 15, 2013, performed her traditional wedding ceremony in Lagos state.

The wedding ceremony took place at Foluke’s parents’ home at No 2, Gbeleyi Avenue, by Oyemekun Street, Ogba, Lagos.

Foluke Daramola’s new husband is Kayode is the man behind a Lagos based pressure group called FASHOLAMANIA and also the promoter of a group known as Change Agent of Nigeria Network.

The traditional wedding on Friday makes it the second time the actress will clicking to a man.

The actress was formerly married to Tunde Sobowale, son of Ex- Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Prof.Sobowale. However, the marriage crashed after few years.

Foluke’s new marriage is also with it’s own stinking scandals as it was alleged that the actress destroyed Kayode Salako’s 13 year old marriage to Become his wife.

It was alleged that Olukubola who is said to be a Pasor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God packed out of her matrimonial home some months back when her husband refused to end the romance with the busty actress....

Happy Married Life!!!

Man And Girlfriend Arrested Over Kidnapping.

The police in Lagos State have arrested a 28-year old man and his girlfriend for allegedly demanding N2 million ransom after  kidnapping a teenager within their neighbourhood in Ikotun.

The Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Umar Manko, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday that the suspects were arrested by the Special Anti -Robbery Squad (SARS).

He said SARS operatives rescued the 14-year old victim, Daniel Olumide, who was allegedly kidnapped on Feb. 2 at Ikotun.

The man allegedly kept the victim for two days in his girlfriend's apartment.

The police said the arrests followed a tip-off by a resident within the neighbourhood, who told the police that he saw the victim walking with the suspect before he was declared missing.

In a related development, SARS in Lagos State  on Sunday shot dead eight suspected armed robbers in a gun-battle, Manko said.

He said the police recovered a Toyota Camry, marked EPE 737AT, during SARS  one-week operation.

Manko said the vehicle was recovered within 24 hours after it was snatched from its owner and added that the police would not relent in fighting criminals and protecting lives and property.

He said the police acted on a tip-off and recovered the car from the hoodlums while they were operating between Sango and Ifo, Ogun, along the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway.....

Wife Sets Husband Ablaze For Spending More Time With First Wife.

A senior legislative aide in the Senate, Mohammed Ibrahim Matazu has died in Kaduna following burns he suffered when his wife set him ablaze in Abuja.

Matazu, who was Senior Legislative Aide to Senator Mohammed Sani Saleh of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) from Kaduna Central, was rushed to Kaduna after the incident where he died at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Shika, near Zaria and was buried in Kaduna on Thursday.

Senator Saleh told journalists in Kaduna on Friday that the law must take its full course on the matter which he described as a murder case.

 He described Matazu as the pillar in his office who contributed a lot to the development of the CPC, in his  legislative duties  and  the  smooth running of his office.

 “This is a plain murder case and a case of homicide like this is a case between the state and the accused. His wife who committed this heinous crime is in police detention now, and I intend to follow through to ensure that justice is done,” he said.

According to family sources, the angry wife who they referred to as ‘mummy’ was not happy with late Matazu who she alleged, spent more time in Kaduna with his senior wife and mother of his children.

Speaking to journalists, the deceased’s brother, Mr0 Magaji Ibrahim, said late Matazu had told him  that he had always explained to ‘mummy’ that he visits Kaduna often to represent the senator and to ensure that some of their constituency projects were completed.

“The wife said she poured petrol on him because he spent more days with the first wife in Kaduna. But my brother was always in Kaduna because of the assignment given to him by the senator. So he used to spend 10 days before going back to Abuja because he was going round the seven local governments to supervise the boreholes the senator was drilling in those areas,” he said.

According to him, ‘mummy’ was the second wife and was yet to have a child. She was being detained at a police station in Abuja. The first wife has six children.

He said last Wednesday, Matazu had told him on phone that he was coming to Kaduna from Abuja to represent Senator Saleh at a meeting  because the senator would be travelling to Imo State for another engagement.

However, a missed call rose his curiosity on Thursday morning and when he called the number, a voice that happened to be that of Matazu’s neighbour told him about his brother’s ordeal.

“He asked if I am Matazu’s brother and I said yes. He said my brother had rushed out of his room with fire all over his body, and was shouting that the fire was killing him. So the neighbours rushed and rescued him. But my brother’s wife came out of the house, saying that where is Matazu and by the time she caught up with him, she now asked him, what can you do now?That was at about 9:00am. on Thursday.”

