Thursday, 11 July 2013

How To Rock Camouflage.

Hi friends... M kinda new @ this article thing so let's see how I can keep u interested....
 Guess what we'll b discussing today... YOP "Discussing" because I want everyone of you to participate by dropping your comments..
The latest in thing now is camouflage prints also known as CAMO... I'll b sharing wit you pictures and different ways 2 rock your Camo print this season..

 Try wearing a Camo pants wit any plain color top in any shade... YOP any shade..

Try a camo top with a plain black jeans and any plain color ballerina flat and you are good 2to go.
For a girly girl try leggings on a loose shirt in bright colors like yellow, green and cream wit heels.*winks**.
.Camo pant wit a plain body top(preferably white) and a colorful blazers jacket will also give u a girly look.
For d beach, try a camo short  with a tank top and nice colorful flat sandals.

To the club, try a camo leather skirts on a camo corset wit a nice leather heels.
For your Tom-boy look,try a camo jacket wit a black tank-top and a ripped jeans with loafers(my fav).

Try a camo skirt with a nice plain shirt,tank top or body top for your every day look.

The weather is a bit chilly! Try a black pant with a white tee-shirt and a camo sweater.

Those with just loafers and ballerina shoes should try wearing on a nice fitted plain tee-shirts/ body tops/tank-tops with a nice black,nude,green jeans....

 If you have just the caps, try a plain colored jeans and a nice top with your camo snap back ball cap. The top will b nice if its army green or yellow wit a multicolored flats with colors like army green,yellow or lemon...

"That's all" 4 now ...Drop your comments and let me know what you think... Next time we'll be talking about 10shades of Ripped jeans...

By Armynah,
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  1. My fav look is the camo corset and leather skirt.cant wait to rock em!

  2. i love d ripped jeans bodytop n camo jacket

  3. I am just scared I'll run into a soldier while rocking my Camo! "YOP" LOL.. Wardrobe manager Amina please drop your phone number so we can call you incase we get caught

  4. Nice one btw, I love the camo corset and leather skirt. Hawt!

  5. lol......... you know i am alway here

  6. I share Sho! 11s worries. Nonetheless, an inciting piece. '

  7. This is cool... I should send you a pic of me in full Camo too :D

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