Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Will You Forgive A Cheat?

Good day my dear, I hope you are having a great week?.

A guy named Kola is getting married next weekend. Last week, his fiancee went to see him at home, to make a true confession...

Kola's fiancee told him she was once a prostitute, that's before they met, at a party.... And when their relationship started to get serious, she quit but couldn't tell him about it...

She said a guy started to call her last month, to blackmail her. The blackmailer threatens to tell her fiance unless she sleeps with him. She said she slept with the blackmailer once, thinking it'd stop there and then but the guy has been calling again and again, after that. Kola's fiancee can't do it anymore and decided to tell Kola.

Kola sent her out and said he called off the wedding. He said he might have forgiven her for the prostitution since she claimed she stopped but he doesn't think he can bear that she slept with another  guy, while they were planning their future.. "Not at all", he included.

Hmmmm!!!, This is large..... I can't tell someone to do what i can't take but i'll advise Kola to forgive his fiancee. Yes, She cheated but she confessed, don't forget most people won't confess. I know that the fact that she waited till now isn't all right but please forgive her, then think and decide on whatever you want to do..

Dear Reader, What do you say?


  1. Humm its tough but what if she never confessed?I would forgive her and take the risk

  2. Without reading the whole story. "Oma lay men..". But then to live this life proper and enjoy love, one must learn to forgive and forget.

  3. Forgive?....Yes....Forget?....Yes....Still marry her?.....No way!!!

  4. He wud have never forgiveness her even if she just told him she was a prostitute.......