He said when neighbours asked his brother what happened, he told them that it was his wife that poured petrol on his body and set him on fire.

“It was at this point that the neighbours grabbed the wife and called the police to arrest her. They all left for the police station with her. My brother too followed them to the police station with pains all over his body. It happened in Gwarinpa, Abuja, the day he was preparing to go to Kaduna for the meeting.

“ He was later rushed to Zone 3, Wuse hospital. He was briefly treated there as his body was bandaged. But according to the doctor’s report, 77 per cent of his body was severely burnt, though he was still talking with people.”

He said when Senator Saleh came, he advised that Matazu be taken to the National Hospital, Abuja, but there was no space for admission there and they took him to a hospital in Gwagwalada, only to be told that they were on strike.

He said they finally got an ambulance and moved him to the 44 Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna, where the doctors advised that Matazu be taken to the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH).

He said about seven doctors at Shika tried their best and treated Matazu who was responding to treatment and was hoping to survive. But he died on Wednesday and was buried Thursday in Kaduna according to Islamic rites.....


Download the latest songs  By Wizkid and Wande Coal....

DOWNLOAD Lagos To Soweto by Wizkid

DOWNLOAD My Way by Wande Coal...

Ronaldo Needs A New Partner Or Real Madrid May Never Reach The Promise Land.

The story was a familiar one: Real Madrid conceded from a set piece, then Cristiano Ronaldo did something brilliant. Two moments that sum up a season in which Jose Mourinho's men have been below their brilliant best. And versus Manchester United, as against many others in 2012-13, it was their failure to convert chances which cost Los Blancos. Cristiano cannot do it all on his own.

Angel Di Maria dribbled, Mesut Ozil opened spaces, Ronaldo roamed. But aside from the magnificent Portuguese, nobody seemed to shoot straight for the home side on Wednesday. Madrid's 28 efforts in an exhilarating encounter should have brought more than a single goal - Cristiano's towering header after half an hour.

The strike itself was a carbon copy of Ronaldo's stunning winner in the 2011 Copa del Rey final against Barcelona at Mestalla. Then, as on Wednesday, Di Maria launched a brilliant inswinging cross from the left touchline to the far post, where the Portuguese rose majestically to hammer home a header which not even Man of the Match David De Gea could stop. It was a magical moment, yet one which surprised no-one - least of all Sir Alex Ferguson. "What a header. Unbelievable. You can't stop that," the 71-year-old said after the game. "The spring, the way he holds himself in the air, the power in the header. I said to Patrice Evra at half-time, 'you didn't challenge for that'. And when I saw the video I thought, what was I talking about?"

"When he gets the ball, you are praying more than anything," Ferguson added about Ronaldo. But after a first half in which the Portuguese threatened to run rampant, United's defenders got closer to their former team-mate after the interval. Others, however, were afforded more time and space in and around the penalty area by the visitors. But unfortunately for Madrid, none were able to make it count.

    Sami Khedira wasted a wonderful opportunity early on, while Di Maria played his best game in some time but was erratic with his shooting, Ozil dallied on a number of occasions and Karim Benzema was dispossessed far too easily. His replacement, Gonzalo Higuain, was unable to take up promising positions, either, so it was left - as is so often the case - to Ronaldo.

Madrid have come to rely upon their talisman in games like this one, and against Barcelona in the Clasico - but the Portuguese cannot do it all alone. He needs a new partner.

Ozil and Luka Modric score very few, while Jose Callejon has looked lacklustre of late, Kaka is out of favour and the strikers - so impressive in 2011-12 - are simply not scoring sufficiently this term.

Former Madrid player, coach and sporting director Jorge Valdano criticised Mourinho last week for his man-management of both Higuain and Benzema, claiming the two strikers are demoralised because neither feels like the first-choice frontman in the team's 4-2-3-1 formation. The truth, however, is that neither deserves to be - at least on current form.

In the very big games, Madrid need a man who will rise to the occasion like Ronaldo is now doing on a regular basis. Like Didier Drogba did for Chelsea, Samuel Eto'o for Barcelona, Thierry Henry at Arsenal or, currently, Radamel Falcao at Atletico.

Madrid have a 'non-aggression pact' with their city rivals, but they would love to sign Falcao or a forward of the Colombian's calibre.

