Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Would You Date A Babe That Dumped Her Boyfriend Just To Be With You?.

Hello darling, how are you doing today? I had a superb but long day.

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I received a phone call from a guy yesterday night, he shared something with me.

He likes a girl he met 2 months ago, even though she said she was in a relationship. They kept in touch and he could tell the girl was liking him, real hard. Then one day, he asked about her boyfriend and she said she broke up with him because of him.....

I didn't allow him continue, I said its a lie! Lol, but I'm blunt like that..... If she broke up with her boyfriend because of him, for no other reason, then she would break up with him because of another guy. What kind of sudden love will make you break up with your boyfriend of 2 years???

His question was if he should go ahead with the relationship, Like I always say, "Follow Your Heart", and if his heart says go ahead with her, then he should not sleep with both eyes closed, if you understand what I'm saying.

My Lady, would you date a guy that dumped his girlfriend just to be with you? And My handsome friend, would you date a girl who dumped her boyfriend because of you???..


  1. Why not?....Of course I

  2. No neva... But first of all I would actually find out if it was been dumped or jux a break up unless what goes around comes around

  3. Relationships are messed up so u never know but in the spirit of being careful, i 'd be really sceptical and prolli not be fully committed till i'm quite sure she is not a bone head in short that she didn't bail on the other guy just because....but then it's a relationship not marriage so how about having fun and enjoying it

  4. I think she wld be with him till she finds someone more interesting. But then its not good to judge her without knowing her. The guy might just be what she has always wanted. I think its up to d guy to decide if she's worth d risk.

  5. Hahahahahahahahah..... Noooooooo

  6. hmmmm......i kinda believe the babe/ women of these days have zero moral compass.....they define love in a crazy type of way.