Monday, 24 June 2013

Will You Sell Your Body For Your Spouse?

Hey Lovely Reader, I hope your weekend was great because mine was fantastic.

Someone wrote on twitter "Witches love dancing" and my friend (Debola) cc'd me. Silly girl, so I'm a witch because I love dancing????

Anyways, this mail was sent to me on Facebook, from Mr Endowed..... I'm not sure if it happened to him or not.

A girl has a hole in her heart and needed a large sum of money, say N6 Million. The girl has no family and the boyfriend doesn't have that kind of money. The boyfriend then started taking some offers, sleeping with rich women for money. He went to the hospital to pay when he had the total sum, the girlfriend asked where he got the money, honest boyfriend told her the plain truth about how he got the money.

If you were the girlfriend, after hearing all that he had done, would you let him go ahead and pay for the operation? If yes, would you still date him after the operation?.

Before I posted this, I asked my male friends - (Bayo and Alani) these questions, if the reverse were the case.

Bayo said he would let her pay for the operation and he would still date her.

Alani said he would let her pay for the operation but he wouldnt date her anymore.

Hmmmm, I reserve my comment, that's why I have you to give your opinion.

My dear Reader, would you let him/her pay the money? And would you continue the relationship afterwards?

Be honest!.


  1. Yes I would still date him.... For him having the courage to take such act upon himself to save my life...haba... I think he deserves all the chance

  2. .Errr....Sad and hard but I would still date (her)....

  3. y date him

  4. i dont tnk drs anytn wrng wit it 2all

  5. I will continue to date her *wifematerial500yards*

  6. Will definitely let her make d payment and still date her and even love more cause she sacrifies herself for me to live

  7. I will allow him pay for d operation then after d operation I will take him 2 the hospital for HIV/AIDs test before we continue the relationship

  8. no and no! wow morality is out of the window!

  9. I will allow her pay for the bills...after which take a test to be sure she's okay... then relocate from the location.

  10. Means he/she can do anything cos of love..... Why not.... I'd still stay with her