Mourinho has been keen to bring in a top-class striker since the very beginning at Madrid, but Benzema and Higuain are already among the finest forwards in world football. If a new man is brought in, he must be one of the very best - better than what they have already.

So while negotiating a contract extension for 183-goal Ronaldo (in terms of ratio, the greatest goalscorer in the club's history) must be a priority for Real Madrid this summer, a new partner for the Portuguese should sit second on their to-do list in the next window. Because without one, the promised land of La Decima may remain nothing but a distant dream for many more years to come.

By Ben Hayward

Monday, 11 February 2013

Bombing Of Army College: Report Indicts Former Commander.

Major General Isah according to the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Azubike Ihejirika, was found wanting on negligence of duty even after getting reports of the attack at the college.

The chief of army staff reiterated that the former commander was not retired because of the attack but as a result of his attaining his retirement age, which is a fact in the army records that is also known to the general.

Two suicide bombs in November 2012 hit a church inside a military barracks of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, in Jaji, Kaduna state, killing 11 people and injuring 30 others.

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) subsequently removed two top military officials from their posts at the college. The affected officials were Air Vice Marshal Ibrahim Kure, the Commandant of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, and Major General Mohammed Isa, Commander, Nigerian Army Corps of Infantry, Jaji....

3 Killed In Reality Show Crash Outside L.A.

 Three people were killed in a helicopter crash in a rural area of Los Angeles County while filming for a new reality TV show for the Discovery Channel Sunday.

The helicopter crashed at about 3:40 a.m. at the popular filming location of Polsa Rosa Ranch in Acton, county fire dispatcher Robert Diaz said.

All three people aboard died. Their names weren't immediately released.

The show, listed on a filming permit as an untitled military-theme TV program, had not yet been aired or announced, Discovery's Laurie Goldberg said.

"A production company was shooting a show for Discovery Channel when this tragic accident occurred. We are all co-operating fully with authorities."

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families."

The show's production company, Eyeworks USA, best known for creating NBC's The Biggest Loser, also issued a statement expressing sympathies.

The company had been approved to use a helicopter for a reality TV show shooting at the ranch from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning.

Records also showed Crossbow Helicopters received approval to participate in filming from the Federal Aviation Administration, according to reports.

The cause and other circumstances surrounding the helicopter crash are still unknown, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer said.

News footage showed mangled wreckage in a rugged canyon area near Soledad Canyon Road, an area often used in film and TV due to its varied terrain.

It was the site of another industry death in 2012, when a 48-year-old crew member died of an apparent heart attack on the set of The Lone Ranger...

May their souls rest in perfect peace....Amen!!1

Saturday, 9 February 2013

10 Hot Valentine's-Day Tips For Cool Singles.

So, you don't have that much factor in your life to celebrate the Valentine's Day. Well, it's not at all necessary to feel left alone while the entire world is celebrating the sweet nothings of love.

But listen, sweetie, you too can enjoy your own company and can make this Valentine's even more special? Wonder how can you do that? Here's how:

Get Into The Mood:
Just promise yourself that you will be as cheerful as a mushy couple would on a Valentine's Day and say repeatedly to yourself that you are going to enjoy the entire day. So, just set the mood right and arrange your own space — your room, your desk, your bookshelf accordingly. If Bollywood or Hollywood is what interests you then download all the mush-mush wallpapers and put those as your desktop pr laptop screensaver, so that when you are out to work on your computer, your mood is upbeat. Pick the best attire which always makes you look good and feel happy within.

Select Your theme:
Don't let the mere thought of spending the Valentine's Day single bug you. Try to make it a special occasion by decorating your room with a specific theme in mind. If flowers interest you, then pick some lovely orchids, arrange those in a colorful flower vase and place the vase on your desk. Buy a set of funky floral bed linen and treat yourself to a wonderful sleep the previous night, so that you wake up to a visual treat of orchids in the morning.

Select A Romantic Playlist:
Listen to some wonderful romantic numbers like I Want To Hold Your Hands ( Beatles), Always (Bon Jovi), Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits), The Way You Look Tonight ( Frank Sinatra), Love Me Two Times (The Door) Leaving On A Jet Plane (John Denver) Wonderful Tonight ( Eric Clapton) et al. You can also make a romantic Bollywood playlist that includes both the new songs like Ishq Waala Love, Jhonka Hawaa Ka Aaj Bhi and golden oldies like Abhi Na Jaao Chhod Kar, Dheere Dheere Chal et al  . Indulge yourself to a musical treat by playing all the romantic playlists that will make even your best buddies go green with envy, because you have some elite company with you.

