Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Katty Perry Dissing Rihanna,

Katy Perry and Rihanna aren’t talking. We’re hearing that Katy has fallen out with Rihanna over her relationship with Chris Brown.
   Katy reckons Ri Ri is making a huge mistake hanging around with Chris, who’s still on probation for violently beating her up in 2009. Katy didn’t bother turning up for Rihanna’s Halloween party in LA and also Rihanna was notably missing from Katy’s 28th birthday party last month despite the fact the girls were in the same city that weekend.....

The last time Katy and Rihanna were spotted hanging out together was at the MTV Video Music Awards in September, this was the night Rihanna gave Chris Brown a peck on the lips in public.

   Rihanna and Chris spent this weekend together on a romantic get away!


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