Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Does Your Partner Know Your Surname?

Mide and Tayo had been dating for 6 months..... They were very fond of each other, Mide's parents knew Tayo very well, they went everywhere together and were the talk of the town.... They both loved each other, Well, i think so - You would understand why i'm not even certain of that statement.

  On this lovely afternoon, they decided to go and see a movie but they got there early enough to have a couple of drinks before the movie starts..... Then Mide saw his childhood friend, hugged each other and were happy to see each other..... Mide's friend turned to Tayo and said "Hi, my name is Kunle, whats your name? "And she said "I'm Tayo"..... Mide's friend said "Tayo, nice to meet you but your name sounds like a guy's, whats your other name?" And she said "Bukola"...

There was a surprised look on Mide's face and said he never knew she beared Bukola, Tayo was amazed and said she had told him before, how come he couldnt remember... She had this sharp look and turned to ask him ehat her surname was, Alas!, Mide couldnt remember that too or didnt even know and this caused a big fight.... Tayo refused to see the movie and went home disappointed and bitter.

What would yo do if your boyfriend/girlfriend of 6 months doesnt know your surname??

Does your partner even know your surname??? Go ahead and ask them.


  1. Loool...seriously that's the end.

  2. Hahhaaaa, if he does nt know my surname after 6 months he does nt deserve me

  3. Relationship over sharply.....Like seriously, what were we doing for six months? Playing Caro? Lool