Indulge In Some Chocolate Therapy:
This is the best time to shop for anything that you have a crush on. So, if you have saved some amount from your pocket money, you can go for a chocolate buying spree. Get some exotic stuff and relish them to your heart's content. And remember to sport that gorgeous smile whenever you do that.

Pamper Yourself In Shopping:
5 List out the things that you have always wanted to buy. Gift yourself a pendant if it makes you feel even special. Prioritize your shopping list, like go for stuff that you are going to utilize the whole year like a tablet, or a smartphone, a funboook etc.

Treat Yourself To A Spa:
Nothing can beat the experience of rejuvenation. Allow yourself to be pampered at the spa while going for a foot massage while listening to your favourite romantic playlist.

Watch A Romantic Movie:
The list will go on if we count the number of romantic movies (PS I Love You, Love Story, Titanic, Serendipity, 50 First Dates, Notebook, and apna B'wd love stories, DDLJ, Maine Pyaar Kiya, Jab We Met) that you can watch this Valentine. If contemporary is going to be your pick, then you can go for the Twilight series.

Pick A Romantic Novel:
If reading is what moves you more than anything else, then treat yourself to some romantic read by picking some acclaimed novels like Wuthering Heights, Memoirs of a Geisha, Pride and Prejudice et al.

Cook Yourself A Lip-Smacking Dinner:
Go for some exotic stuff like the lettuce in the salas, some pasta, cheese and farm fresh vegetables and just experiment. If new to cooking, then just grab some ready to eat curries, your favourite ice cream at home. You will have a sweet to savour for dessert too.

Go On A Long Drive:
The diary can be fantastic if you embark on a journey. Well, singlehood has its own advantage, no strings attached!...

I hope these will help because i'v tried few of these tips before when i didnt have anyone to be with on Val's day and they worked, fine....So, don't feel very bad if you don't someone to spend your Valentine With this coming Thursday, just try out these tips.....

Happy Val's Day In Advance.


FELA! Returns To Washington.

Since the hit musical and biography of Fela Anikulapo Kuti hit Broadway several years ago, it has mesmerized audiences from New York to London to Nigeria with its vibrant music, energy and passion. Now, the Washington area is getting another chance to see the award-winning musical.

FELA! tells the story of a man who was a musician, shaman, rabble-rouser and creative genius. Fela Kuti created Afro Beat, a dizzying, hypnotic but incendiary combination of funk, jazz and sensual African rhythms and harmonies which he laced with acerbic lyrics to chastise and criticize Nigeria's corrupt, impervious and despotic regimes.

The play celebrates an artist and human rights activist, who despite his womanizing and love of marijuana, embodied the defiance, frustration and aspirations of his fellow Nigerians. The play, which won three Tony awards, opens with Fela mourning the untimely death of his 77-year-old mother who was thrown out of a window by Nigerian soldiers. She was fatally injured when her son's compound, the Kalakuta Republic, was raided by about 1,000 soldiers.

Cast members Melanie Marshall and Maija Garcia said they are grateful to be associated with the critically acclaimed theatrical production, adding that it has affected them in profound ways.

"It's great to see who this transforms. The artists and the audience, no one is the same," said Garcia, the production's assistant choreographer and tour director. "They're met with heat and style and energy. It's not something they see, it's something they feel.The work speaks for itself and Fela comes through the channels we use."

"We have the original cast and new talent. It's sort of like a chemistry experiment that will explode beautifully to evolve new characters. It's always very exciting to bring up the energy of 1977 in Los Angeles or Lagos."

Marshall, who plays Fela's mother Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, described her experience as "an amazing process from beginning to end." She said she is humbled to have the opportunity to play an extraordinary woman who walked the path less traveled.

"This is a strong, feminist role. She was very regal, she's very political minded and no-nonsense," said Marshall, who admits that she'd planned a singing career until she was invited to audition for 'Carmen Jones.' "She was the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria and the first to go to China. She was on first- name terms with so many leaders and notable people. I wish I could have met her and Fela. I'd never heard about him before this job. But I learn something about him every moment, every minute, every second."

