Wednesday, 10 July 2013


It was very cool yesterday evening and i decided to take a stroll... I was having fun while strolling, listening to one of my favorite artist - Boyz II Men (Color Of Love)... I was nodding my head, singing along, feeling myself.

Then, a building caught my attention, it wasn't the structure of the building, it was the color - Buttercolor and chocolate brown, hmmmmmm, sooooo beautiful. I felt like kissing it - Perfect color combination... Not like the babe I saw earlier who put on a yellow top and a lemon pant - eeewwww.. Thats even far from color blocking if anyone wants to use that as an excuse, its so awkward...

People really need to learn how to dress, what colors to combine, whats in vogue, what and what not to wear.

So, Armynah has decided to bring fashion under lifestyle to this blog, she would be teaching us a whole lot about fashion.

Coming Soon!!!.

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