Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Will You Seal Your Lips?

Hi friend, how are you doing today?

Jason, a friend to Tracy's husband - Alex. In fact, Jason and Alex are best of friends.

One day, Jason went to relax at an open garden. As he was about to leave, he saw Tracy and a guy kissing.

Jason saw Tracy 3 days after, told her what he saw and said he doesn't wanna know the reason she is cheating on her husband but she should stop and make sure she tells her husband. She promised not to do it again.

A week later, Jason caught her with the same guy at a car park... You are right, its always Jason seeing things, LOL!!!.

Jason was confused if he should tell Alex or not.... Then he asked some people if he should tell his best friend what has been happening. Most people said he should tell Alex and some said he shouldn't tell him.

What do you think is the best thing to do?

Would Jason be a bad friend if he doesn't tell Alex?

Would you tell your best friend that kind of thing?...


  1. Me oo.. I will kuku have told my friend the first day,The point is, When a girl starts cheating, she wont stop loving that dude he is cheating with, she will find it amusing, Its best i just tell my friend now and console him . Instead of waiting for the inevitable and my friend will now be on paiko level...

  2. I'm gonna tell on her cheating ass all d way. In fact ama take a picture too.

  3. Its hard, i might and i might not..... It depends but i dont think i would tell..

  4. There is no reason to call him my best friend if i cant protect sure i will let him know.