Saturday, 8 June 2013

Will You Stay If Your Partner Is Violent?

Hey Dear, how's your weekend coming along? Mine's been great asides the pain i'm feeling from the hot beans that poured on my right palm this morning but i'm fine, thank you.

I didn't know guys still beat women, Really??? And even the ones they claim they love - Awful!!!.

An Anonymous lady sent a mail that her fiance beats her sometimes when he gets angry with her but apologizes when he is calm..... Her friends advised her to break up with him but she said she can't because she really loves him, he caters for her and her family, he's loving and caring, the only thing he does wrong is the beating.

She wants to know what she can do to stop him from beating her...

Dear Anonymous, Its funny you are not asking if to leave him or not because its a very bad thing for a man to beat a woman, let alone regular beating.... What i think you can do is not to always get him angry, which i don't think is ever possible but try, and if you realize he's getting in that mood that can cause him to beat you - RUN AWAY....I hope and pray it doesn't get worse than this because if you want me to be true to you - i'd say Leave him, God will provide a responsible man for you.

My reader, any advice for dear Anonymous? Will you stay if your partner is violent???.


  1. This thing will never stop. The victims always convince themselves that they are the only ones Who can help. It'll never end.

  2. I would neva stay wiv a violent patner belive me the experience is not good at all.... Dear anonymous pls run for ur life..I hope u av hrd stories of how husbands kill their wives it did nt just happen it started wiv a slap...RUN