Marshall said the play's songs struck a nerve, especially "Trouble Sleep."

"All of them are just so poignant. Some of them are funny, some of them you just sit and think about the lyrics," she said. "For a man who'd been shot, beaten and tortured more than 200 times, if there's any word that people should come away with and what the show invokes, is courage. He was still standing, still singing, still standing for his people."

Marshall also said she's grateful to director Bill T. Jones for pushing her to stretch beyond her comfort zone.

"He gave me another five notes on the top of my range. He is very subtle in bringing something out of you that you don't know you have," said Marshall, who studied classical singing at the Royal College of Music in London. "It hasn't been hard because it's been so much fun."

"Bill T. Jones took what I brought to the table, put the jazz, gospel and church I had and made me into Olufunmilayo."

"I can honestly say this is my best role to date," said Marshall, a 51-year-old Briton of Barbadian parentage.

Marshall and Garcia said the fact that cast members were chosen from American and British casts strengthened and added an entirely different dimension to the final product. Each spoke of the hugely influential role Jones played in creating and developing the play and his effect on them.

"There's always that screw that needs tightening, that little knot, but it all comes together," Marshall said. "He scared us. He doesn't stand on ceremony, doesn't stand for any nonsense. He picked you and you're chosen for a reason and you better not let him down because you represent him, the Kuti family, the show and you'd better not be disrespectful of all of that. That is not an option."

Garcia, who spoke proudly of her Cuban roots and who described herself as the creative impulse for the play, said she's awed by her mentor.

"He's a force to be reckoned with," she said with a laugh. "He really is an artistic genius. I respect and admire him. He has the insight and ability to draw things out of people. He is a real phenomenon to witness. This play is a monument to his will and creative genius."

Garcia, a member of the production's original creative team, said she's enjoyed taking creative risks and has grown as an artist.

"This is a medium of social activism, my place in the global village. Theater is the proverbial fireplace where people gather and where the spirit stays alive. Fela! asks what's your life's purpose and what do you plan to do. It's very exhilarating," she said.

The play's run ends on Feb 10. Performances are at the Shakespeare Theatre in Northwest.....

Nelson Mandela’s Granddaughters Come Out With Reality Show.

The latest family to jump on the reality show bandwagon is the Mandelas.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela's granddaughters, Zaziwe Dlamini-Manaway and Swati Dlamini, are coming out with a new reality show that will feature the entire Mandela clan, except their 94-year-old grandfather.

Mandela is recuperating from a surgery to remove gallstones and though the sisters said he was healthy, he was not expected to be a part of the first season comprising 13 episodes. However, his ex-wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, will be a regular on the show that will be featured on COZI TV.

Nelson Mandela’s Granddaughters Come Out With Reality Show

"Being Mandela" will follow the sisters' journey as they try to hold up their legacy in Johannesburg, while at the same time struggling to cope with day-to-day chores. Through the reality show, the fashionable sisters want the U.S. audience to see a modern and liberated South Africa.

When questioned if a reality show such as this would tarnish the Mandela name, Dlamini told the Associated Press: "We asked this question a lot. Is this not going to tarnish the name and is this not going to be bad for the name? But our grandparents have always said to us, this is our name too, and we can do what we think is best fitting with the name, as long as we treat it with respect and integrity."

The sisters are confident that Mandela would love their show, as he is said to be a huge fan of reality television. "You'll be interested to know that he loves 'Toddlers and Tiaras,'" said Dlamini.
"Because of the kids! He just loves children," her sister chipped in.

Kiefer Sutherland Wears A Bra, Plays With Bombs As Hasty Pudding Man Of The Year.

Y'all Should Know How Much I Love This Man.....Hehehehe

The Touch star donned a bomb-strapped bra—a nod to his eight seasons racing the ever-ticking clock on 24—over his tux and gamely let actors dressed in drag swoop in from all sides Friday at the Hasty Pudding Theatricals' Man of the Year roast in his honor.

In addition to taking some good-natured ribbing, Sutherland was presented with the traditional pudding pot and lassoed a fake cow at a ceremony that was moved to the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Mass., thanks to a blizzard that prevented the usual outdoor shenanigans....

Whitney Houston To Be Honored At Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party.

It will be one-year ago on Monday that Whitney Houston passed away. She was found in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel just a few hours before Clive Davis and the Recording Academy's annual pre-Grammy party was to take place just four floors below in the International Ballroom.

