Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Is This An Obsession Or True Love?

Whats up darling? How's the weather?

Is it possible for someone to love 2 persons at the same time?.

Tunde has 2 girlfriends - Tosin and Folake. Funny thing is that they both know they are dating the same guy. Folake is very possessive, she calls Tunde every now and then, she always wants to know where he is, what he is doing, she can just show up at his house without calling and all that. Folake had met Tosin with Tunde different times at his place, Folake will fight Tunde, shout and all but Tunde always leaves the house with Tosin, ignoring Folake.

Anytime Folake and Tunde had their fight like that, Tunde will tell Tosin he had broken up with Folake but she won't just leave him alone. Tunde has even said it in Folake's face once, but 2 or 3 days after, Tosin would realize Folake and Tunde are on good terms again.

The other part is Tunde's family know Folake and some know Tosin.

Every time Tosin tries to walk away from the relationship, Tunde would beg with everything in the world, he would cry, he would call his friends to help him beg her and all that, these always leaves Tosin worried.

Whenever Tosin asks what exactly he wants, he would tell her that they should run away because even his parents don't want to hear about another girl.

Tosin had better run away without him, she should walk out of the relationship.

Dear Reader, what's your opinion? Because I also think Tunde isn't ready to leave Folake and he is just obsessed with Tosin.


  1. Tosin needs to free the guy, cuz there is no point sharing your boyfriend with someone else..its really bad..