Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Shades Of Lipsticks.

Beauty is all about been comfortable in your own skin...that or a kick ass red-lipstick.. Never forget a woman's first job is to choose the right shade of  lipstick.
Never forget a woman's first job is to choose the right shade of  lipstick
 Ladies,what you need to know before applying lipsticks
Its very common to find ladies who wears the wrong shade of lipstick and end up looking like clowns. Wearing the wrong lipstick can ruin  your makeup and your entire look..
 Here's How To Get It Right;
1. Find a shade of lipstick that is one or two shades darker than your natural lips 2.Experiment with shades of pink. Pink looks good on all skin tones. For those with dark lips,try using deep pink lipstick. Pink lipsticks works with most outfits and hairstyles
3. Keep it simple during the day,the idea is to look as natural as possible unless of course you are attending an event
4. Enhance not distort,lipsticks like all other makeup is meant to enhance your looks not change it totally
Now, i will be talking about 3major shades of lipstick although we have other shades,which are Pink,Red and nude lipstick.

Not everyone can pull off wearing all shades of pink lipstick, most of us can take clues from our natural lip colors to determine what shade of pink lipstick that will look good on us. Pink lipstick can be worn at any time of the day but it is better to wear lighter shade for casuals...

Nude lipsticks is the easiest to pull off and doesn't look too weird. It gives you a softer look but hardly suit all kinda lips. Nude lipsticks can be worn at any time and isn't choosy about the occasion
For those with dark lips and will like to wear the nude lipstick, follow these steps
1. Apply a little of your foundation on your lips.... YES! Your foundation
2. Smooth in the foundation to blend with your lips
3. Apply lipgloss or your nude lipstick on your foundation based lips.


By Armynah.

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