The party went on with Davis telling guests it's what the late singer's family wanted.

Davis will once again hold court on Saturday for this year's soiree in the same ballroom. While he had been telling press that he wasn't sure if he'd pay a special tribute this year to mark the anniversary of her death, it turns that plans are not only in place, but members of Houston's family will be in attendance.

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"She was this generation's greatest, greatest singing talent," Davis told E! News earlier today. "So we'll do something over the course of the evening Saturday night to show that."

Davis also said, "It's very much with me and she'll be with me."

Houston's brother and half-sister, Gary and Pat Houston will be at the bash, a source confirms to E!. "We're going in support of Clive to show our appreciation of him as he honors Whitney," Pat told the New York Daily News.

However, Houston's mom Cissy Houston declined an invite to the party, telling Access Hollywood, "I got an invitation to the party, which is the most obscene thing. I don't know why they would want me to come to the party in which she died, you know? Unheard of."

Meanwhile, Davis said there's only one singer right now who reminds him of Houston. "The best voice out there today of the younger performers is Jennifer Hudson," he said. "There's really nothing Jennifer can't do."

Davis gets the biggest names in the music biz to perform at the party. Houston, Hudson, Alicia Keys, Pink, Fergie, Christina Aguilera, Usher, Mumford & Sons, Kelly Clarkson and Jamie Foxx are just a few of the more recent artists who have been on the previous lineups.

While Davis is keeping mum on the upcoming lineup, we do know that five-time Grammy nominee Miguel will be performing.

"You want them to be proud," Miguel says of the legendary artists who will be in the audience. "You want then to be proud of you so it's a bit of pressure. But I love what I do so I welcome that."....

American Idol - Nicki Minaj 'Obsessed' With Contestant.

This story contains information about a show which is yet to be broadcast in the UK.

Nicki Minaj has taken a shine to one of the teenage contestants on this week's American Idol, which was broadcast on US TV last night.

The rapper told 17-year-old Charlie Askew that she was "obsessed" with him as she and her fellow judges worked to narrow down the remaining men in the contest.

Charlie told the panel: "I chose this song, because well, there was a girl. There always is. I still love her. I just hope I don't end up being somebody she used to know."

"Such a smart intro," Nicki told him after he had performed Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know. "Charlie, I am obsessed with you."

And she continued: "Today, you became an artist in my eyes. You have this quirky thing that is so odd, it's right.

"You are so, so special. I like your sneakers. I like that they make no sense. Don't change, wear your big oversize suits. I love you."

And after Keith Urban told him "Nicki likes you", Minaj added: "I'm going to eat him."

The episode saw the remaining 43 men cut to 28, so there was plenty of disappointment - with contestants including Nicholas Mathis, Matheus Fernandes and Papa Peachez getting their marching orders.

Next week's show will see another eight contestants chopped, to produce the final 20 men....

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Charlie Sheen Won't Marry Georgia Jones.

Actor Charlie Sheen says he won`t be walking down the aisle again because he does not want to have four failed marriages.

The former `Two and A Half Men` actor said he has learnt his lesson after three failed marriages - to Donna Peele, actress Denise Richards and socialite Brooke Mueller.

"In baseball when you strike out three times... It`s a golden sombrero. Four times is a platinum sombrero... I`m not wearing the platinum sombrero of marriage," he said.

The 47-year-old, who is currently dating 24-year-old porn star Georgia Jones, is notorious for his tumultuous love life and hellraising antics and doesn`t mind rumours being spread about his romantic liaisons....

Idris Elba Is A Smooth And Sexy British Import.

Idris Elba's upcoming spread in GQ Britain reminded us just how sexy this English actor is — and how he can wear a suit like no one else.

You may recognize Elba from, well, a lot of things. He starred on ‘The Wire’ as sexy bad guy Stringer Bell, he played Laura Linney’s brief love interest on ‘The Big C’ in season two, he stars in the BBC miniseries ‘Luther,’ he was in the sci-fi epic ‘Prometheus‘ last year, and he’ll be in another upcoming sci-fi epic called ‘Pacific Rim‘ (a movie in which giant robots fight giant monsters — amazing).

So you've probably seen him around, or if you’re like us, you’ve seen him in your dreams where he’s always asking you which tie he should wear. Seriously, no one rocks a suit like Idris Elba. He just looks so damn suave. He’s the kind of guy you point to in a magazine when you’re trying to tell your boyfriend how to dress well.

