Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Top 10 Dating Tips.

 Give your relationship a boost by breaking your bad habits

Ah, January.A time when the air is heavy with good intentions, and when everyone has the chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

But while you might be intending to rethink your career strategy or train for a marathon, spare a thought for your relationship too.

Is it the best it can be or have you let bad habits creep into coupledom as well? If so, shake it up this year with these 10 vows.

1) I Will Not Be Glued To My Phone.
 Time spent on the sofa together is fun, but if you’re watching TV and checking Twitter and the football scores at the same time, it’s hardly enriching your relationship. Make a simple vow to limit your iPhone usage when you’re together, so even if you’re only watching TV, you’re still able to focus on each other.

2) I Will Not Do My Own Thing All The Time.
Even if you relish your independence, there’s a lot to be said for couples who have shared interests. You might not fancy book club or five-a-side, but there must be something which piques both your interests, be that a cooking course, digital photography or karate. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get fit or learn a language, you can kill two birds with one stone.

3) I Will Break Out Of Routine.
There’s nothing less sexy than having a couple’s routine. You might have settled into a pattern of getting Indian takeaway on Friday nights and going shopping in the same place every Saturday but where’s the fun or excitement in that? Vow to mix things up a bit by planning different days out, and surprising your partner with spontaneous ventures.

4) I Will Not Always Say ‘The More The Merrier’.
A good relationship requires quality time spent just the two of you. It might be second nature to invite your brother or your best mate to join you and your partner to the cinema or for Sunday lunch, but try to cut down on the rent-a-crowd so you two have each other all to yourselves once in a while.

5) I Will Not Bottle It All Up.
Is there something which irritates you about your relationship? It could be you feel you’re not being listened to enough, or that you do most of the housework. If neglected, these kind of complaints can cause growing resentment so resolve to be more open with your gripes. Choose a time when you’re alone and unrushed to bring them up, and aim for the chat to be as calm and as good-natured as possible.

6) I Will Not Always Insist On My Own Way.
This month is perfect for a bit of self-reflection too so have a good think about how you behave in your relationship. Have you grown used to getting your own way? If so, vow to balance it out this year with simple moves such as letting your partner pick the film or restaurant on date night.

7) I Will Not Take My Partner For Granted.
You’re feeling secure in your relationship but that’s no excuse for forgetting what made you fall in love in the first place. This year, vow to make your partner feel extra special paying genuine compliments on his/her appearance, cooking or even on how he or she has dealt with a situation. Similarly, don’t be afraid to make a true fuss of him/her just for the hell of it – you don’t need to wait for birthdays and Christmas.

8) I Will Make An Effort With My Appearance.
Don’t let snug coupledom make you lose sight of who you are. It might be bliss to spend all weekend in a oneness  but spare a thought for your partner who might crave to see the hot thing he or she fell for originally. Everyone’s grooming routines are different but as a simple start, consign any greying or threadbare underwear to the dustbin, don’t forget to shave, and then really dress up for him and her once in a while.

9) I Will Forget About The Past.
Now we’re in a new year, it’s time to turn the page and forget about events in the past. Wipe the slate clean between you so you don’t bring up historic disputes or reopen old wounds every time the going gets tough. There’s no point sounding like a broken record: if you’re finding it impossible to forgive and forget, maybe this isn't the right relationship for you.

10) I Will Not Ignore The Elephant In The Room.
If you've got serious worries about your relationship, now’s the time to tackle them. If you suspect you’re not on the same page with regards to your future, or if your partner’s behavior is becoming unacceptable for whatever reason, vow to resolve the issues. It might be easier to write down your concerns in a letter, giving your partner time and space to read and react. If your relationship is worth saving, save it now.....

Go ahead and enjoy your relationships.

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