Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chris Brown And Rihanna War Of Words Continues.

Singers Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship has been on and off more times than Polly put the kettle on and Sukey take it off again. While it seemed at one point, that Chris Brown and Rihanna had made up for good, they went and decided to call time on their relationship once again.

Since then, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been at each other's throats, with a number of messages about each other on Twitter. Now, reports claim that Rihanna will never get back with Chris, following his comments he made on an Australian radio show, about Rihanna being to young for him to "be wife-ing".

A supposed insider is quoted as saying, "She really thought that was a sexist, degrading thing for him to say. Especially after all Rihanna endured after he beat her and all that. [Rihanna reportedly called Brown and] really blasted him, using language that made it sound like she never will get back with him again — no matter what people think."

With that being said, there is also another rumour going round, with another supposed insider, claiming that Chris Brown and Rihanna are on the verge of getting back together. I simply cannot keep up!

Do you think Rihanna and Chris Brown should get back together? Because I dont think they should....

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