While several of his American film/TV roles have had him speaking in a Yankee-fied accent, we really love it when he’s allowed to speak in his native British tongue — dudes with accents, right?

Sweet Dude!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nigerian Rapper, Ice Prince, Denies Snubbing Globacom Offer.

Award-winning rapper, Ice prince, has dismissed media reports suggesting that he turned down a lucrative endorsement deal with Globacom.

Last week, news went round town that the Plateau- State born Hip Hop artiste asked to be paid a whopping sum of $1m (N157 million) before he accepts to be signed up as one of Globacom's latest ambassadors.

Various sources disclosed that most Glo ambassadors are paid sums within the N10-N20m range, with D'banj and Psquare being the rare exceptions. In 2010 when they were signed on, the latter got paid N240m for a four year deal.

Debunking the story as mere rumour, Chocolate City's management (the singer's record label) has moved quickly to deny the reports saying there is no truth in the rumours.

"We were just as surprised as anybody when we read the news of Ice Prince purportedly turning down the offer, especially since it is not true," said Tobi Sanni-Daniel, Ice Prince's business manager.

He added, "Globacom is a multi-national company with an excellent track record of delivering quality. Any individual would be proud and honoured to be associated with them .However to say that we have turned down an endorsement deal is false and completely baseless."

Ice Prince has recently been busy in the studio as he gears towards a highly anticipated album later in the year. He has released a remix of the hugely successful 'Aboki'. He also released a video for 'Truth' which has already gone viral.

Should the rapper be paid that sum (N157 million), Ice Prince will become the Nigerian rapper with the biggest endorsement deal ever.

In the last 20 months, the rapper became the highest-earning Nigerian rapper, with multiple revenue sources including concert fees and endorsements that include a deal with LG in 2012....

Man Sues Wife For Abandoning Him, Children.

A businessman, Mr. James Onyike, on Monday sued his wife, Patricia, a nurse, for allegedly abandoning him and their children since 2008.

Onyike told a Cusomary Court in Garki, Abuja, that “my wife secured a one-year admission for further studies in the United Kingdom (UK).I paid the tuition and accommodation fees for the programme on the understanding that she would return after one year.

“But on expiration of the programme, my wife decided to stay back and enroll for another programme.On completion of her second course, she refused to come back to Nigeria. I continued to beg her to return, but she refused. Till date, she is still in London. She has practically abandoned me and the children,’’ he said.

He said his wife was abusive and conducted herself in a manner unexpected of a married woman.

“When I visited her in London, she was so hostile to me and the children. She never cared for the children as a mother would.When I told her to try spending a little time with the children, she told me that she does not have time and that I should look after them.

“She kept avoiding me all through our stay, we never related like husband and wife should. In fact, she even threw me out of her room,’’ Onyike told the court.

Onyike said that the love, affection and trust expected to exist between couples evaporated almost immediately after the wedding.

“On our wedding day, my wife’s real father showed up, but my wife had lied to me that her father was dead. She made me pay the bride price to someone whom she said was her brother.

“Even when she visited Nigeria in 2010, though we stayed under the same roof, she was always keeping to herself.She was no longer exhibiting that motherly love and affection,’’ he said.

Onyike prayed the court to dissolve the marriage, grant him custody of the children and restrain his wife from entering his home.

On her part, Patricia, who was represented by a counsel, Mrs.Timitope Joshua, said they had enjoyed love and affection for each other.

“There was never any serious quarrel between us; he even encouraged me to travel for further studies. When I finished the first course, he visited UK and encouraged me to enroll for another course, which he said would make me a better qualified nurse,’’ she said.

She said that her husband and the children always visited her in London on every vacation, adding that “whenever they could not make it, I visit. I have never been hostile in any of their visits. I try my best to take good care of them and we stay together happily until the vacation is over. So, I am surprised to hear that my husband has leveled accusations against me,’’ she said.

Patricia said her husband never informed her that he was no longer comfortable with her studies in the UK, adding that she still loved her husband and her two children.

She also said that the marriage had not broken down irretrievably and could be redeemed in the interest of the children even as she begged the court not to grant her husband’s prayers, adding that she was still interested in the marriage.

The Judge, Alhaji Suleiman Ismaila, gave them four weeks to try and reconcile and adjourned the case to March 7...