Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Woman That Can Cook Or A Woman That Is Great In Bed?

Hello my friend, hope you had a lovely day? I was going to post something entirely different but i got a mail from a guy named Bello who wants me to share this story.

 Bello is 36 and he's thinking of settling down but has 2 girlfriends - Why would you have 2 girlfriends at a time? Well, I wont say anything unless you ask for my opinion on that.

 One of his girlfriends can cook, very well.... She can make efo-riro with assorted meats, she can pound yam, she is just awesome in that area - Of course  every woman should be but she is very poor in bed - If you know what i mean and if you don't  send me a mail to explain.... The other girlfriend can do all the sex styles you can ever think of - don't let me put stuffs in your head, She is first-class in bed but she cant cook to save her own life....

 Bello likes the both of them but he is confused about who to choose...

Errrmmm, I'll say maybe Bello should go for the One that is good in bed but cant cook - Why? Because i think anyone can be taught how to cook but i doubt if anyone can be taught how to be great in bed..... I may be wrong though.

Please advise Bello and Which would you prefer? A girl that can cook but poor in bed or a girl that's good in bed but cannot cook????


  1. not just anyone can be taught how to ******* in bed? Smh....Hian! Pick the cook though.... You cant have sex three times a day, seven days every week.....At least i dont expect any normal person to....

  2. As for me been good in bed is a skill and been good wiv cooking is a talent....I will go wiv the talent oooo they are a lot of SKILL acquistation programmes she can apply for......shikena

  3. I'm also confused.. Food is extremely important but boring sex for a man that knws what exciting sex feels like will be extremely disastrous.. Personally I will go for food, then try my best to make a bed monster out of her.

  4. Most men self eventually get married to the woman that fucks his brains out.Her food will be sweet in his mouth. He wont even cheat self..Dont get it twisted food is good but you can always get a cook and with love self u can always enjoy the bad food...Wooohhh Had go for sex..the girl cant be that bad in cooking can be manageable

  5. This is so simple.... It's good to have great Sex, but wat happens 10 years down the line or even less wen the guy gets back from work very hungry??wat does he want, Sex or food?? My very honest opinion... The lady who cooks is better cos with time she'll get better on bed