Wednesday, 31 October 2012

"Stop The Insults": Toni Payne To K Solo.

Toni Payne, estranged wife of music star, 9ice, has advised music producer and singer, Solomon Oyeniyi, popularly known as K-Solo, to stop the gaggle of insults he has been raining on his estranged wife, Kikelomo, and her new born baby, on social media.

On 26 October, Kikelomo was delivered of a baby boy purportedly for K-Solo and she immediately announced the birth and posted a picture of the new born on Facebook and Twitter.

K-Solo started receiving congratulatory messages from fans on social networks, but rather than appreciate, K-Solo, who recently announced his engagement to another lady, Bimbo, via his Facebook page, denounced both the mother (Kikelomo) and her new baby in different Twitter messages.

Riled by the tone of the messages Payne lashed out at K-Solo describing his tweets as simply “immaturity, wickedness of the highest order”.

She reeled out some tweets through her twitterhandle @tonipayne: “I would not wish my worst enemy go thru wot (what) that lady is going tru (through) immediately after giving birth. Have some damn compassion"

In June, Kikelomo had gone to the press to reveal the details of her turbulent relationship with K-Solo. Both had met on Facebook early last year and by November, they were married. She claimed that the relationship had always been characterized by lies and infidelity.

By August, the two made up and even granted a Lagos-based television station, an interview where they claimed to have been ‘having fun’ and playing pranks with pictures of bruised faces to ascertain who their true friends are.

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