Friday, 5 July 2013

Is Anything Wrong With This Act?

Hello, Thank God It's Friday Spirit Yeah?!!!

So, a guy ( Jibola) hollered me this morning concerning my last post, he was once the 'Kunle' and unfortunately, his babe settled for the 'Lekan' if you know what I'm saying.... Hehehe..

Seun the gangster lover, fell in love with a girl at last, i mean sweet love now, not some gangsta loving.

Seun was so in love with Bimbo, he got her a whole lot in a short period of dating, like a month, I'm sure the players are already castigating Seun. Well, he got her gold earrings, necklace, clothes and the latest phone.

Apparently, the babe wasn't in love with him, she collected the stuffs and stopped showing Seun love and care.

One day, Seun wanted to call her but he didn't have airtime, so he used his friend's phone but she didn't pick, he tried her number again on another friend's phone, she still didn't pick. So he went out to get airtime and called her but she still didn't pick - Obviously, she wasn't with her phone. When she got to her phone, she called the 2 strange numbers on her phone which she didn't know were Seun's friend but the friends said 'wrong number', Seun was angry because she didn't try to call him first and she didn't even call Seun back. Hmmm...

One of Seun's friend started to say all sorts and it made Seun angrier, he and his friend drove down to the babe's school, called her out, dissed her and silly of all, collected the phone back from her.

Imagine!!!. Who does that? Anywayz, 3 of Seun's friends said what he did was totally wrong, it made him feel bad, he called the girl after sometime to apologise and all but the girl told him never to call her again, which made the Gangsta lover cry.....

He has been calling the girl to get back with her but the babe has refused to answer him.

I told him what he did was very wrong but since the babe isn't ready to listen to him, he should move on and next time, he won't let friends decide for him.

Dear reader, will you do the same? Will you buy something for a lady and collect it back when you quarrel or so?.


  1. That's children love******winks out

  2. The line is clear.. BOUGHT SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE...automatically that stuff is no more only takes a childish brain to go back for it no matter what

  3. The girl is at fault... Ur guy calls and 2 other numbers.... The girl calls the 2 other numbers and not her guy..... Well it's wrong on him collecting all back but id say he did right..... That's my take