Thursday, 4 July 2013

True Love Or Money?.

Hey dear, how's it going? Me, i don't really like rainy seasons, i'm just coping, its all good.

Another dilemma. I got this mail from a babe who remains anonymous.

She's 30 years old and she is seeing 2 guys. She has been dating Kunle for 13 months - Kunle isn't all that made, as in rich if you know what i'm saying but he believes everything is going to be fine at the end. Isn't that what we all believe?

She and the other guy, Lekan, have been dating for 7 months - Lekan is very rich, according to her.

Kunle and Lekan are both talking about settling down with her but she's confused about whom to settle with.

I asked who she's really in love with and she said she really likes both of them. - But is that possible?

I also asked why she started dating Lekan since she was already in a relationship with Kunle and she said its definitely because she likes him too - So maybe if she sees another guy she likes, she'd make them 3.... My hair itches, I think I need to change it... LOL!.

Anywayz, her family is saying she should go for Lekan because he is rich and they believe the future is going to be brighter with him. Oh yeah!.......

I told her to pray about it and she should consider Kunle since they'd been dating for a while, she'd definitely know him better than Lekan and she shouldn't marry a guy just because of his wealth.

What advice do you have for this babe, my dear reader?.


  1. She shud stick wiv the guy that makes her happy*** winks. Money would come and go

  2. Well.. I feel she should pray about it and ask them a critical question...."wat happens if u loose everything, what wud be ur strategy in bouncing back" well the aim is to see who has more insight in gathering wealth. Because the spiritual controls the physical... Well I don't wanna go all churchy here but I guess I alone understand what I'm saying.... Sad face

  3. Wow have been in a situation like this before and I was the guy with less money u can call it "broke", now she as a baby girl for this other guy and she still want to keep it cool with me

  4. Marriage is a life time Prison.. so she must choose her inmate wisely before she starts thinking of a prison breakout.