Friday, 7 June 2013

A Rich Dude That Sucks Totally Or What?

Good day and thank you for your comment on previous posts especially the last one, Bello is grateful and has agreed to go for the lady that can cook and he will take care of the rest....I'm curious, Is he good in bed? - *Coughs*, I forgot to use my cough syrup today.

Plenty of emails and I started this 3 days ago but I want to quickly bring this in, its related to the last post, a friend, Francis pinged me yesterday after he read the post and asked a funny question but serious question..... Francis asked which i will go for - A rich guy that sucks in bed or a poor guy thats good in bed?. You know what i told him? I said I'd get back to him in 2 weeks - LOL!!!

Its a tough one but my lady, this is what i'll advice....
1. You could go for a rich and cool guy who can't satisfy you sexually if you like him, and you are sure you won't cheat.... You want to make that kind of relationship work, then he needs to see a doctor and fix whatever the problem might be - The thing is most people are shy to tell, even their doctors, their problems.

2. You could go for the guy thats good in bed but poor if you like him, and that is if he isn't lazy. If he is hardworking and focus, sooner or later, he will start paying the bills and everybody will be fine.

3.Follow your heart.

Oh, are you still waiting to hear which I'd choose? My answers are what you have just read, my dear!... The question is, after this - Which will you go for, my lady? What sacrifice are you willing to make?


  1. To me if i where to be a girl i would go with option 3 first, then later go with option 1 cause even as a poor guy we guys have the same problem as well while in some case's we don't have much to spend on getting help
    Life as changed with money u can make bad come good

  2. Sexual dissatisfaction has ruined a lot of relationships.. Money determines ur standard of living and how comfortable u r. I think if it comes to a choice making, Money comes first.