Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Amber Rose Gets Tattoo Of Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose wanted to show her hubby Wiz Khalifa just how much she meant to him with a tattoo of his face on her arm. The detailed black and white photo of the hip hop hippy looking high and happy was seen and talked about all over twitter, instagram and the World Wide Web! Being married and having a huge rock wasn’t enough so she went that extra mile, also with the recent arrival of their baby ‘The Bash’ emotions and hormones might still be running high to make her do such a giving thing. It is such as well drawn and detailed picture that you can’t fault it in any way but that wasn’t her only heartfelt tattoo she got. She also got pictures of her dogs Pauly and Franky and a portrait of her mother Dottie when she was a younger.

I guess hanging up pictures around your house and photo frames on the side draw are a thing of the past! Everyone doubted this beautiful couple at first but they seem to be a made match. According to Wiz they still haven’t taken their new born out of the house yet and won’t be anytime soon. I can’t wait till they drop a picture of the baby I really want to see what he looks like!!! And i think i should get a tattoo of my fiance, what d'yu think?

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