Monday, 17 June 2013

He Forgot To Tell Her The Problem.

How are you my friend? I think Aisha stimulated a guy last week and left him

I was going through the mails sent to me last week and this one is sooo alarming.

A christian lady (not sure if deeper life), is married to a sweet guy who respected her feelings, and agreed to 'no sex' before wedding - What a rare gem.

On the night of their wedding, it was time for action and the husband excused himself to use the bathroom, he was there for a while, purging. He came out and complained he was having real stomach upset, she made him the salt and sugar solution, he was okay and they went to bed... Yes, nothing happened that night.

The next morning, the wife rolled on him and they started to kiss, touch and all of that {don't forget it's early in the morning}, but lil John refused to stand up.... and the husband got up and said he was IMPOTENT!....

OMG!!!, my tablet fell, what did I just read?? Oh no, this is so unfair... The lady is so devastated and frustrated. Who won't be? That guy is wicked.

I think that's one of the disadvantages of 'no sex' before wedding.....

I replied her, I said they should go to the hospital and see if anything can be done but she's too angry that the husband didn't tell her, led her on and she wants a divorce.

My dear Reader, do you think she should walk out of the marriage?.

My dear Doctor, Is there a solution to this kind of problem?.


  1. If there is no medical solution to his problem then the marriage should be dissolved

  2. Nawaa.... All in the name of christianity people turn themselves into go-liars SMH. I can't imagine the pain the wife is going thru truly if there is no medical condition then divorce shud be the best option

  3. Jeez!! What was d guy thinking, that he won't get caught? That he wld make excuses throughout a whole "marriage"? From a medical angle it's even more difficult to help since he can't achieve an erection. If it were low sperm count now, ICSI would av been done. Sigh* just very bad for d lady.

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  5. Actually there are treatments for erectile dysfunction ranging from psychotherapy to the use of selective vasodilators (the popular Viagra). So i believe the woman should get over the hurt and try to make her marriage work by seeing a doctor. I'm quite sure the man is devastated too.

  6. Well....Not the first of its kind....Solution?....They'll keep seeing doctors and praying noni....Abi?